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Most Recent Papers

Food resilience in a dark catastrophe

Daniel Jefferson Winstead, Michael Gregory Jacobson, 2022, Ambio

Operationalising the water-energy-food nexus through the theory of change

Dhesigen Naidoo, Luxon Nhamo, Sylvester Mpandeli, Nafisa Sobratee, Aidan Senzanje, Stanley Liphadzi, Rob Slotow, Michael Jacobson, Albert T. Modi, Tafadzwanashe Mabhaudhi, 2021, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews

Producers, production, marketing, and sales of non-timber forest products in the United States: a review and synthesis

Gregory E. Frey, James L. Chamberlain, Michael G. Jacobson, 2021, Agroforestry Systems

Comparison of sUAS Photogrammetry and TLS for Detecting Changes in Soil Surface Elevations following Deep Tillage

Dimitrios Bolkas, B. Naberezny, M. G. Jacobson, 2021, Journal of the Surveying and Mapping Division, ASCE

Mechanical characteristics of wood-bark interface of shrub willow

Azadwinder Chahal, Daniel Ciolkosz, Virendra Puri, Michael Jacobson, Jude Liu, 2021, Industrial Crops and Products

Nitrogen credit trading as an incentive for riparian buffer establishment on Pennsylvania farmland

Patrick Boleman, Michael Jacobson, 2021, Agroforestry Systems

Perceptions of Debarking Small-Diameter Stems in the Wood Products Community

Azadwinder Singh Chahal, Jaya Tripathi, Daniel Ciolkosz, Sarah Wurzbacher, Michael Jacobson, 2021, Forest Products Journal on p. 371-378

The (un)broken promise of agroforestry

Michael Jacobson, Cori Ham, 2020, Environment, Development and Sustainability on p. 8247-8260

Factors affecting wood-bark adhesion for debarking of shrub willow

Azadwinder Chahal, Daniel Ciolkosz, V Puri, Jude Liu, Michael Jacobson, 2020, Biosystems Engineering on p. 202-209

Plantation forestry and pellet production in Kenya

Michael Jacobson, Daniel Ciolkosz, 2020, Biomass and Bioenergy

Most-Cited Papers

NTFP income contribution to household economy and related socio-economic factors: Lessons from Bangladesh

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Soil carbon sequestration in agroforestry systems

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Improving water quality in the Chesapeake Bay using payments for ecosystem services for perennial biomass for bioenergy and biofuel production

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Local communities’ perceptions of climate variability in the Mt. Elgon region, eastern Uganda

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