Mechelle Lewis

Associate Professor Neurology and Pharmacology

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Parkinson Disease Manganese Red Nucleus Iron Metal Red Synucleins Brain Substantia Nigra Metals Pars Compacta Dopamine Agonists Prions Inflammasomes Short Term Memory Welding Arrestin Putamen Neurons Magnetic Resonance Imaging Neurotoxicity Dopamine Mesencephalon Dopamine D1 Receptors Pharmaceutical Preparations

Most Recent Publications

Higher hippocampal diffusivity values in welders are associated with greater R2* in the red nucleus and lower psychomotor performance

Eun Young Lee, Juhee Kim, Janina Manzieri Prado-Rico, Guangwei Du, Mechelle Lewis, Lan Kong, Byoung Gwon Kim, Young Seoub Hong, Jeff D. Yanosky, Richard B. Mailman, Xuemei Huang, 2023, NeuroToxicology on p. 53-68

Mechelle Lewis, L Van Scoy, S De Jesus, J Hakun, P Eslinger, J Fernandez-Mendoza, L Kong, Yang Yang, Bethany Snyder, Natalia Loktionova, Sridhar Duvvuri, David Gray, X Huang, R Mailman, 2023, Biomolecules

Susceptibility Magnetic Resonance Imaging Correlates with Glial Density and Tau in the Substantia Nigra Pars Compacta

Ernest W. Wang, Wang, Ernest W. W., Gregory L. Brown, Brown, Gregory L. L., Mechelle M. Lewis, Lewis, Mechelle M. M., Jellen, Leslie C. C., Leslie C. Jellen, Cunfeng Pu, Johnson, Melinda L. L., Melinda L. Johnson, Hairong Chen, Lan Kong, Guangwei Du, Xuemei Huang, 2023, Movement Disorders

Synergic control in asymptomatic welders during multi-finger force exertion and load releasing while standing

P de Freitas, Sandra M.S.F. Freitas, Freitas SMSF, J Prado-Rico, Mechelle Lewis, Guangwei Du, Jeff D. Yanosky, Xuemei Huang, Mark L. Latash, 2022, NeuroToxicology on p. 324-336

A Dopamine D<sub>1</sub> Agonist Versus Methylphenidate in Modulating Prefrontal Cortical Working Memory

Yang Yang, Mechelle Lewis, Lan Kong, Richard B. Mailman, 2022, Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics on p. 88-89

Dopamine D<sub>1</sub> receptor-mediated β-arrestin signaling: Insight from pharmacology, biology, behavior, and neurophysiology

Yang Yang, Mechelle Lewis, Xuemei Huang, Nikolay V. Dokholyan, Richard Mailman, 2022, International Journal of Biochemistry

Janina Prado-Rico, Eun-Young Lee, Ernest Wang, Jeff D. Yanosky, Lan Kong, Hairong Chen, Ana Navas-Acien, Guangwei Du, Mechelle Lewis, Richard B. Mailman, Xuemei Huang, 2022, Toxicological Sciences on p. 345-354

Dopamine D-1 receptor-mediated beta-arrestin signaling: Insight from pharmacology, biology, behavior, and neurophysiology

Yang Yang, Mechelle Lewis, Xuemei Huang, V. Dokholyan, Nikolay, N Dokholyan, R Mailman, 2022, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BIOCHEMISTRY & CELL BIOLOGY on p. 106235

Guangwei Du, Ernest Wang, Christopher Sica, Hairong Chen, Sol De Jesus, De Jesus, Sol, Mechelle Lewis, Lan Kong, James Connor, Richard B. Mailman, Xuemei Huang, 2022, Movement Disorders on p. 1654-1662

Most-Cited Papers

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