Nilam Ram

Professor of Human Development and Family Studies; Professor of Psychology

Nilam Ram

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Most Recent Publications

Sexual activity, sexual thoughts, and intimacy among older adults: Links with physical health and psychosocial factors

K. Kolodziejczak, A. Rosada, J. Drewelies, S. Düzel, P. Eibich, C. Tegeler, G. Wagner, K. Beier, Nilam Ram, I. Demuth, E. Steinhagen-Thiessen, D. Gerstorf,

Biodiversity metrics in lifespan developmental methodology

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Peter Molenaar, X. *Yang, Xiao Yang, Nilam Ram, J. P. *Lougheed, N Ram, Jessica Lougheed, P. C. M. Molenaar, T. Hollenstein, Lougheed, Developmental Psychology

Towards a general model of self-regulation dynamics

P Cole, Nilam Ram, M. English,

X. Yang, Nilam Ram, T. Robinson, B. Reeves, ACM CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

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E Susman, K Marceau, S. Dockray, Nilam Ram, Journal of Research on Adolescence

Survival analysis for observations of child behavior

J. P. *Lougheed, L. *Benson, P. Cole, Nilam Ram,

Father–child physiological concordance on two timescales is differentially associated with paternal characteristics

Xutong Zhang, Lisa M. Gatzke-Kopp, Meng Chen, Pamela M. Cole, Nilam Ram, 2022, Psychophysiology

Adolescent Substance Use Behavior Change Through School Intervention Is Improved by Teacher and School Implementation Support Together, Especially for Girls

Eric K. Layland, Linda L. Caldwell, Nilam Ram, Edward A. Smith, Lisa Wegner, Joachim J. Jacobs, 2022, Prevention Science on p. 1251-1263

Most-Cited Papers

Taking a "Peak" at Leisure Travelers' Positive Emotions

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