Joy Pate

Director of the Center for Reproductive Biology and Health; Professor of Reproductive Physiology; C. Lee Rumberger and Family Chair in Agricultural Sciences

Joy Pate

Research Summary

Specializing in the area of ovarian function. Primary research interests focus on the interactions between steroidogenic and immune cells, and the role of microRNA in development and maintenance of the corpus luteum.

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Most Recent Publications

Insights from two independent transcriptomic studies of the bovine corpus luteum during pregnancy

Camilla H.K. Hughes, Megan A. Mezera, Milo C. Wiltbank, Joy L. Pate, 2022, Journal of Animal Science

History, insights, and future perspectives on studies into luteal function in cattle

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NE1727 collection dedication

Joy L. Pate, Alan D. Ealy, 2022, Journal of Animal Science

A Synopsis of the NE1727 Multistate Project Collection in the Journal of Animal Science

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Sarah N. Carr, Benjamin R. Crites, Joy L. Pate, Camilla H.K. Hughes, James C. Matthews, Phillip J. Bridges, 2022, Animals

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Temporal changes in the corpus luteum during early pregnancy reveal regulation of pathways that enhance steroidogenesis and suppress luteolytic mechanisms

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Most-Cited Papers

MicroRNA in ovarian function

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Physiology and endocrinology symposium

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Regulating life or death

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