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Most Recent Papers

Synergic control of action in levodopa-naïve Parkinson’s disease patients: II. Multi-muscle synergies stabilizing vertical posture

Sandra M.S.F. Freitas, Paulo B. de Freitas, Ali Falaki, Tyler Corson, Mechelle M. Lewis, Xuemei Huang, Mark L. Latash, 2020, Experimental Brain Research on p. 2931-2945

Tryptophan Metabolites Are Associated With Symptoms and Nigral Pathology in Parkinson's Disease

Patrick L. Heilman, Ernest W. Wang, Mechelle M. Lewis, Stanislaw Krzyzanowski, Colt D. Capan, Amanda R. Burmeister, Guangwei Du, Martha L. Escobar Galvis, Patrik Brundin, Xuemei Huang, Lena Brundin, 2020, Movement Disorders on p. 2028-2037

Lexical-semantic search related to side of onset and putamen volume in Parkinson's disease

Daymond Wagner, Paul J. Eslinger, Nicholas W. Sterling, Guangwei Du, Eun Young Lee, Martin Styner, Mechelle M. Lewis, Xuemei Huang, 2020, Brain and Language

The D<sub>1</sub>/D<sub>5</sub>Dopamine Partial Agonist PF-06412562 in Advanced-Stage Parkinson's Disease

Xuemei Huang, Mechelle M. Lewis, Lauren Jodi Van Scoy, Sol De Jesus, Paul J. Eslinger, Amy C. Arnold, Amanda J. Miller, Julio Fernandez-Mendoza, Bethany Snyder, William Harrington, Lan Kong, Xi Wang, Dongxiao Sun, Marielle Delnomdedieu, Sridhar Duvvuri, Susan E. Mahoney, David L. Gray, Richard B. Mailman, 2020, Journal of Parkinson's Disease on p. 1515-1527

Clinical Progression of Parkinson's Disease

Mechelle M. Lewis, Elias Harkins, Eun Young Lee, Christy Stetter, Bethany Snyder, Tyler Corson, Guangwei Du, Lan Kong, Xuemei Huang, 2020, Journal of Parkinson's Disease on p. 1075-1085

Ultrasensitive detection of aggregated α-Synuclein in glial cells, human cerebrospinal fluid, and brain tissue using the RT-QuIC assay: New hgh-throughput neuroimmune biomarker assay for Parkinsonian disorders

Sireesha Manne, Naveen Kondru, Monica Hepker, Huajun Jin, Vellareddy Anantharam, Mechelle Lewis, Xuemei Huang, Arthi Kanthasamy, Anumantha G. Kanthasamy, 2019, Journal of NeuroImmune Pharmacology on p. 423-435

Development and validation of the automated imaging differentiation in parkinsonism (AID-P): A multicentre machine learning study

Derek B. Archer, Justin T. Bricker, Winston T. Chu, Roxana G. Burciu, Johanna L. McCracken, Song Lai, Stephen A. Coombes, Ruogu Fang, Angelos Barmpoutis, Daniel M. Corcos, Ajay S. Kurani, Trina Mitchell, Mieniecia L. Black, Ellen Herschel, Tanya Simuni, Todd B. Parrish, Cynthia Comella, Tao Xie, Klaus Seppi, Nicolaas I. Bohnen, Martijn LTM Müller, Roger L. Albin, Florian Krismer, Guangwei Du, Mechelle M. Lewis, Xuemei Huang, Hong Li, Ofer Pasternak, Nikolaus R. McFarland, Michael S. Okun, David E. Vaillancourt, 2019, The Lancet Digital Health on p. e222-e231

Multimodal MRI evaluation of parkinsonian limbic pathologies

Ernest W. Wang, Guangwei Du, Mechelle M. Lewis, Eun Young Lee, Sol De Jesus, Sangam Kanekar, Lan Kong, Xuemei Huang, 2019, Neurobiology of Aging on p. 194-200

Higher hippocampal mean diffusivity values in asymptomatic welders

Eun Young Lee, Michael R. Flynn, Guangwei Du, Mechelle Lewis, Lan Kong, Jeffrey Yanosky, Richard Mailman, Xuemei Huang, 2019, Toxicological Sciences on p. 486-496

Brain cholesterol metabolism and Parkinson's disease

Xuemei Huang, Nicholas W. Sterling, Guangwei Du, Dongxiao Sun, Christina Stetter, Lan Kong, Yusheng Zhu, Jeffrey Neighbors, Mechelle Lewis, Honglei Chen, Raymond Hohl, Richard Mailman, 2019, Movement Disorders on p. 386-395

Most-Cited Papers

Combined R2* and diffusion tensor imaging changes in the substantia nigra in Parkinson's disease

Guangwei Du, Mechelle M. Lewis, Martin Styner, Michele L. Shaffer, Suman Sen, Qing X. Yang, Xuemei Huang, 2011, Movement Disorders on p. 1627-1632

Differential involvement of striato- and cerebello-thalamo-cortical pathways in tremor- and akinetic/rigid-predominant Parkinson's disease

Mechelle Lewis, Guangwei Du, S. Sen, A. Kawaguchi, Y. Truong, S. Lee, Richard Mailman, Xuemei Huang, 2011, Neuroscience on p. 230-239

Changes in multifinger interaction and coordination in Parkinson's disease

Jaebum Park, Yen Hsun Wu, Mechelle M. Lewis, Xuemei Huang, Mark L. Latash, 2012, Journal of Neurophysiology on p. 915-924

Quantitative susceptibility mapping of the midbrain in Parkinson's disease

Guangwei Du, Tian Liu, Mechelle M. Lewis, Lan Kong, Yi Wang, James Connor, Richard B. Mailman, Xuemei Huang, 2016, Movement Disorders on p. 317-324

Imaging nigral pathology and clinical progression in Parkinson's disease

Guangwei Du, Mechelle M. Lewis, Suman Sen, Jianli Wang, Michele L. Shaffer, Martin Styner, Qing X. Yang, Xuemei Huang, 2012, Movement Disorders on p. 1636-1643

Both coordination and symmetry of arm swing are reduced in Parkinson's disease

Xuemei Huang, Joseph M. Mahoney, Mechelle M. Lewis, Du Guangwei Du, Stephen J. Piazza, Joseph P. Cusumano, 2012, Gait and Posture on p. 373-377

Striatal shape in Parkinson's disease

Nicholas W. Sterling, Guangwei Du, Mechelle Lewis, Christopher Dimaio, Lan Kong, Paul Eslinger, Martin Styner, Xuemei Huang, 2013, Neurobiology of Aging on p. 2510-2516

Effects of olivo-ponto-cerebellar atrophy (OPCA) on finger interaction and coordination

Jaebum Park, Mechelle Lewis, Xuemei Huang, Mark Latash, 2013, Clinical Neurophysiology on p. 991-998

Early cortical gray matter loss and cognitive correlates in non-demented Parkinson's patients

Eun Young Lee, Suman Sen, Paul J. Eslinger, Daymond Wagner, Michele L. Shaffer, Lan Kong, Mechelle M. Lewis, Guangwei Du, Xuemei Huang, 2013, Parkinsonism and Related Disorders on p. 1088-1093

Manganese promotes the aggregation and prion-like cell-to-cell exosomal transmission of α-synuclein

Dilshan S. Harischandra, Dharmin Rokad, Matthew L. Neal, Shivani Ghaisas, Sireesha Manne, Souvarish Sarkar, Nikhil Panicker, Gary Zenitsky, Huajun Jin, Mechelle Lewis, Xuemei Huang, Vellareddy Anantharam, Arthi Kanthasamy, Anumantha G. Kanthasamy, 2019, Science Signaling