Mary Ann Bruns

Professor of Soil Microbiology and Biogeochemistry

Mary Ann Bruns

Research Summary

Compositions and functions of microbiomes in agriculture, ecological restoration, and engineered systems for ecosystem service provision and climate change adaptation

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Soil Acids Drainage Acid Mine Drainage Bacteria Rhizosphere Biofilms Biogeochemistry Microorganisms Dna Nitrogen Vegetation Cathodes Sorghum Oxidation Fungi Carbon Minerals Wetlands Microbiota Bacterium Nutrients Carbon Dioxide Mycobiome Compost

Most Recent Papers

Microbes and climate change: A research prospectus for the future

James Tiedje, Maryann Bruns, Arturo Casadevall, Craig Criddle, Emiley Eloe-Fadrosh, David Karl, Nguyen Nguyen, Jizhong Zhou, mBio

Phylogenetic Signal, Root Morphology, Mycorrhizal Type and Macroinvertebrate Exclusion

Rondy J. Malik, Mary Ann V. Bruns, Terrence H. Bell, David M. Eissenstat, 2022, Forests

Organic fertility inputs synergistically increase denitrification-derived nitrous oxide emissions in agroecosystems

Debasish Saha, Jason P. Kaye, Arnab Bhowmik, Mary Ann Bruns, John M. Wallace, Armen R. Kemanian, 2021, Ecological Applications

Recovery of waste nutrients by duckweed for reuse in sustainable agriculture

Carlos R. Fernandez Pulido, Jonathan Caballero, Mary Ann Bruns, Rachel A. Brennan, 2021, Ecological Engineering

Bacteria and archaea

Maryann Bruns, 2021, on p. 111-148

Hydrocarbon substrate richness impacts microbial abundance, microbiome composition, and hydrocarbon loss

Terrence H. Bell, Nina Camillone, Katrina Abram, Maryann Victoria Bruns, Etienne Yergeau, Marc St-Arnaud, 2021, Applied Soil Ecology

Sustainable Soil Health--Experience and Future Prospects

Maryann Bruns, E Couradeau, 2021,

Sorghum root flavonoid chemistry, cultivar, and frost stress effects on rhizosphere bacteria and fungi

Mara Cloutier, Debamalya Chatterjee, Dinakaran Elango, Jin Cui, Maryann Victoria Bruns, Surinder Chopra, 2021, Phytobiomes Journal on p. 39-50

The influence of soil amendments on a native wildflower seed mix in surface mine restoration

Sarah E. Rothman, C. Andrew Cole, Maryann Victoria Bruns, Marvin H. Hall, 2021, Restoration Ecology

Fungal community shifts in soils with varied cover crop treatments and edaphic properties

Mara L. Cloutier, Ebony Murrell, Mary Barbercheck, Jason Kaye, Denise Finney, Irene García-González, Mary Ann Bruns, 2020, Scientific Reports

Most-Cited Papers

Land-use and land-cover effects on soil microbial community abundance and composition in headwater riparian wetlands

Jessica B. Moon, Denice H. Wardrop, Mary Ann V Bruns, R. Michael Miller, Kusum J. Naithani, 2016, Soil Biology and Biochemistry on p. 215-233

Bacterial and eukaryal diversity in soils forming from acid mine drainage precipitates under reclaimed vegetation and biological crusts

Claudia Rojas, Rosemary M. Gutierrez, Mary Ann Bruns, 2016, Applied Soil Ecology on p. 57-66

Natural zinc enrichment in peatlands

Soh joung Yoon, Carolina Yáñez, Mary Ann Bruns, Nadia Martínez-Villegas, Carmen Enid Martínez, 2012, Geochmica et Cosmochimica Acta on p. 165-176

Bacterial Associations with Weathering Minerals at the Regolith-Bedrock Interface, Luquillo Experimental Forest, Puerto Rico

Morgan L. Minyard, Mary Ann Bruns, Laura J. Liermann, Heather L. Buss, Susan L. Brantley, 2012, Geomicrobiology Journal on p. 792-803

Fungal community shifts in soils with varied cover crop treatments and edaphic properties

Mara L. Cloutier, Ebony Murrell, Mary Barbercheck, Jason Kaye, Denise Finney, Irene García-González, Mary Ann Bruns, 2020, Scientific Reports

Development of a nitrogen-fixing cyanobacterial consortium for surface stabilization of agricultural soils

Xin Peng, Mary Ann Bruns, 2019, Journal of Applied Phycology on p. 1047-1056

Electrochemically active microorganisms from an acid mine drainage-affected site promote cathode oxidation in microbial fuel cells

Claudia Rojas, Ignacio T. Vargas, Mary Ann Bruns, John M. Regan, 2017, Bioelectrochemistry and Bioenergetics on p. 139-146

Climate change interactions affect soil carbon dioxide efflux and microbial functioning in a post-harvest forest

M. D. McDaniel, J. P. Kaye, M. W. Kaye, M. A. Bruns, 2014, Oecologia on p. 1437-1448

Fe biogeochemistry in reclaimed acid mine drainage precipitates - Implications for phytoremediation

Claudia Rojas, Carmen Enid Martínez, Mary Ann Bruns, 2014, Environmental Pollution on p. 231-237

Underexplored microbial metabolisms for enhanced nutrient recycling in agricultural soils

Arnab Bhowmik, Mara Cloutier, Emily Ball, Mary Ann Bruns, 2017, AIMS Microbiology on p. 826-845