Mary Barbercheck

Professor of Entomology

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Most Recent Publications

Organic Corn and Soybeans for Exceptional Organic Milk

Mary Barbercheck, on p. 5-6

Imtiaz Ahmad, María del Mar Jiménez-Gasco, Dawn S. Luthe, Mary E. Barbercheck, 2022, PLoS One

Cover crop–based, rotational no-till management tactics influence crop performance in organic transition within the Mid-Atlantic United States

John M. Wallace, Mary E. Barbercheck, William Curran, Clair Lynn Keene, Steven Brian Mirsky, Matthew Ryan, Mark VanGessel, 2021, Journal of Production Agriculture on p. 5335-5347

Mary E. Barbercheck, John Wallace, 2021, Annals of the Entomological Society of America on p. 276-291

The Role of Endophytic Insect-Pathogenic Fungi in Biotic Stress Management

Imtiaz Ahmad, María del Mar Jiménez-Gasco, Mary E. Barbercheck, 2021, on p. 379-400

The role of endophytic insect-pathogenic fungi in plant growth promotion and protection

Imtiaz Ahmed, Maria Del Mar Jimenez Gasco, Mary Ellen Barbercheck, 2021, on p. 379-400

Rotational no-till and tillage-based organic corn produce management tradeoffs in the Northeast

Rebecca J. Champagne, John Wallace, William Curran, Mary E. Barbercheck, 2021, Journal of Production Agriculture

Barbara Baraibar, Charles M. White, Mitchell Hunter, Denise Finney, Mary Ellen Barbercheck, Jason P. Kaye, W Curran, Jess Bunchek, D Mortensen, 2021, Agriculture (Switzerland) on p. 1-15

Most-Cited Papers

A framework for evaluating ecosystem services provided by cover crops in agroecosystems

Meagan E. Schipanski, Mary Barbercheck, Margaret R. Douglas, Denise M. Finney, Kristin Haider, Jason P. Kaye, Armen R. Kemanian, David A. Mortensen, Matthew R. Ryan, John Tooker, Charlie White, 2014, Agricultural Systems on p. 12-22

The rise of women farmers and sustainable agriculture

Carolyn Elizabeth Sachs, Mary E. Barbercheck, Kathryn J. Brasier, Nancy Ellen Kiernan, Anna Rachel Terman, 2016,

Denise M. Finney, Ebony G. Murrell, Charles M. White, Barbara Baraibar, Mary E. Barbercheck, Brosi A. Bradley, Sarah Cornelisse, Mitchell C. Hunter, Jason P. Kaye, David A. Mortensen, Christina A. Mullen, Meagan E. Schipanski, 2017, Agricultural and Environmental Letters on p. 1-5

Entomopathogenic nematodes in the soil environment: Distributions, interactions and the influence of biotic and abiotic factors


Capturing the multiple and shifting identities of farm women in the northeastern United States

Kathryn J. Brasier, Carolyn E. Sachs, Nancy Ellen Kiernan, Amy Trauger, Mary E. Barbercheck, 2014, Rural Sociology on p. 283-309

Cover crop termination timing is critical in organic rotational no-till systems

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Mitchell C. Hunter, Meagan E. Schipanski, Macdonald H. Burgess, James C. LaChance, Brosi A. Bradley, Mary E. Barbercheck, Jason P. Kaye, David A. Mortensen, 2019, Agricultural and Environmental Letters on p. 1-5

Cover crop-based reduced tillage system influences Carabidae (Coleoptera) activity, diversity and trophic group during transition to organic production

Ariel Rivers, Christina Mullen, John Wallace, Mary Ellen Barbercheck, 2017, Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems on p. 538-551

Conservation agriculture affects arthropod community composition in a rainfed maize-wheat system in central Mexico

Ariel Rivers, Mary Barbercheck, Bram Govaerts, Nele Verhulst, 2016, Applied Soil Ecology on p. 81-90