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John Kaminski

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Most Recent Papers

Creeping Bentgrass Seed Germination at Optimal and Suboptimal Temperatures

D Carroll, J Kaminski, P Landschoot, Crops, Forages & Turfgrass Management

Penn State launches commercial turf pest diagnostic lab

John Kaminski, Louis Bengyella, 2022, Pennsylvania Turfgrass on p. 1

Long-term influence of nitrogen, plant growth regulators, and iron sulfate on annual bluegrass populations and turfgrass quality on a golf green

Kaiyuan Tang, Timothy T. Lulis, Travis R. Russell, John E. Kaminski, 2021, Crop Science on p. 3145-3154

Influence of brush type and brushing frequency on putting green ball roll distance and turfgrass quality

Timothy T. Lulis, Travis R. Russell, John E. Kaminski, 2021, Crop Science on p. 2989-2996

Buckhorn plantain (Plantago lanceolata) resistant to 2,4-D in Pennsylvania and alternative control options

Travis R. Russell, Tim T. Lulis, Brian A. Aynardi, Kaiyuan T. Tang, John E. Kaminski, 2021, Weed Technology on p. 297-303

Influence of cultivation method, seeding rate, and fertilizer rate on the establishment of creeping bentgrass for putting green renovation

Devon E. Carroll, John E. Kaminski, Peter J. Landschoot, 2021, Crop, Forage and Turfgrass Management

Cannabis Science Research Website

John Kaminski, 2021, Department of Plant Science

Germinability of annual bluegrass seed during spring in the Eastern United States

Devon E. Carroll, James T. Brosnan, James D. McCurdy, Edicarlos B. De Castro, Aaron J. Patton, Wenwen Liu, John E. Kaminski, Kaiyuan Tang, Patrick E. McCullough, David Westbury, 2021, Crop, Forage and Turfgrass Management

Global impact of trace non-essential heavy metal contaminants in industrial cannabis bioeconomy

Louis Bengyella, Mohammed Kuddus, Piyali Mukherjee, Dobgima J. Fonmboh, John E. Kaminski, 2021, Journal of Toxicology - Toxin Reviews

Alternative control options for 2,4-D-resistant buckhorn plantain

T Russell, T Lulis, K Tang, J Kaminski, B Aynardi, 2020,

Most-Cited Papers

Effects of relative humidity on infection, colonization and conidiation of Magnaporthe orzyae on perennial ryegrass

Y. Li, W. Uddin, J. E. Kaminski, 2014, Plant Pathology on p. 590-597

Development and validation of a weather-based warning system to advise fungicide applications to control dollar spot on turfgrass

D. L. Smith, J. P. Kerns, N. R. Walker, A. F. Payne, B. Horvath, J. C. Inguagiato, J. E. Kaminski, M. Tomaso-Peterson, P. L. Koch, 2018, PLoS One

In vitro fungicide-insensitive profiles of sclerotinia homoeocarpa populations from pennsylvania and the surrounding region

Cameron M. Stephens, John Kaminski, 2019, Plant Disease on p. 214-222

Creeping bentgrass seed germination in growth chambers at optimal and suboptimal temperatures

Devon E. Carroll, John E. Kaminski, Peter J. Landschoot, 2020, Crop, Forage and Turfgrass Management

Social Media and Electronic Networking Use and Preferences among Undergraduate Turf Science Students

Cale A. Bigelow, John E. Kaminski, 2016, Natural Sciences Education on p. 1-8

Insights into the biology of sphaerobolus stellatus as a causal agent of thatch collapse in golf turfs

Amy M. Baetsen-Young, John E. Kaminski, Matthew T. Kasson, Donald D. Davis, 2015, Crop Science on p. 2342-2351

First report of ophiosphaerella agrostidis infecting creeping bentgrass in Wisconsin

J. E. Kaminski, T. Russell, P. Koch, 2019, Plant Disease on p. 2129

Effect of phosphite rate and source on cyanobacteria colonization of putting green turf

John C. Inguagiato, John E. Kaminski, Timothy T. Lulis, 2017, Crop Science on p. S-274-S-284

Hydraulic fluid type and remediation practices on hydraulic leak injury to creeping bentgrass putting greens

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Regulation with trinexapac-ethyl and dew removal at the time of fungicide application did not influence dollar spot control

Yu Huang, John E. Kaminski, Peter J. Landschoot, 2015, Hortscience: A Publication of the American Society for Hortcultural Science on p. 496-500