Kristin Sznajder

Assistant Professor of Public Health Sciences

Kristin Sznajder

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Most Recent Publications

Yuedan Ma, Xiaoxia Shi, Kristin K. Sznajder, Yue Zhao, Quan Wan, Peipei Chai, Xiaoshi Yang, 2024, Frontiers in Pharmacology

Syndemic of Substance Abuse, Depression, and Type 2 Diabetes and Their Association with Retention in Care Among People Living with HIV

Tarek B. Eshak, Andrea L. Hobkirk, Cynthia J. Whitener, Liza M. Conyers, Wenke Hwang, Kristin K. Sznajder, 2024, AIDS and Behavior

Brittany A. Massare, Nicole M. Hackman, Kristin K. Sznajder, Kristen Kjerulff, 2023, PLoS One

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Shu Li, Kristin K. Sznajder, Lingfang Ning, Hong Gao, Xinyue Xie, Shuo Liu, Chunyu Shao, Xinru Li, Xiaoshi Yang, 2023, Journal of Nursing Management

Chong Liu, Can Cui, Kristin K. Sznajder, Jiana Wang, Xiaoxuan Zuo, Xiaoshi Yang, 2022, Frontiers in Psychology

Cesarean Section and Child Development at 3 Years: A Prospective Cohort Study of First Births in Pennsylvania

Kristin K. Sznajder, Douglas Teti, Nicole M. Hackman, Brittany Massare, Kristen H. Kjerulff, 2022, Maternal and Child Health Journal on p. 2526-2535

Qinqi Peng, Bo Qu, Kristin K. Sznajder, Qiongli Chen, Jiahui Fu, Shan He, Xiaoshi Yang, 2022, Frontiers in Medicine

Most-Cited Papers

Yang Song, Kristin Sznajder, Can Cui, Yilong Yang, Ying Li, Xiaoshi Yang, 2022, Journal of Affective Disorders on p. 315-321

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Weiyu Zhang, Zhen Zheng, Romana Pylypchuk, Jinfeng Zhao, Kristin K. Sznajder, Can Cui, Xiaoshi Yang, 2021, Frontiers in Psychiatry

News Articles Featuring Kristin Sznajder

Acetaminophen Use During Pregnancy May Increase ADHD-Like Symptoms In Children

A new study has found worrying results for using one of the most popular drugs in America.

Study finds acetaminophen usage during pregnancy associated with sleep, attention problems

According to a study conducted by Penn State College of Medicine researchers, acetaminophen usage during pregnancy is connected with sleep and behaviour difficulties consistent with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Taking acetaminophen (Tylenol) while pregnant linked to ADHD symptoms in preschoolers

It’s no secret that pregnant women should avoid alcohol and cigarettes for the health of their baby. Now, researchers from Penn State say it may be a good idea to also stay away from Tylenol as well. Study authors report taking acetaminophen while expecting may lead to sleep and behavioral issues in children that are consistent with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Prenatal acetaminophen use linked to sleep, attention problems in preschoolers

Acetaminophen use during pregnancy is associated with sleep and behavior problems consistent with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), according to a study by Penn State College of Medicine researchers.

Acetaminophen use during pregnancy can impact kids' behavior, researchers warn

Acetaminophen is widely taken during pregnancy, but a new study warns women that it may be linked to sleep and attention problems in children. They were discovered in kids at age 3.

Suicide vulnerability index, machine learning model help predict counties’ risk

Suicide is a leading cause of death in the United States, but the models that have been used to predict suicide rates weight risk factors equally and rely on data for large geographic areas, limiting the precision of the predictions, according to Penn State researchers.