Matthew Thomas

Matthew Thomas

Professor and Huck Scholar in Ecological Entomology

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Most Recent Papers

Semi-field evaluation of the cumulative effects of a "lethal House Lure" on malaria mosquito mortality

Antoine M.G. Barreaux, Welbeck A. Oumbouke, Innocent Zran Tia, N'Guessan Brou, Alphonsine A. Koffi, Raphaël N'Guessan, Matthew B. Thomas, 2019, Malaria journal

Exploring the lower thermal limits for development of the human malaria parasite, Plasmodium falciparum

Jessica L. Waite, Eunho Suh, Penelope A. Lynch, Matthew B. Thomas, 2019, Biology Letters

Sublethal effects of mixed fungal infections on the Moroccan locust, Dociostaurus maroccanus

Pablo Valverde-Garcia, Cándido Santiago-Álvarez, Matthew Brian Thomas, Elizabeth A.A. Maranhao, Inmaculada Garrido-Jurado, Enrique Quesada-Moraga, 2019, Journal of invertebrate pathology on p. 61-69

Comparative effects of temperature and thermoregulation on candidate strains of entomopathogenic fungi for Moroccan locust Dociostaurus maroccanus control

Pablo Valverde-Garcia, Cándido Santiago-Alvarez, Matthew Brian Thomas, Inmaculada Garrido-Jurado, Enrique Quesada-Moraga, 2018, BioControl on p. 819-831

Cryogenically preserved RBCs support gametocytogenesis of Plasmodium falciparum in vitro and gametogenesis in mosquitoes

Ashutosh K. Pathak, Justine C. Shiau, Matthew Brian Thomas, Courtney C. Murdock, 2018, Malaria journal

Screening and field performance of powder-formulated insecticides on eave tube inserts against pyrethroid resistant Anopheles gambiae s.l.

Welbeck A. Oumbouke, Innocent Z. Tia, Antoine M.G. Barreaux, Alphonsine A. Koffi, Eleanore D. Sternberg, Matthew B. Thomas, Raphael N'Guessan, 2018, Malaria journal

Semi-field studies to better understand the impact of eave tubes on mosquito mortality and behaviour

Antoine M.G. Barreaux, N'Guessan Brou, Alphonsine A. Koffi, Raphaël N'Guessan, Welbeck A. Oumbouke, Innocent Z. Tia, Matthew B. Thomas, 2018, Malaria journal

The interplay between dose and immune system activation determines fungal infection outcome in the African malaria mosquito, Anopheles gambiae

Victoria L. Rhodes, Matthew Brian Thomas, Kristin Michel, 2018, Developmental and Comparative Immunology on p. 125-133

Evaluating the impact of screening plus eave tubes on malaria transmission compared to current best practice in central Côte d'Ivoire

Eleanore Delaveleye Sternberg, Jackie Cook, Ludovic P. Ahoua Alou, Carine J. Aoura, Serge Brice Assi, Dimi Théodore Doudou, A. Alphonsine Koffi, Raphael N'Guessan, Welbeck A. Oumbouke, Rachel Annette Smith, Eve Worrall, Immo Kleinschmidt, Matthew Brian Thomas, 2018, BMC Public Health

Microclimate variables of the ambient environment deliver the actual estimates of the extrinsic incubation period of Plasmodium vivax and Plasmodium falciparum

Shalu Thomas, Sangamithra Ravishankaran, N. A.Johnson Amala Justin, Aswin Asokan, T. Maria Jusler Kalsingh, Manu Thomas Mathai, Neena Valecha, Jacqui Montgomery, Matthew B. Thomas, Alex Eapen, 2018, Malaria journal

Recent Most-Cited Papers

Impact of daily temperature fluctuations on dengue virus transmission by Aedes aegypti

Louis Lambrechts, Krijn P. Paaijmans, Thanyalak Fansiri, Lauren B. Carrington, Laura D. Kramer, Matthew Brian Thomas, Thomas W. Scott, 2011, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America on p. 7460-7465

Influence of climate on malaria transmission depends on daily temperature variation

Krijn P. Paaijmans, Simon Blanford, Andrew Stuart Bell, Justine I. Blanford, Andrew Fraser Read, Matthew Brian Thomas, 2010, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America on p. 15135-15139

Temperature variation makes ectotherms more sensitive to climate change

Krijn P. Paaijmans, Rebecca L. Heinig, Rebecca A. Seliga, Justine I. Blanford, Simon Blanford, Courtney C. Murdock, Matthew Brian Thomas, 2013, Global Change Biology on p. 2373-2380

Global threat to agriculture from invasive species

Dean R. Paini, Andy W. Sheppard, David C. Cook, Paul J. De Barro, Susan P. Worner, Matthew B. Thomas, 2016, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America on p. 7575-7579

Implications of temperature variation for malaria parasite development across Africa

J. I. Blanford, S. Blanford, R. G. Crane, M. E. Mann, K. P. Paaijmans, K. V. Schreiber, M. B. Thomas, 2013, Scientific reports

Detecting the impact of temperature on transmission of Zika, dengue, and chikungunya using mechanistic models

Erin A. Mordecai, Jeremy M. Cohen, Michelle V. Evans, Prithvi Gudapati, Leah R. Johnson, Catherine A. Lippi, Kerri Miazgowicz, Courtney C. Murdock, Jason R. Rohr, Sadie J. Ryan, Van Savage, Marta S. Shocket, Anna Stewart Ibarra, Matthew B. Thomas, Daniel P. Weikel, 2017, PLoS neglected tropical diseases

Climate, environmental and socio-economic change

Paul E. Parham, Joanna Waldock, George K. Christophides, Deborah Hemming, Folashade Agusto, Katherine J. Evans, Nina Fefferman, Holly Gaff, Abba Gumel, Shannon Ladeau, Suzanne Lenhart, Ronald E. Mickens, Elena N. Naumova, Richard S. Ostfeld, Paul D. Ready, Matthew B. Thomas, Jorge Velasco-Hernandez, Edwin Michael, 2015, Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences on p. 1-17

Complex effects of temperature on mosquito immune function

C. C. Murdock, Krijn P. Paaijmans, Andrew S. Bells, Jonas G. King, Julián F. Hillyer, Andrew F. Read, Matthew B. Thomas, 2012, Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences on p. 3357-3366

Malaria in India

Aparup Das, Anupkumar R. Anvikar, Lauren J. Cator, Ramesh C. Dhiman, Alex Eapen, Neelima Mishra, Bhupinder N. Nagpal, Nutan Nanda, Kamaraju Raghavendra, Andrew Fraser Read, Surya K. Sharma, Om P. Singh, Vineeta Singh, Photini Sinnis, Harish C. Srivastava, Steven A. Sullivan, Patrick L. Sutton, Matthew Brian Thomas, Jane M. Carlton, Neena Valecha, 2012, Acta Tropica on p. 267-273

Relevant microclimate for determining the development rate of malaria mosquitoes and possible implications of climate change

Krijn P. Paaijmans, Susan S. Imbahale, Matthew B. Thomas, Willem Takken, 2010, Malaria journal