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Leslie Parent

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Most Recent Papers

HIV-1 Gag Forms Ribonucleoprotein Complexes with Unspliced Viral RNA at Transcription Sites

Kevin M. Tuffy, Rebecca J.Kaddis Maldonado, Jordan Chang, Paul Rosenfeld, Alan Cochrane, Leslie J. Parent, 2020, Viruses

TNPO3-mediated nuclear entry of the rous sarcoma virus gag protein is independent of the cargo-binding domain

Breanna L. Rice, Matthew S. Stake, Leslie J. Parent, 2020, Journal of Virology

Rous sarcoma virus genomic RNA dimerization capability in vitro is not a prerequisite for viral infectivity

Shuohui Liu, Rebecca Kaddis Maldonado, Tiffiny Rye-McCurdy, Christiana Binkley, Aissatou Bah, Eunice C. Chen, Breanna L. Rice, Leslie J. Parent, Karin Musier-Forsyth, 2020, Viruses

Visualizing association of the retroviral gag protein with unspliced viral RNA in the nucleus

Rebecca J.Kaddis Maldonado, Breanna Rice, Eunice C. Chen, Kevin M. Tuffy, Estelle F. Chiari, Kelly M. Fahrbach, Thomas J. Hope, Leslie J. Parent, 2020, mBio

RNA-binding domains of heterologous viral proteins substituted for basic residues in the RSV gag NC domain restore specific packaging of genomic RNA

Breanna L. Rice, Timothy L. Lochmann, Leslie J. Parent, 2020, Viruses

A trip down memory lane with Retrovirology

Monsef Benkirane, Ben Berkhout, Persephone Borrow, Ariberto Fassati, Masahiro Fujii, J. Victor Garcia-Martinez, D. Margolis, Monique Nijhuis, Leslie Parent, Klaus Strebel, François Venter, Frank Kirchhoff, Andrew Lever, Susan Ross, Johnson Mak, 2019, Retrovirology

Role of host factors in subcellular trafficking of Gag proteins and genomic RNA leading to virion assembly

Eunice Chen, Leslie Parent, 2018, on p. 274-317

Strategies to discover novel cellular factors involved in retrovirus replication

Rebecca J. Kaddis Maldonado, Eunice Chen, Leslie Parent, 2018, on p. 528-568


Leslie Parent, 2018, on p. xxix-xxxv

Role of host factors in the subcellular trafficking of gag proteins and genomic RNA leading to virion assembly

Eunice C. Chen, Leslie J. Parent, 2018, on p. 273-315

Most-Cited Papers

Distinct binding interactions of HIV-1 Gag to Psi and non-Psi RNAs

Joseph A. Webb, Christopher P. Jones, Leslie J. Parent, Ioulia Rouzina, Karin Musier-Forsyth, 2013, RNA on p. 1078-1088

Nucleolar trafficking of the mouse mammary tumor virus gag protein induced by interaction with ribosomal protein L9

Andrea R. Beyer, Darrin V. Bann, Breanna Rice, Ingrid S. Pultz, Melissa Kane, Stephen P. Goff, Tatyana V. Golovkina, Leslie J. Parent, 2013, Journal of Virology on p. 1069-1082

NC-mediated nucleolar localization of retroviral gag proteins.

Timothy L. Lochmann, Darrin V. Bann, Eileen P. Ryan, Andrea R. Beyer, Annie Mao, Alan Cochrane, Leslie Parent, 2013, [No source information available] on p. 304-318

Alterations in the MA and NC domains modulate phosphoinositide-dependent plasma membrane localization of the Rous sarcoma virus gag protein

Shorena Nadaraia-Hoke, Darrin V. Bann, Timothy L. Lochmann, Nicole Gudleski-O'Regan, Leslie J. Parent, 2013, Journal of Virology on p. 3609-3615

Beyond plasma membrane targeting

Leslie J. Parent, Nicole Gudleski, 2011, Journal of Molecular Biology on p. 553-564

New insights into the nuclear localization of retroviral gag proteins

Leslie J. Parent, 2011, Nucleus

Nuclear trafficking of retroviral RNAs and gag proteins during late steps of replication

Matthew S. Stake, Darrin V. Bann, Rebecca J. Kaddis, Leslie J. Parent, 2013, Viruses on p. 2767-2795

Application of live-cell RNA imaging techniques to the study of retroviral RNA trafficking

Darrin V. Bann, Leslie J. Parent, 2012, Viruses on p. 963-979

Orchestrating the selection and packaging of genomic RNA by retroviruses

Rebecca J. Kaddis Maldonado, Leslie J. Parent, 2016, Viruses

HIV-1 and two avian retroviral 5' untranslated regions bind orthologous human and chicken RNA binding proteins

Matthew Stake, Deepali Singh, Gatikrushna Singh, J. Marcela Hernandez, Rebecca Kaddis Maldonado, Leslie J. Parent, Kathleen Boris-Lawrie, 2015, Virology on p. 307-320