Joy Pate

Director of the Center for Reproductive Biology and Health; Professor of Reproductive Physiology; C. Lee Rumberger and Family Chair in Agricultural Sciences

Joy Pate

Research Summary

Specializing in the area of corpus luteum function. Primary research interests focus on the regulation of luteolysis, prostaglandin production by the corpus luteum, and the interactions between the immune system & the reproductive system.

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Most Recent Papers

Effects of early pregnancy on uterine lymphocytes and endometrial expression of immune-regulatory molecules in dairy heifers

Sreelakshmi Vasudevan, Manasi M. Kamat, Sadhat S. Walusimbi, Joy L. Pate, Troy L. Ott, 2017, Biology of reproduction on p. 104-118

Isolation of luteal endothelial cells and functional interactions with T lymphocytes

S. S. Walusimbi, L. M. Wetzel, D. H. Townson, J. L. Pate, 2017, Reproduction on p. 519-533

Effects of concanavalin A on the progesterone production by bovine steroidogenic luteal cells in vitro

F. C. Destro, I. Martin, Fdc Landim-Alvarenga, Jcp Ferreira, J. L. Pate, 2016, Reproduction in domestic animals = Zuchthygiene on p. 848-852

Changes in myeloid lineage cells in the uterus and peripheral blood of dairy heifers during early pregnancy

Manasi M. Kamat, Sreelakshmi Vasudevan, Samar A. Maalouf, David H. Townson, Joy L. Pate, Troy L. Ott, 2016, Biology of Reproduction

Changes in microRNA expression during maturation of the bovine corpus luteum

Samar W. Maalouf, Courtney L. Smith, Joy L. Pate, 2016, Biology of reproduction

Breed-dependent differences in the onset of fear-related avoidance behavior in puppies

Mary Morrow, Joseph Ottobre, Ann Ottobre, Peter Neville, Normand St-Pierre, Nancy Dreschel, Joy L. Pate, 2015, Journal of Veterinary Behavior: Clinical Applications and Research on p. 286-294

Effects of dietary Capsicum oleoresin on productivity and immune responses in lactating dairy cows

J. Oh, F. Giallongo, T. Frederick, J. Pate, S. Walusimbi, R. J. Elias, E. H. Wall, D. Bravo, A. N. Hristov, 2015, Journal of Dairy Science on p. 6327-6339

Regulating life or death

Samar W. Maalouf, Wan Sheng Liu, Istvan Albert, Joy L. Pate, 2014, Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology on p. 78-88

Maternal immune responses to conceptus signals during early pregnancy in ruminants

T. L. Ott, M. M. Kamat, S. Vasudevan, D. H. Townson, J. L. Pate, 2014, Animal Reproduction on p. 237-245

Luteal cells from functional and regressing bovine corpora lutea differentially alter the function of gamma delta T cells

Sadhat S. Walusimbi, Joy L. Pate, 2014, Biology of Reproduction

High-Impact Papers

Prostaglandin F2α stimulates the expression and secretion of transforming growth factor B1 via induction of the Early Growth Response 1 gene (EGR1) in the bovine corpus luteum

Xiaoying Hou, Edward W. Arvisais, Chao Jiang, Dong Bao Chen, Shyamal K. Roy, Joy L. Pate, Thomas R. Hansen, Bo R. Rueda, John S. Davis, 2008, Molecular Endocrinology on p. 403-414

Expression and regulation of functional oxytocin receptors in bovine T lymphocytes

Kalidou Ndiaye, Daniel H. Poole, Joy L. Pate, 2008, Biology of Reproduction on p. 786-793

Progesterone effects on lymphocytes may be mediated by membrane progesterone receptors

Kalidou Ndiaye, Daniel H. Poole, Sadhat Walusimbi, Matthew J. Cannon, Koji Toyokawa, Samar W. Maalouf, Jing Dong, Peter Thomas, Joy L. Pate, 2012, Journal of Reproductive Immunology on p. 15-26

Physiology and endocrinology symposium

S. S. Walusimbi, J. L. Pate, 2013, Journal of Animal Science on p. 1650-1659

Luteal microenvironment directs resident T lymphocyte function in cows

Daniel H. Poole, Joy L. Pate, 2012, Biology of Reproduction

Impact of preovulatory estradiol concentrations on conceptus development and uterine gene expression

G. A. Bridges, M. L. Mussard, J. L. Pate, T. L. Ott, T. R. Hansen, M. L. Day, 2012, Animal Reproduction Science on p. 16-26

Life or death decisions in the corpus luteum

J. L. Pate, C. J. Johnson-Larson, J. S. Ottobre, 2012, Reproduction in Domestic Animals on p. 297-303

Effect of feed restriction and supplemental dietary fat on gut peptide and hypothalamic neuropeptide messenger ribonucleic acid concentrations in growing wethers

A. E. Relling, J. L. Pate, C. K. Reynolds, S. C. Loerch, 2010, Journal of Animal Science on p. 737-748

Adipogenic differentiation state-specific gene expression as related to bovine carcass adiposity

C. L. Pickworth, S. C. Loerch, S. G. Velleman, J. L. Pate, D. H. Poole, F. L. Fluharty, 2011, Journal of Animal Science on p. 355-366

Immune and production responses of dairy cows to postruminal supplementation with phytonutrients

J. Oh, A. N. Hristov, C. Lee, T. Cassidy, K. Heyler, G. A. Varga, J. Pate, S. Walusimbi, E. Brzezicka, K. Toyokawa, J. Werner, S. S. Donkin, R. Elias, S. Dowd, D. Bravo, 2013, Journal of Dairy Science on p. 7830-7843