Lauraine Hawkins

Assistant Professor of Biology

Lauraine Hawkins

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Most Recent Papers

Microfungi associated with the banner-tailed kangaroo rat, Dipodomys spectabilis

Lauraine Kirsten Hawkins, 1999, Mycologia on p. 735-741

Burrows of kangaroo rats are hotspots for desert soil fungi

Lauraine Kirsten Hawkins, 1996, Journal of Arid Environments on p. 239-249

Biological investigations in Lechuguilla Cave

Diana E. Northrup, Deborah L. Carr, M. Tad Crocker, Kimberley I. Cunningham, Lauraine K. Hawkins, Patricia Leonard, W. Calvin Welbourn, 1994, NSS Bulletin on p. 54-63

Kangaroo rat burrows structure the spatial organisation of ground- dwelling animals in a semiarid grassland

L. K. Hawkins, P. F. Nicoletto, 1992, Journal of Arid Environments on p. 199-208