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Most Recent Papers

Higher R2* in the Red Nucleus Is Associated With Lead Exposure in an Asymptomatic Welder Cohort

Janina Manzieri Prado-Rico, Eun Young Lee, Ernest W. Wang, Jeff D. Yanosky, Lan Kong, Hairong Chen, Ana Navas-Acien, Guangwei Du, Mechelle Lewis, Richard B. Mailman, Xuemei Huang, 2022, Toxicological Sciences on p. 345-354

Subcortical Iron Accumulation Pattern May Predict Neuropsychological Outcomes after Subthalamic Nucleus Deep Brain Stimulation

Gregory Brown, Guangwei Du, Elana Farace, Mechelle M. Lewis, Paul J. Eslinger, James McInerney, Lan Kong, Runze Li, Xuemei Huang, Sol De Jesus, 2022, Journal of Parkinson's Disease on p. 851-863

Dynamics of Nigral Iron Accumulation in Parkinson's Disease

Guangwei Du, Ernest Wang, Christopher Sica, Hairong Chen, Sol De Jesus, Mechelle Lewis, Lan Kong, James Connor, Richard B. Mailman, Xuemei Huang, 2022, Movement Disorders

Parkinson's Disease Progression and Statins

Mechelle M. Lewis, Richard M. Albertson, Guangwei Du, Lan Kong, Andrew Foy, Xuemei Huang, 2022, Journal of Parkinson's Disease on p. 821-830

Parkinson's Disease Progression and Statins: Hydrophobicity Matters.

Mechelle Lewis, R Albertson, G Du, L Kong, A Foy, X Huang, 2021, Journal of Parkinson's disease

Low plasma serotonin linked to higher nigral iron in Parkinson’s disease

Leslie C. Jellen, Mechelle M. Lewis, Guangwei Du, Xi Wang, Martha L.Escobar Galvis, Stanislaw Krzyzanowski, Colt D. Capan, Amanda M. Snyder, James R. Connor, Lan Kong, Richard B. Mailman, Patrik Brundin, Lena Brundin, Xuemei Huang, 2021, Scientific Reports

HFE H63D Limits Nigral Vulnerability to Paraquat in Agricultural Workers.

E Wang, M Trojano, M Lewis, G Du, H Chen, G Brown, L Jellen, I Song, E Neely, L Kong, James Connor, X Huang, 2021, Toxicological Sciences on p. 47-57

Nigral MRI features of asymptomatic welders

Eun Young Lee, Michael R. Flynn, Guangwei Du, Mechelle M. Lewis, Michael Goldenberg, Lan Kong, Richard B. Mailman, Young Seoub Hong, Xuemei Huang, 2021, Parkinsonism and Related Disorders on p. 37-43

Decoupling of Global Brain Activity and Cerebrospinal Fluid Flow in Parkinson's Disease Cognitive Decline

Feng Han, Gregory L. Brown, Yalin Zhu, Aaron E. Belkin-Rosen, Mechelle M. Lewis, Guangwei Du, Yameng Gu, Paul J. Eslinger, Richard B. Mailman, Xuemei Huang, Xiao Liu, 2021, Movement Disorders

Synergic control of action in levodopa-naïve Parkinson’s disease patients: II. Multi-muscle synergies stabilizing vertical posture

Sandra M.S.F. Freitas, Freitas SMSF, P de Freitas, A Falaki, T Corson, Mechelle M. Lewis, Xuemei Huang, Mark L. Latash, 2020, Experimental Brain Research on p. 2931-2945

Most-Cited Papers

Quantitative susceptibility mapping of the midbrain in Parkinson's disease

Guangwei Du, Tian Liu, Mechelle M. Lewis, Lan Kong, Yi Wang, James Connor, Richard B. Mailman, Xuemei Huang, 2016, Movement Disorders on p. 317-324

Changes in multifinger interaction and coordination in Parkinson's disease

Jaebum Park, Yen Hsun Wu, Mechelle M. Lewis, Xuemei Huang, Mark L. Latash, 2012, Journal of Neurophysiology on p. 915-924

Imaging nigral pathology and clinical progression in Parkinson's disease

Guangwei Du, Mechelle M. Lewis, Suman Sen, Jianli Wang, Michele L. Shaffer, Martin Styner, Qing X. Yang, Xuemei Huang, 2012, Movement Disorders on p. 1636-1643

Both coordination and symmetry of arm swing are reduced in Parkinson's disease

Xuemei Huang, Joseph M. Mahoney, Mechelle M. Lewis, Guangwei Du, Stephen J. Piazza, Joseph P. Cusumano, 2012, Gait and Posture on p. 373-377

Manganese promotes the aggregation and prion-like cell-to-cell exosomal transmission of α-synuclein

Dilshan S. Harischandra, Dharmin Rokad, Matthew L. Neal, Shivani Ghaisas, Sireesha Manne, Souvarish Sarkar, Nikhil Panicker, Gary Zenitsky, Huajun Jin, Mechelle Lewis, Xuemei Huang, Vellareddy Anantharam, Arthi Kanthasamy, Anumantha G. Kanthasamy, 2019, Science's STKE : signal transduction knowledge environment

Striatal shape in Parkinson's disease

Nicholas W. Sterling, Guangwei Du, Mechelle M. Lewis, Christopher Dimaio, Lan Kong, Paul J. Eslinger, Martin Styner, Xuemei Huang, 2013, Neurobiology of Aging on p. 2510-2516

Higher iron in the red nucleus marks Parkinson's dyskinesia

Mechelle Lewis, Guangwei Du, Michal Kidacki, Nisargkumar Patel, Michele L. Shaffer, Richard Mailman, Xuemei Huang, 2013, Neurobiology of Aging on p. 1497-1503

Effects of olivo-ponto-cerebellar atrophy (OPCA) on finger interaction and coordination

Jaebum Park, Mechelle Lewis, Xuemei Huang, Mark Latash, 2013, Electroencephalography and Clinical Neurophysiology - Electromyography and Motor Control on p. 991-998

Statins may facilitate Parkinson's disease

Guodong Liu, Nicholas W. Sterling, Lan Kong, Mechelle M. Lewis, Richard B. Mailman, Honglei Chen, Douglas Leslie, Xuemei Huang, 2017, Movement Disorders on p. 913-917

Machine learning classification of medication adherence in patients with movement disorders using non-wearable sensors

Conrad S. Tucker, Ishan Behoora, Harriet Black Nembhard, Mechelle Lewis, Nicholas W. Sterling, Xuemei Huang, 2015, Computers in Biology and Medicine on p. 120-134