Margaret Brittingham

Professor of Wildlife Resources

Margaret Brittingham

Research Summary

Avian ecology; avian response to oil and gas exploration and development; effects of habitat fragmentation on bird populations; managing wildlife on private land

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Shale Gas Shale Fragmentation Habitat Gases Infrastructure Agricultural Land Appalachian Region Gas Birds Soil Bird Energy Pipeline Songbirds Songbird Food Program Acid Rain Conservation Areas Breeding Programme Vegetation Effect Canopy

Most Recent Publications

Julian Avery, Danielle Williams, J Avery, T Gabrielson, M Brittingham-Brant, Margaret Brittingham, 2021, Ornithological Applications on p. 1-11

There’s a New Bird in Town: Irruptions and Superflights

Margaret Brittingham, 2020,

Threshold responses of songbirds to forest loss and fragmentation across the Marcellus-Utica shale gas region of central Appalachia, USA

Laura S. Farwell, Petra B. Wood, Randy Dettmers, Margaret C. Brittingham, 2020, Landscape Ecology on p. 1353-1370

Birding and COVID-19

Margaret Brittingham, 2020, on p. 1

The birds at my table: Why we feed wild birds and why it matters

Margaret Brittingham, 2020, THE QUARTERLY REVIEW OF BIOLOGY on p. 72-73

2020-21 Penn State Tree Fruit Production Guide

R Crassweller, K Peter, G Krawczyk, J Schupp, T Ford, Margaret Brittingham, L LaBorde, J Harper, K Kephart, R Pifer, K Kelley, L He, P Heinemann, D Biddinger, M Lopez de Murphy, R Marini, T Baugher, D Weber, L Kime, 2020,

Habitat of Breeding Blackpoll Warblers at a Persistent Extralimital Breeding Site in Pennsylvania

Eric J. Zawatski, Douglas A. Gross, Margaret C. Brittingham, 2019, Northeastern Naturalist on p. 31-42

Eastern Bluebird (Sialia sialis) feeds Tree Swallow (Tachycineta bicolor) nestlings: Support for location-based decision rule

Danielle Williams, Margaret Brittingham, Margaret Brittingham-Brant, Julian Avery, 2019, Wilson Journal of Ornithology on p. 633-637

Birding the Sprirng Creek Watershed

Margaret Brittingham-Brant, 2018, Spring Creek Watershed atlas

Secret Life of Bluebirds

Danielle Williams, Margaret Brittingham-Brant, 2018,

Most-Cited Papers

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