Louisa Holmes

Assistant Professor of Geography and Demography

Louisa Holmes

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Young Adult Health Smoking Tobacco Tobacco Products Marketing Cannabis San Francisco Social Cohesion Nicotine Sales Smokers Heterosexuality Naloxone Opioid Analgesics West Nile Virus Sexual And Gender Minorities Workplace Migrant Sustainability Time Bays City Methodology Psychology

Most Recent Publications

Nhung Nguyen, Louisa M. Holmes, Vira Pravosud, Beth E. Cohen, Pamela M. Ling, 2023, Addictive Behaviors

County-level variation in synthetic opioid and heroin overdose incidents in Pennsylvania during the COVID-19 pandemic

Louisa M. Holmes, Brian H. King, 2023, Applied Geography

Impacts of Tax and Flavor Tobacco Policies on San Francisco Bay Area Tobacco Prices

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Disparities in opioid overdose survival and naloxone administration in Pennsylvania

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Most-Cited Papers

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