José Duarte

Professor of Landscape Architecture

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Most Recent Papers

Exploring the Bauhaus Culture in Hajjar’s Hybrid Architecture

M Hadighi, Jose Pinto Duarte,

Additive Manufacturing of Architectural Structures

Shadi Nazarian, José Pinto Duarte, Sven G. Bilén, Ali Memari, Aleksandra Z. Radlinska, Nicholas Alexander Meisel, Maryam Hojati, 2021, on p. 111-119

Towards 3D-printable cementitious materials on Earth and beyond

Jose Pinto Duarte, 2021, Concrete Emgineering International on p. 3

Shape Grammar as a Typology Defining Tool for Ancient Egyptian Funerary Monuments

Anja Wutte, José Pinto Duarte, 2021, Nexus Network Journal

Tracing Hybridity in Local Adaptations of Modern Architecture: The Case of A. William Hajjar’s Single-Family Architecture

M Hadighi, Jose Pinto Duarte, 2020,

Robotic Apprentices: Leveraging Augmented Reality for Robot Training in Manufacturing Automation

E Costa, S Bilen, Jose Pinto Duarte, 2020,

World Studio: a pedagogical experience using shape grammars and parametric approaches to design in the context of informal settlements

F Lima, N Muthumanickam, M Miller, Jose Pinto Duarte, 2020,

A multi-material extrusion nozzle for functionally graded concrete printing: Industry 4.0 – Shaping The Future of The Digital World

Flavio Craveiro, Jose Pinto Duarte, Helena Bartolo, Paulo Bartolo, 2020, on p. 6

Additive Manufacturing of Architectural Structures: An Interplay between Materials, Systems, and Design

Jose Pinto Duarte, 2020, on p. 9

From analysis to design: a framework for developing synthetic shape grammars

D Verniz, Jose Pinto Duarte, 2020,

Most-Cited Papers

Building envelope shape design in early stages of the design process

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A review of additive manufacturing for ceramic production

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