Jonas Rubenson

Associate Professor of Kinesiology

Jonas Rubenson

Research Summary

Integrating experimental and modeling approaches to study gait and skeletal muscle function during locomotion in both health and disease/impairment. In particular, the relationship between in vivo muscle mechanics and metabolic energetics and mechanisms underlying locomotor adaptation and optimization.

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Most Recent Papers

Adaptive remodelling of Achilles tendon: A multi-scale computational model

Stuart Young, Anthony Mehdizadeh, Bruce Gardiner, Brian Umberger, Jonas Rubenson, David Smith, PLoS Computational Biology on p. 1-30

Running birds reveal secrets for legged robot design

Jonas Rubenson, Gregory S. Sawicki, 2022, Science Robotics on p. eabo2147

Plasticity of the gastrocnemius elastic system in response to decreased work and power demand during growth

Suzanne M. Cox, Adam DeBoef, Matthew Q. Salzano, Kavya Katugam, Stephen J. Piazza, Jonas Rubenson, 2021, Journal of Experimental Biology

Altering the Mechanical Load Environment During Growth Does Not Affect Adult Achilles Tendon Properties in an Avian Bipedal Model

Kavya Katugam, Suzanne M. Cox, Matthew Q. Salzano, Adam De Boef, Michael W. Hast, Thomas Neuberger, Timothy M. Ryan, Stephen J. Piazza, Jonas Rubenson, 2020, Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology

Eliminating high-intensity activity during growth reduces mechanical power capacity but not submaximal metabolic cost in a bipedal animal model

Suzanne Michelle Cox, Matthew Q. Salzano, Stephen J. Piazza, Jonas Rubenson, 2020, Journal of Applied Physiology on p. 50-58

Multi-objective control in human walking

Kirsty A. McDonald, Joseph P. Cusumano, Peter Peeling, Jonas Rubenson, 2019, Journal of the Royal Society Interface

A interação de conformidade e ativação na faixa de operação força-comprimento e capacidade de geração de força do músculo esquelético

S. M. Cox, K. L. Easton, M. Cromie Lear, R. L. Marsh, S. L. Delp, J. Rubenson, 2019, Integrative Organismal Biology

Is conservation of center of mass mechanics a priority in human walking? Insights from leg-length asymmetry experiments

Kirsty A. McDonald, Daniel Devaprakash, Jonas Rubenson, 2019, Journal of Experimental Biology

A Soft-Exosuit Enables Multi-Scale Analysis of Wearable Robotics in a Bipedal Animal Model

S. M. Cox, Jonas Rubenson, Gregory S. Sawicki, 2018, on p. 4685-4691

American Society of Biomechanics Journal of Biomechanics Award 2017

M. Q. Salzano, S. M. Cox, S. J. Piazza, J. Rubenson, 2018, Journal of Biomechanics on p. 1-7

Most-Cited Papers

Programmable mechanical stimulation influences tendon homeostasis in a bioreactor system

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Bioreactor design for tendon/ligament engineering

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The role of arch compression and metatarsophalangeal joint dynamics in modulating plantar fascia strain in running

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