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Ludmil Zikatanov

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Consolidation Discretization Coefficient Model Finite Element Method Linear Systems Multigrid Method Experiments Thermodynamics Energy Preconditioner Elliptic Problems Approximation Heat Discontinuous Galerkin Damage Projection Invasive Species Fourier Analysis Convergence Rate Stabilization Mesh Grid Cycle Subspace

Most Recent Papers

Discrete trace theorems and energy minimizing spring embeddings of planar graphs

John C. Urschel, Ludmil T. Zikatanov, 2021, Linear Algebra and Its Applications on p. 73-107

Energetic stable discretization for non-isothermal electrokinetics model

Simo Wu, Chun Liu, Ludmil Zikatanov, 2021, Journal of Computational Physics

Residual-based a posteriori error estimates of mixed methods for a three-field Biot’s consolidation model

Y Li, Ludmil Zikatanov, 2020, IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis

Auxiliary space preconditioning for mixed finite element discretizations of Richards' equation

Juan Batista, Xiaozhe Hu, Ludmil Zikatanov, 2020, Comput. Math. Appl. on p. 405--416

A posteriori error estimates of finite element methods by preconditioning

Yuwen Li, Ludmil Zikatanov, 2020, Computers and Mathematics with Applications

Robust preconditioners for a new stabilized discretization of the poroelastic equations

J. H. Adler, F. J. Gaspar, X. Hu, P. Ohm, C. Rodrigo, L. T. Zikatanov, 2020, SIAM Journal of Scientific Computing on p. B761-B791

Optimal spatial-dynamic management to minimize the damages caused by aquatic invasive species

Katherine Y. Zipp, Yangqingxiang Wu, Kaiyi Wu, Ludmil T. Zikatanov, 2019, Letters in Spatial and Resource Sciences on p. 199-213

Randomized and fault-tolerant method of subspace corrections

Xiaozhe Hu, Jinchao Xu, Ludmil Tomov Zikatanov, 2019, Research in Mathematical Sciences

On the validity of the local Fourier analysis<sup>*</sup>

Carmen Rodrigo, Francisco J. Gaspar, Ludmil T. Zikatanov, 2019, Journal of Computational Mathematics on p. 340-348

An adaptive multigrid method based on path cover

Xiaozhe Hu, Junyuan Lin, Ludmil T. Zikatanov, 2019, SIAM Journal of Scientific Computing on p. S220-S241

Most-Cited Papers

Stability and monotonicity for some discretizations of the Biot's consolidation model

C. Rodrigo, F. J. Gaspar, X. Hu, Ludmil Tomov Zikatanov, 2016, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering on p. 183-204

Algebraic multigrid methods

Jinchao Xu, Ludmil Zikatanov, 2017, Acta Numerica on p. 591-721

A nonconforming finite element method for the Biot's consolidation model in poroelasticity

Xiaozhe Hu, Carmen Rodrigo, Francisco J. Gaspar, Ludmil T. Zikatanov, 2017, Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics on p. 143-154

New stabilized discretizations for poroelasticity and the Stokes’ equations

C. Rodrigo, X. Hu, P. Ohm, J. H. Adler, F. J. Gaspar, L. T. Zikatanov, 2018, Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering on p. 467-484

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Robust block preconditioners for biot’s model

James H. Adler, Francisco J. Gaspar, Xiaozhe Hu, Carmen Rodrigo, Ludmil T. Zikatanov, 2018, on p. 3-16

Weak approximation properties of elliptic projections with functional constraints

Robert Scheichl, Panayot S. Vassilevski, Ludmil T. Zikatanov, 2011, Multiscale Modeling and Simulation on p. 1677-1699

Multilevel preconditioners for discontinuous Galerkin approximations of elliptic problems with jump coefficients

Blanca Ayuso De Dios, Michael Holst, Yunrong Zhu, Ludmil Zikatanov, 2014, Mathematics of Computation on p. 1083-1120

Polynomial of best uniform approximation to 1/x and smoothing in two-level methods

Johannes Kraus, Panayot Vassilevski, Ludmil Tomov Zikatanov, 2012, Computational Methods in Applied Mathematics on p. 448-468

A robust multigrid method for discontinuous Galerkin discretizations of Stokes and linear elasticity equations

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