Mihail Kantor

Assistant Research Professor

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Most Recent Publications


Ibrahim Ibrahim, Mihail Kantor, Alemayehu Habteweld, Zafar Handoo, Nematropica on p. 104-109

Mihail Kantor, Calvin Norman, 2024, PennState Extension

Project Nematoda

Mihail Kantor, Jonathan Eisenback, 2023, Journal of Nematology on p. 1

On a new species of needle nematode Longidorus (nematoda: Longidoridae) from Maryland and California, USA

Zafar Handoo, Mihail Kantor, Sergei Subbotin, 2023, Journal of Nematology on p. 1

Molecular and morphological characterization of Boleodorus volutus from medicinal hemp in Maryland

Andrea Skantar, Zafar Handoo, Mihail Kantor, Maria Hult, Shiguang Li, Lynn Carta, 2023, Journal of Nematology on p. 1

Exploring the Latest Findings on Plant Parasitic Nematodes in Pennsylvania, with a Focus on the Northern American Beech Leaf Nematode

Mihail Kantor, Andrew Miles, Sharifa Crandall, Cristina Rosa, 2023, Journal of Nematology on p. 1

Paulo Vieira, Mihail R. Kantor, Andrew Jansen, Zafar A. Handoo, Jonathan D. Eisenback, 2023, PLoS One

First Report of the Beech Leaf Disease Nematode Litylenchus crenatae mccannii (Nematoda: Anguinidae) in Michigan

Paulo Vieira, Mihail R. Kantor, Carmen M. Medina-Mora, Monique L. Sakalidis, Zafar A. Handoo, 2023, Plant Disease on p. 2266


Ibrahim Ibrahim, Mihail Kantor, Zafar Handoo, 2023, Nematropica on p. 16-29

Mihail R. Kantor, Zafar A. Handoo, Sergei A. Subbotin, Joseph D. Mowery, Maria N. Hult, Stephen Rogers, Andrea M. Skantar, 2023, Journal of Nematology

Most-Cited Papers

Beech leaf disease symptoms caused by newly recognized nematode subspecies Litylenchus crenatae mccannii (Anguinata) described from Fagus grandifolia in North America

Lynn Kay Carta, Zafar A. Handoo, Shiguang Li, Mihail Kantor, Gary Bauchan, David McCann, Colette K. Gabriel, Qing Yu, Sharon Reed, Jennifer Koch, Danielle Martin, David J. Burke, 2020, Forest Pathology

M Kantor, Zafar Handoo, Camelia Kantor, Lynn Carta, 2022, Horticulturae on p. 208

Foliar nematode, Litylenchus crenatae ssp. mccannii, population dynamics in leaves and buds of beech leaf disease-affected trees in Canada and the US

Sharon E. Reed, Sylvia Greifenhagen, Qing Yu, Adam Hoke, David J. Burke, Lynn K. Carta, Zafar A. Handoo, Mihail R. Kantor, Jennifer Koch, 2020, Forest Pathology

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Zafar A. Handoo, Andrea M. Skantar, Mihail R. Kantor, Saad L. Hafez, Maria N. Hult, 2021, Journal of Nematology

Andrea M. Skantar, Zafar A. Handoo, Mihail R. Kantor, Maria N. Hult, Saad A. Hafez, 2019, Journal of Nematology on p. 1-6

Morphological and molecular characterisation of Punctodera mulveyi n. Sp. (Nematoda: Punctoderidae) from a golf course green in Oregon, USA, with a key to species of Punctodera

Mihail R. Kantor, Zafar A. Handoo, Andrea M. Skantar, Maria N. Hult, Russell E. Ingham, Nadine M. Wade, Weimin Ye, Gary R. Bauchan, Joseph D. Mowery, 2020, Nematology on p. 1-17