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John Kaminski

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Most Recent Publications

Creeping Bentgrass Seed Germination at Optimal and Suboptimal Temperatures

D Carroll, J Kaminski, P Landschoot, Crops, Forages & Turfgrass Management

Prime disease season is here

John Kaminski, 2022,

PSU Turf Pest Update

John Kaminski, 2022,

Contemporary challenges and opportunities for improved lawn weed management: Insights from U.S. lawn care operators

D. Ervin, L. Dixon, A. Montry, A. Patton, B. Bowling, M. Elmore, T. Gannon, John Kaminski, A. Kowalewski, J. McCurdy, J. McElroy, J. Unruh, M. Bagavathiannan, 2022, Outlooks on Pest Management

Seedheads, dollar spot, and more.

John Kaminski, 2022,

Warmer temperatures moving in.

John Kaminski, 2022,

Penn State launches commercial turf pest diagnostic lab

John Kaminski, Louis Bengyella, 2022, Pennsylvania Turfgrass on p. 1

Growers need to be Aware of Cannabis Loving field mice in Pennsylvania.

L. Bengyella, F Di Gioia, J. Kaminski, A Collins, 2022,

Annual bluegrass seedling emergence pattern in Pennsylvania

Kaiyuan Tang, John Kaminski, 2021,

Clarireedia spp. isolates resistance to DMI fungicides

Maureen Kahiu, John Kaminski, 2021,

Most-Cited Papers

Effects of relative humidity on infection, colonization and conidiation of Magnaporthe orzyae on perennial ryegrass

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Global impact of trace non-essential heavy metal contaminants in industrial cannabis bioeconomy

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Creeping bentgrass seed germination in growth chambers at optimal and suboptimal temperatures

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Insights into the biology of sphaerobolus stellatus as a causal agent of thatch collapse in golf turfs

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Social Media and Electronic Networking Use and Preferences among Undergraduate Turf Science Students

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