Long He

Assistant Professor of Agricultural and Biological Engineering

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Fruits Fruit Apples Orchards Canopy Malus Image Analysis Prunus Avium Color Damage Detection Orchard Effect Heat Transfer Remote Sensing Fruiting Neural Networks Vegetation Index Test Masks Energy Analysis Pruning Erwinia Amylovora Flowers

Most Recent Publications

Detection and infected area segmentation of apple fire blight using image processing and deep transfer learning for site-specific management

Md Sultan Mahmud, Long He, Azlan Zahid, Paul Heinemann, Daeun Choi, Grzegorz Krawczyk, Heping Zhu, 2023, Computers and Electronics in Agriculture

Xinyang Mu, Long He, Paul Heinemann, James Schupp, Manoj Karkee, 2022, Smart Agricultural Technology on p. 10

Remote sensing detection algorithm for apple fire blight based on UAV multispectral image

Deqin Xiao, Yongqi Pan, Jianzhao Feng, Jianjun Yin, Youfu Liu, Long He, 2022, Computers and Electronics in Agriculture

Variable rate Technologies for Precision Agriculture

Long He, 2022, on p. 1-9

Smart Irrigation in Orchards

Hemantkumar Gohil, Long He, 2022,

Azlan Zahid, Md S Mahmud, Long He, James Schupp, Daeun Choi, Paul Heinemann, 2022, HortTechnology on p. 90-98

Md Sultan Mahmud, Azlan Zahid, Long He, Heping Zhu, Daeun Choi, Paul Heinemann, Grzegorz Krawczy, Daeun Choi, Grzegorz Krawczyk, Paul Heinemann, 2022, Journal of the ASABE on p. 1225-1240

Robotic tree fruit harvesting: status, challenges, and prosperities

Long He, Azlan Zahid, Md Sultan Mahmud, 2022, on p. 299-332

A Heat Transfer Model for an Apple Orchard Equipped with Mobile Heaters During Frost

Weiyun Hua, Long He, Paul Heinemann, 2022,

Wenan Yuan, D Choi, Dimitrios Bolkas, Paul Heinz Heinemann, Long He, 2022, International Joural of Remote Sensing on p. 3106-3130

Most-Cited Papers

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Effect of excitation position of a handheld shaker on fruit removal efficiency and damage in mechanical harvesting of sweet cherry

Jianfeng Zhou, Long He, Qin Zhang, Manoj Karkee, 2014, Biosystems Engineering on p. 36-44

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Evaluation of the influence of shaking frequency and duration in mechanical harvesting of sweet cherry

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Energy efficacy analysis of a mechanical shaker insweet cherry harvesting

Long He, Jianfeng Zhou, Xiaoqiang Du, Du Chen, Qin Zhang, Manoj Karkee, 2013, Biosystems Engineering on p. 309-315