Jeffrey Catchmark

Professor of Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Jeffrey Catchmark

Research Summary

Cellulose synthesis and organization, cellulosic composites and coatings, microbial cellulose production, and chemically powered microfluidic and biological devices and sensors.

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Cellulose Crystalline Materials Polysaccharides Mechanical Properties Composite Materials Chitosan Nanowhiskers Acids Nanocomposites Pectin Hemicellulose Porosity Adsorption Cellulases Biofilms Structural Properties Surface Active Agents Compatibilizers Acetobacter Starch Enzymes Hyaluronic Acid Osteoblasts Escherichia Coli Biodegradability

Most Recent Papers

The formation of Gluconacetobacter xylinum cellulose under the influence of the dye brilliant yellow

Yuanyuan Weng, Brittney Nagle, Karl Mueller, Jeffrey Catchmark, 2019, Cellulose on p. 9373-9386

Bacterial cellulose/hyaluronic acid nanocomposites production through co-culturing Gluconacetobacter hansenii and Lactococcus lactis in a two-vessel circulating system

Ke Liu, Jeffrey M. Catchmark, 2019, Bioresource technology

Enhanced mechanical properties of bacterial cellulose nanocomposites produced by co-culturing Gluconacetobacter hansenii and Escherichia coli under static conditions

Ke Liu, Jeffrey M. Catchmark, 2019, Carbohydrate Polymers on p. 12-20

Improved eco-friendly barrier materials based on crystalline nanocellulose/chitosan/carboxymethyl cellulose polyelectrolyte complexes

Kai Chi, Jeffrey M. Catchmark, 2018, Food Hydrocolloids on p. 195-205

Agri-food firms, universities, and corporate social responsibility

Robert Magneson Chiles, Leland Luther Glenna, Amit Sharma, Jeffrey M. Catchmark, Carl Daniel Azzara, Audrey Maretzki, 2018, Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems

Structural properties of starch-chitosan-gelatin foams and the impact of gelatin on MC3T3 mouse osteoblast cell viability

Gregory E. Risser, Brittany L. Banik, Justin Lee Brown, Jeffrey M. Catchmark, 2017, Journal of Biological Engineering

Crystalline nanocellulose/lauric arginate complexes

Kai Chi, Jeffrey M. Catchmark, 2017, Carbohydrate Polymers on p. 320-329

Enhanced dispersion and interface compatibilization of crystalline nanocellulose in polylactide by surfactant adsorption

Kai Chi, Jeffrey M. Catchmark, 2017, Cellulose on p. 4845-4860

The influences of added polysaccharides on the properties of bacterial crystalline nanocellulose

Kai Chi, Jeffrey M. Catchmark, 2017, Nanoscale on p. 15144-15158

Impact of plant matrix polysaccharides on cellulose produced by surface-tethered cellulose synthases

Snehasish Basu, Okako Omadjela, Jochen Zimmer, Jeffrey M. Catchmark, 2017, Carbohydrate Polymers on p. 93-99

Most-Cited Papers

Surface area and porosity of acid hydrolyzed cellulose nanowhiskers and cellulose produced by Gluconacetobacter xylinus

Jing Guo, Jeffrey M. Catchmark, 2012, Carbohydrate Polymers on p. 1026-1037

Formation and characterization of spherelike bacterial cellulose particles produced by acetobacter xylinum JCM 9730 strain

Yang Hu, Jeffrey M. Catchmark, 2010, Biomacromolecules on p. 1727-1734

Impact of hemicelluloses and pectin on sphere-like bacterial cellulose assembly

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Quantification of cellulose nanowhiskers sulfate esterification levels

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In vitro biodegradability and mechanical properties of bioabsorbable bacterial cellulose incorporating cellulases

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Mechanical and structural property analysis of bacterial cellulose composites

Manmeet Singh Dayal, Jeffrey M. Catchmark, 2016, Carbohydrate Polymers on p. 447-453

Integration of cellulases into bacterial cellulose

Yang Hu, Jeffrey M. Catchmark, 2011, Journal of Biomedical Materials Research - Part B Applied Biomaterials on p. 114-123

Effects of CMC addition on bacterial cellulose production in a biofilm reactor and its paper sheets analysis

Kuan Chen Cheng, Jeffrey M. Catchmark, Ali Demirci, 2011, Biomacromolecules on p. 730-736

The impact of cellulose structure on binding interactions with hemicellulose and pectin

Jin Gu, Jeffrey M. Catchmark, 2013, Cellulose on p. 1613-1627

Effects of plastic composite support and pH profiles on pullulan production in a biofilm reactor

Kuan Chen Cheng, Ali Demirci, Jeffrey M. Catchmark, 2010, Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology on p. 853-861