Leonid Berlyand

Co-Director of the Center for Mathematics of Living and Mimetic Matter; Professor of Mathematics

Leonid Berlyand

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Most Recent Papers

Asymptotic stability of contraction-driven cell motion

C. Alex Safsten, Volodmyr Rybalko, Leonid Berlyand, 2022, Physical Review E

Stability for the training of deep neural networks and other classifiers

Leonid Berlyand, Pierre Emmanuel Jabin, C. Alex Safsten, 2021, Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences on p. 2345-2390

Surface anchoring controls orientation of a microswimmer in nematic liquid crystal

Hai Chi, Mykhailo Potomkin, Lei Zhang, Leonid Berlyand, Igor S. Aranson, 2020, Communications Physics

A kinetic approach to active rods dynamics in confined domains

Leonid Berlyand, Pierre Emmanuel Jabin, Mykhailo Potomkin, Elżbieta Ratajczyk, 2020, Multiscale Modeling and Simulation on p. 1-20

Continuum approximations to systems of correlated interacting particles

Leonid Berlyand, Robert Creese, Pierre Emmanuel Jabin, Mykhailo Potomkin, 2019, Journal of Statistical Physics on p. 808-829

Existence of superconducting solutions for a reduced Ginzburg-Landau model in the presence of strong electric currents

Yaniv Almog, Leonid Berlyand, Dmitry Golovaty, Itai Shafrir, 2019, SIAM Journal on Mathematical Analysis on p. 873-912

Convergence de classifieurs par réseaux de neurones formellement divergents

Leonid Berlyand, Pierre Emmanuel Jabin, 2018, Comptes Rendus Mathematique on p. 395-405

On approximation of Ginzburg–Landau minimizers by S<sup>1</sup>-valued maps in domains with vanishingly small holes

Leonid Berlyand, Dmitry Golovaty, Oleksandr Iaroshenko, Volodymyr Rybalko, 2018, Journal of Differential Equations on p. 1317-1347

Multiple Ginzburg-Landau vortices pinned by randomly distributed small holes

Leonid Berlyand, Vladimir Mityushev, Shawn D. Ryan, 2018, IMA Journal of Applied Mathematics on p. 977-1006

Bifurcation of traveling waves in a Keller-Segel type free boundary model of cell motility

Leonid Berlyand, Jan Fuhrmann, Volodymyr Rybalko, 2018, Communications in Mathematical Sciences on p. 735-762

Most-Cited Papers

Polyharmonic homogenization, rough polyharmonic splines and sparse super-localization

Houman Owhadi, Lei Zhang, Leonid Berlyand, 2014, Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Analysis on p. 517-552

Correlation properties of collective motion in bacterial suspensions

Shawn D. Ryan, Andrey Sokolov, Leonid Berlyand, Igor S. Aranson, 2013, New Journal of Physics

Flexibility of bacterial flagella in external shear results in complex swimming trajectories.

M. Tournus, A. Kirshtein, L. V. Berlyand, I. S. Aranson, 2015, Journal of the Royal Society Interface on p. 20140904

A kinetic model for semidilute bacterial suspensions

S. D. Ryan, L. Berlyand, Brian M. Haines, D. A. Karpeev, 2013, Multiscale Modeling and Simulation on p. 1176-1196

Rayleigh approximation to ground state of the Bose and Coulomb glasses

S. D. Ryan, V. Mityushev, V. M. Vinokur, L. Berlyand, 2015, Scientific Reports

On an evolution equation in a cell motility model

Matthew S. Mizuhara, Leonid Berlyand, Volodymyr Rybalko, Lei Zhang, 2016, Physica D: Nonlinear Phenomena on p. 12-25

Collision of microswimmers in a viscous fluid

M. Potomkin, V. Gyrya, I. Aranson, L. Berlyand, 2013, Physical Review E

Minimax Critical Points in Ginzburg-Landau Problems with Semi-Stiff Boundary Conditions

Leonid Berlyand, Petru Mironescu, Volodymyr Rybalko, Etienne Sandier, 2014, Communications in Partial Differential Equations on p. 946-1005

Effective viscosity of puller-like microswimmers

Simon Gluzman, Dmitry A. Karpeev, Leonid V. Berlyand, 2013, Journal of the Royal Society Interface

Vortex phase separation in mesoscopic superconductors

O. Iaroshenko, V. Rybalko, V. M. Vinokur, L. Berlyand, 2013, Scientific Reports