Lynn Lin

Assistant Professor of Statistics

Lynn Lin

Research Summary

Bayesian mixture model development for classification, variable selection, design and model selection, structured and hierarchical non-parametric Bayesian methods, rare event detection, and statistical computation involving simulation and optimization.

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Flow Cytometry Antigens Uncertainty T Cells Mixture Model T Lymphocytes Cluster Analysis Genome Proteins Spatial Data Color Variable Selection Cell Population Clustering Subset Mixture Modeling Single Nucleotide Polymorphism Alignment Mathematical Modeling Epidemics Neural Networks Coronavirus Human Population Pandemics

Most Recent Papers

Multisource single-cell data integration by MAW barycenter for Gaussian mixture models

Lin Lin, Wei Shi, Jianbo Ye, Jia Li, 2022, Biometrics

Block-Wise Variable Selection for Clustering Via Latent States of Mixture Models

Beomseok Seo, Lin Lin, Jia Li, 2022, Journal of Computational and Graphical Statistics on p. 138-150


Lixiang Zhang, Lin Lin, Jia Li, 2021, Stat

Curbing the COVID-19 pandemic with facility-based isolation of mild cases

Simiao Chen, Qiushi Chen, Juntao Yang, Lin Lin, Linye Li, Lirui Jiao, Pascal Geldsetzer, Chen Wang, Annelies Wilder-Smith, Till Bärnighausen, 2021, Journal of Travel Medicine

A Sample Covariance-Based Approach For Spatial Binary Data

Sahar Zarmehri, Ephraim M. Hanks, Lin Lin, 2021, Journal of Agricultural, Biological, and Environmental Statistics

Optimal Transport with Relaxed Marginal Constraints

Jia Li, Lin Lin, 2021, IEEE Access on p. 58142-58160

Positive impact of facility-based isolation of mild COVID-19 cases on effectively curbing the pandemic: a mathematical modelling study.

S Chen, Qiushi Chen, J Yang, L Lin, L Li, L Jiao, P Geldsetzer, C Wang, A Wilder-Smith, T Bärnighausen, 2020, Journal of travel medicine

CPS analysis

Lixiang Zhang, Lin Lin, Jia Li, 2020, Bioinformatics on p. 3516-3521

Bayesian mixture models for cytometry data analysis

Lin Lin, Boris P. Hejblum, 2020, Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Computational Statistics

Optimal transport, mean partition, and uncertainty assessment in cluster analysis

Jia Li, Beomseok Seo, Lin Lin, 2019, Statistical Analysis and Data Mining on p. 359-377

Most-Cited Papers

COMPASS identifies T-cell subsets correlated with clinical outcomes

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Hierarchical Modeling for Rare Event Detection and Cell Subset Alignment across Flow Cytometry Samples

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Identification and visualization of multidimensional antigen-specific T-cell populations in polychromatic cytometry data

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Explaining deep learning models - A Bayesian non-parametric approach

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A computational framework to assess genome-wide distribution of polymorphic human endogenous retrovirus-K in human populations

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Hierarchical Bayesian mixture modelling for antigenspecific T-cell subtyping in combinatorially encoded flow cytometry studies

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Curbing the COVID-19 pandemic with facility-based isolation of mild cases

Simiao Chen, Qiushi Chen, Juntao Yang, Lin Lin, Linye Li, Lirui Jiao, Pascal Geldsetzer, Chen Wang, Annelies Wilder-Smith, Till Bärnighausen, 2021, Journal of Travel Medicine

Discriminative variable subsets in Bayesian classification with mixture models, with application in flow cytometry studies

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