Le Bao

Associate Professor of Statistics

Le Bao

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Bayesian methods, data mining, computational methods, applications in health, environmental and social sciences.

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Hiv Epidemics Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome Incidence Calibration Sex Workers Estimate Prospective Studies Malawi Rheumatoid Arthritis Modeling Alcohol Drinking Testing Information Storage And Retrieval Drugs Estimator Population Infection Statistical Models Anonymous Testing Sentinel Surveillance Pregnant Women Surveys And Questionnaires Infections Uncertainty

Most Recent Papers

A Unified Approach for Outliers and Influential Data Detection--The Value of Information in Retrospect

Jacob Parsons, Le Bao, 2021, Stat on p. e442

Alcohol consumption and risk of rheumatoid arthritis among Chinese adults

Hannah Vanevery, Wenhao Yang, Nancy Olsen, Le Bao, Bing Lu, Shouling Wu, Liufu Cui, Xiang Gao, 2021, Nutrients

Using factor analyses to estimate the number of female sex workers across Malawi from multiple regional sources

Xiaoyue Maggie Niu, Amrita Rao, David Chen, Ben Sheng, Sharon Weir, Eric Umar, Gift Trapence, Vincent Jumbe, Dunker Kamba, Katherine Rucinski, Nikita Viswasam, Stefan Baral, Le Bao, 2021, Annals of Epidemiology on p. 34-40

Thirty Years of The Network Scale-up Method

Ian Laga, Le Bao, Xiaoyue Niu, 2021, Journal of the American Statistical Association on p. 1548-1559

Modeling the Marked Presence-Only Data

Ian Laga, Xiaoyue Niu, Le Bao, 2021, Journal of the American Statistical Association

Comparison of HIV Prevalence Among Antenatal Clinic Attendees Estimated from Routine Testing and Unlinked Anonymous Testing

Ben Sheng, Jeffrey W. Eaton, Mary Mahy, Le Bao, 2020, Statistics in Biosciences on p. 279-294

Thirty Years of The Network Scale up Method

Ian Laga, Le Bao, X Niu, 2020, Journal of the American Statistical Association on p. 1548-1559

What Can We Learn from the Travelers Data in Detecting Disease Outbreaks--A Case Study of the COVID-19 Epidemic

Le Bao, Ying Zhang, X Niu, 2020, arXiv preprint arXiv:2008.11874

A Joint Spatial Conditional Auto-Regressive Model for Estimating HIV Prevalence Rates Among Key Populations

Zhou Lan, Le Bao, 2020, arXiv preprint arXiv:2009.01099

Evaluating the relative contribution of data sources in a Bayesian analysis with the application of estimating the size of hard to reach populations

Jacob Parsons, X Niu, Le Bao, 2020, Statistical Communications in Infectious Diseases

Most-Cited Papers

Improvements in prevalence trend fitting and incidence estimation in EPP 2013

Tim Brown, Le Bao, Jeffrey W. Eaton, Daniel R. Hogan, Mary Mahy, Kimberly Marsh, Bradley M. Mathers, Robert Puckett, 2014, AIDS on p. S415-S425

Modelling national HIV/AIDS epidemics: revised approach in the UNAIDS Estimation and Projection Package 2011.

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The Estimation and Projection Package Age-Sex Model and the r-hybrid model

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A new infectious disease model for estimating and projecting HIV/AIDS epidemics.

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Statistical models for incorporating data from routine HIV testing of pregnant women at antenatal clinics into HIV/AIDS epidemic estimates

Ben Sheng, Kimberly Marsh, Aleksandra B. Slavkovic, Simon Gregson, Jeffrey W. Eaton, Le Bao, 2017, AIDS on p. S87-S94

The population history of endogenous retroviruses in mule deer (odocoileus hemionus)

Pauline L. Kamath, Daniel Elleder, Le Bao, Paul C. Cross, John H. Powell, Mary Poss, 2014, Journal of Heredity on p. 173-187

Estimating the sizes of populations at risk of HIV infection from multiple data sources using a Bayesian hierarchical model

Le Bao, Adrian E. Raftery, Amala Reddy, 2015, Statistics and its Interface on p. 125-136

Incorporating incidence information within the UNAIDS estimation and projection package framework: A study based on simulated incidence assay data

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Obesity as a risk factor for developing functional limitation among older adults: a conditional inference tree analysis

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Accounting for nonsampling error in estimates of HIV epidemic trends from antenatal clinic sentinel surveillance

Jeffrey W. Eaton, Le Bao, 2017, AIDS on p. S61-S68