Le Bao

Associate Professor of Statistics

Le Bao

Research Summary

Bayesian methods, data mining, computational methods, applications in health, environmental and social sciences.

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Hiv Epidemics Rheumatoid Arthritis Prospective Studies Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome Incidence Alcohol Drinking Modeling Estimate Infection Population Drugs Data Mining Infections Ldl Cholesterol Confidence Intervals Equidae Myocardial Infarction Obesity Africa South Of The Sahara History Statistical Models Sex Workers Bayesian Hierarchical Model Genome Wide Association Study

Most Recent Publications

Dynamic Models Augmented by Hierarchical Data: An Application of Estimating HIV Epidemics At Sub-National And Sub-Population Level

Le Bao, X Niu, Tim Brown, Jeff Eaton, arXiv preprint arXiv:1602.05665

Causal Structural Learning on MPHIA Individual Dataset

Le Bao, Changcheng Li, Runze Li, Songshan Yang, Journal of the American Statistical Association


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Le Bao, Changcheng Li, Runze Li, Songshan Yang, 2022, Journal of the American Statistical Association

Probabilistic HIV Recency Classification--A Logistic Regression without Labeled Individual Level Training Data

Ben Sheng, Changcheng Li, Le Bao, R Li, 2022, Annals of Applied Statistics

Hannah Vanevery, Wenhao Yang, Nancy Olsen, Le Bao, Bing Lu, Shouling Wu, Liufu Cui, Xiang Gao, 2021, Nutrients

Ian Laga, Xiaoyue Niu, Le Bao, 2021, Journal of the American Statistical Association on p. 27-37

Most-Cited Papers

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Obesity as a risk factor for developing functional limitation among older adults: a conditional inference tree analysis

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