Pamela Mitchell

Emeritus Associate Professor of Biology

Pamela Mitchell

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Most Recent Publications

The AL 333-160 fourth metatarsal from Hadar compared to that of humans, great apes, baboons and proboscis monkeys: Non-conclusive evidence for pedal arches or obligate bipedality in Hadar hominins

P. J. Mitchell, E. E. Sarmiento, D. J. Meldrum, 2012, HOMO- Journal of Comparative Human Biology on p. 336-367

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Cell type-specific and sexually dimorphic expression of transcription factor AP-2 in the adult mouse brain

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Andrey A. Panteleyev, Pamela J. Mitchell, Ralf Paus, Angela M. Christiano, 2003, Journal of Investigative Dermatology on p. 13-19

Developmental regulation and overexpression of the transcription factor AP-2, a potential regulator of the timing of Schwann cell generation

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Ectopic expression of luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone and peripherin in the respiratory epithelium of mice lacking transcription factor AP-2α

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Failure in post-transcriptional processing is a possible inactivation mechanism of AP-2α in cutaneous melanoma

J. M. Karjalainen, J. K. Kellokoski, A. J. Mannermaa, H. E. Kujala, K. I. Moisio, P. J. Mitchell, M. J. Eskelinen, E. M. Alhava, V. M. Kosma, 2000, British Journal of Cancer on p. 2015-2021