Lauren McPhillips

Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Lauren McPhillips

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Most Recent Publications

Benjamin Choat, Amber Pulido, Aditi S. Bhaskar, Rebecca L. Hale, Harry X. Zhang, Thomas Meixner, Lauren McPhillips, Kristina Hopkins, Jennifer Cherrier, Chingwen Cheng, 2022, Journal of Sustainable Water in the Built Environment

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Evaluating the potential impacts of solar farms on hydrological responses

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Biochar Enhanced Infiltration Basin in Central Pennsylvania

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Exploring the application of topographic indices in urban areas as indicators of pluvial flooding locations

Christa Kelleher, Lauren McPhillips, 2020, Hydrological Processes on p. 780-794

What is the role of green stormwater infrastructure in managing extreme precipitation events?

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Urbanization in Arid Central Arizona Watersheds Results in Decreased Stream Flashiness

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Exploring the application of topographic indices in urban areas as indicators of pluvial flooding locations

Christa Kelleher, Lauren McPhillips, 2019, Hydrological Processes

Most-Cited Papers

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