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Most Recent Papers

Feature Screening for Time-Varying Coefficient Models with Ultrahigh Dimensional Longitudinal Data

Wanghuan Chu, Runze Li, Matthew Reimherr, The Annals of Applied Statistics on p. 596-617

Discussion of A General Framework for Regression Modelling

Piotr Kokoszka, Matthew Reimherr, Statistical Modelling on p. 45-49

Wender Utah Rating Scale

Thomas E. Gift, Matthew L. Reimherr, Barrie K. Marchant, Tammy A. Steans, Frederick W. Reimherr, 2021, Journal of Psychiatric Research on p. 181-188

Types of adult attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: A replication analysis

Frederick W. Reimherr, Michael Roesler, Barrie K. Marchant, Thomas E. Gift, Wolfgang Retz, Florence Philipp-Wiegmann, Matthew L. Reimherr, 2020, Journal of Clinical Psychiatry

Feature selection for generalized varying coefficient mixed-effect models with application to obesity gwas

Wanghuan Chu, Runze Li, Jingyuan Liu, Matthew Reimherr, 2020, Annals of Applied Statistics on p. 276-298

Private Posterior Inference Consistent with Public Information: A Case Study in Small Area Estimation from Synthetic Census Data

Jeremy Seeman, A Slavkovic, Matthew Reimherr, 2020, on p. 323-336

Formal Privacy for Modern Nonparametric Statistics

Jordan Awan, Matthew Reimherr, Slavkovi\'c, Aleksandra, 2020, CHANCE on p. 43--49

Modern Multiple Imputation with Functional Data

Aniruddha Rao, Matthew Reimherr, 2020, Stat on p. e331

Simultaneous Inference for Function-valued Parameters: a Fast and Fair Approach

Dominik Liebl, Matthew Reimherr, 2020, on p. 153--159

Private Posterior Inference Consistent with Public Information

Jeremy Seeman, Aleksandra Slavkovic, Matthew Reimherr, 2020, on p. 323-336

Most-Cited Papers

Determining the order of the functional autoregressive model

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A functional data analysis approach for genetic association studies

Matthew Reimherr, Dan Nicolae, 2014, Annals of Applied Statistics on p. 406-429

On quantifying dependence

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Asymptotic normality of the principal components of functional time series

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Feature screening for time-varying coefficient models with ultrahigh-dimensional longitudinal data

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Coherent synthesis of genomic associations with phenotypes and home environments

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Predictability of shapes of intraday price curves

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Testing separability of space-time functional processes

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Child Weight Gain Trajectories Linked To Oral Microbiota Composition

Sarah Craig, Daniel Blankenberg, Alice Carla Luisa Parodi, Ian Paul, Leann L. Birch, Jennifer Savage Williams, Michele E. Marini, Jennifer L. Stokes, Anton Nekrutenko, Matthew Logan Reimherr, Francesca Chiaromonte, Kateryna Dmytrivna Makova, 2018, Scientific Reports

The function-on-scalar LASSO with applications to longitudinal GWAS

Rina Foygel Barber, Matthew Logan Reimherr, Thomas Schill, 2017, Electronic Journal of Statistics on p. 1351-1389