Loida Escote-Carlson

Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Loida Escote-Carlson

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Zea Mays Mitochondrial Genome Mitochondrial Dna Genotype Plasmids Fertility Genome Corn Genes Dna Male Infertility Sequence Homology Streptomyces Lividans Inbred Lines Enzymes Glycosylation Cellulomonas Oxidoreductases Southern Blotting Cytoplasm Electron Transport Complex Iv Terminal Repeat Sequences Mitochondria Cytochromes B Streptomyces

Most Recent Publications

Streptomyces lividans glycosylates an exoglucanase (Cex) from Cellulomonas fimi

Alasdair M. MacLeod, Neil R. Gilkes, Loida Escote-Carlson, R. Antony, J. Warren, Douglas G. Kilburn, Robert C. Miller, 1992, Gene on p. 143-147

Nuclear genotype affects mitochondrial genome organization of CMS-S maize

Loida J. Escote-Carlson, Susan Gabay-Laughnan, John R. Laughnan, 1990, Zeitschrift für Induktive Abstammungs- und Vererbungslehre on p. 457-464

A comparison of cytoplasmic revertants to fertility from different CMS-S maize sources

I. D. Small, E. D. Earle, L. J. Escote-Carlson, S. Gabay-Laughnan, J. R. Laughnan, C. J. Leaver, 1988, Theoretical And Applied Genetics on p. 609-618

Reorganization of mitochondrial genomes of cytoplasmic revertants in cms-S inbred line WF9 in maize

L. J. Escote-Carlson, S. Gabay-Laughnan, J. R. Laughnan, 1988, Theoretical And Applied Genetics on p. 659-667

Cytoplasmic reversion to fertility in cms-S maize need not involve loss of linear mitochondrial plasmids

Loida J. Escote, Susan J. Gabay-Laughnan, John R. Laughnan, 1985, Plasmid on p. 264-267