Joel Morrison

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Coal Water Carbon Sorbents Viscosity Particle Size Slurries Fluidized Bed Combustors Fly Ash Sulfur Industry Fluidized Beds Ashes Boilers Limestone Recovery Powders Experiment Application Sorbent Overburden Fluidized Bed Leaching Acid Mine Drainage Coal Preparation

Most Recent Papers

Stripper well consortium offers opportunities and technologies to the stripper well industry

G. L. Covatch, J. Morrison, 2005, on p. 257-260

Routes for the development of value added products from high carbon fly ashes

M. Mercedes Maroto-Valer, Yinzhi Zhang, John M. Andrésen, Akhnuwkh Jones, Joel L. Morrison, 2001, Am Chem Soc Div Fuel Chem Prepr on p. 316-317

Recovery and utilization of fly ash carbons for the development of high-value products

M. Mercedes Maroto-Valer, John M. Andrésen, Christian A. Andrésen, Joel L. Morrison, Harold H. Schobert, 2000, Am Chem Soc Div Fuel Chem Prepr on p. 509-511

Packing and viscosity of concentrated polydisperse coal-water slurries

Boris Veytsman, Joel L. Morrison, Alan Scaroni, Paul Painter, 1998, Energy & Fuels on p. 1031-1039

Comparative overview of coal-water slurry fuels produced from waste coal fines for utility-scale co-firing applications

Joel L. Morrison, Bruce G. Miller, Alan W. Scaroni, W. Richard Carson, 1997, on p. 131-139

Formulation of low solids coal water slurry from advanced coal cleaning waste fines

Joseph J. Battista, Joel L. Morrison, Alan W. Scaroni, Alan Lambert, 1997, on p. 567-576

Sorbent behaviour in circulating fluidized bed combustors

Sarma V. Pisupati, Ronald S. Wasco, Joel L. Morrison, Alan W. Scaroni, 1996, Fuel on p. 759-768

Limestone selection for circulating fluidized-bed boiler

David L. Seitzinger, Joel L. Morrison, 1993, Proceedings of the American Power Conference on p. 806-814

Predicting the occurrence of acid mine drainage in the Alleghenian coal-bearing strata of western Pennsylvania; An assessement by simulated weathering (leaching) experiments and overburden characterization

J. L. Morrison, B. E. Scheetz, D. W. Strickler, E. G. Williams, A. W. Rose, A. Davis, R. R. Parizek, 1990, Special Paper of the Geological Society of America on p. 87-99