John Wallace

Assistant Professor of Weed Science

John Wallace

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Most Recent Publications

Cover crop interseeding establishment methods in organic field corn

John Wallace, Sarah Isbell, Ron Hoover, Mary Barbercheck, Jason Kaye, William Curran, Journal of Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems

U.S. cereal rye winter cover crop growth database

Alexandra Huddell, Resham Thapa, Charles White, Steven Mirsky, 2024, Scientific Data on p. 1-7

Light partitioning strategies impact relative fitness of weeds and cover crops when drill-inter seeding in corn

John Wallace, Tosh Mazzone, Chistopher Pelzer, Matthew Ryan, Sandra Wayman, 2023, Weed Science

Andrew Lefever, John Wallace, Paul Esker, Charles White, Sjoerd Duiker, John Tooker, 2023, Agronomy Journal

Impact of cereal rye cover crop on the fate of preemergence herbicides flumioxazin and pyroxasulfone and control of Amaranthus spp. in soybean

Jose Nunes, Nicholas J. Arneson, John Wallace, Karla Gage, Eric Miller, Sarah Lancaster, Thomas Mueller, Rodrigo Werle, 2023, Weed Science on p. 493-505

Cereal rye residue management tactics influence interrow and intrarow weed recruitment dynamics in field corn when planting green

John M. Wallace, Tosh Mazzone, Zachary Larson, 2023, Weed Technology on p. 422-430

Perceptions and management of ventenata by producers in the Inland Pacific Northwest

Lisa Jones, John Wallace, Katherine Painter, Pamela Pavek, Timothy Prather, 2022, Journal of Extension on p. 10

Weed seed mass affects seedling establishment and resource allocation patterns across a cereal rye surface residue gradient

Teala Ficks, Carolyn J. Lowry, John M. Wallace, 2022, Weed Research on p. 49-58

Most-Cited Papers

John M. Wallace, Alwyn Williams, Jeffrey A. Liebert, Victoria J. Ackroyd, Rachel A. Vann, William S. Curran, Clair L. Keene, Mark J. Vangessel, Matthew R. Ryan, Steven B. Mirsky, 2017, Agriculture (Switzerland) on p. 34

Evaluation of cover crops drill interseeded into corn across the mid-Atlantic region

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Cover crop termination timing is critical in organic rotational no-till systems

C. L. Keene, W. S. Curran, J. M. Wallace, M. R. Ryan, S. B. Mirsky, M. J. Vangessel, M. E. Barbercheck, 2017, Journal of Production Agriculture on p. 272-282

Cover crop effects on horseweed (Erigeron canadensis) density and size inequality at the time of herbicide exposure

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Cover crop-based reduced tillage system influences Carabidae (Coleoptera) activity, diversity and trophic group during transition to organic production

Ariel Rivers, Christina Mullen, John Wallace, Mary Ellen Barbercheck, 2017, Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems on p. 538-551

Jess M. Bunchek, John M. Wallace, William S. Curran, David A. Mortensen, Mark J. Vangessel, Barbara A. Scott, 2020, Weed Science on p. 534-544

Integrated Weed Management Strategies in Cover Crop-based, Organic Rotational No-Till Corn and Soybean in the Mid-Atlantic Region

John M. Wallace, Clair L. Keene, William Curran, Steven Mirsky, Matthew R. Ryan, Mark J. Vangessel, 2018, Weed Science on p. 94-108

Effectiveness of Herbicides for Control of Hairy Vetch (Vicia villosa) in Winter Wheat

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