Jeffrey Catchmark

Professor of Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Jeffrey Catchmark

Research Summary

Cellulose synthesis and organization, cellulosic composites and coatings, microbial cellulose production, and chemically powered microfluidic and biological devices and sensors.

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Cellulose Chitosan Composite Materials Fermentation Nanowhiskers Polysaccharides Application Water Porosity Pectin Composite Material Mechanical Properties Acids Hemicellulose Carbon Biocompatibility Pullulan Additive Pectins Structural Properties Nanocomposites Starch Polysaccharide Surface Crystalline Materials

Most Recent Publications

Effects of pullulan additive and co-culture of Aureobasidium pullulans on bacterial cellulose produced by Komagataeibacter hansenii

Hetian Hu, Jeffrey M. Catchmark, Ali Demirci, 2022, Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering on p. 573-587

Dual-charge bacterial cellulose as a potential 3D printable material for soft tissue engineering

Monika Hospodiuk-Karwowski, Syed M.Q. Bokhari, Kai Chi, Kazim K. Moncal, Veli Ozbolat, Ibrahim T. Ozbolat, Jeffrey M. Catchmark, 2022, Composites Part B: Engineering

Oriented 2D metal organic framework coating on bacterial cellulose for nitrobenzene removal from water by filtration

Xinyang Yin, Shuo Tang, Qiang Yong, Xueyi Zhang, Jeffrey M. Catchmark, 2021, Gas Separation and Purification

Structural and physico-chemical characterization of industrial hemp hurd

Syed M.Q. Bokhari, Kai Chi, Jeffrey M. Catchmark, 2021, Industrial Crops and Products

Synthesis of cationic bacterial cellulose using a templated metal phenolic network for antibacterial applications

Shuo Tang, Kai Chi, Qiang Yong, Jeffrey M. Catchmark, 2021, Cellulose on p. 9283-9296

Characterization of the supramolecular structures of cellulose nanocrystals of different origins

Umesh P. Agarwal, Richard S. Reiner, Sally A. Ralph, Jeffery Catchmark, Kai Chi, E. Johan Foster, Christopher G. Hunt, Carlos Baez, Rebecca E. Ibach, Kolby C. Hirth, 2021, Cellulose on p. 1369-1385

A covalently cross-linked hyaluronic acid/bacterial cellulose composite hydrogel for potential biological applications

Shuo Tang, Kai Chi, Hui Xu, Qiang Yong, Jian Yang, Jeffrey M. Catchmark, 2021, Carbohydrate Polymers

Hetian Hu, Jeffrey M. Catchmark, Ali Demirci, 2021, Carbohydrate Polymer Technologies and Applications on p. 1-9

Xian Zhang, Zhuangzhuang Teng, Runzhou Huang, Jeffrey M. Catchmark, 2020, Polymers on p. 1-17

Most-Cited Papers

Biosynthesis, production and applications of bacterial cellulose

Shin Ping Lin, Iris Loira Calvar, Jeffrey M. Catchmark, Je Ruei Liu, Ali Demirci, Kuan Chen Cheng, 2013, Cellulose on p. 2191-2219

Surface area and porosity of acid hydrolyzed cellulose nanowhiskers and cellulose produced by Gluconacetobacter xylinus

Jing Guo, Jeffrey M. Catchmark, 2012, Carbohydrate Polymers on p. 1026-1037

Mechanical and structural property analysis of bacterial cellulose composites

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Quantification of cellulose nanowhiskers sulfate esterification levels

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Impact of hemicelluloses and pectin on sphere-like bacterial cellulose assembly

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Improved cellulose X-ray diffraction analysis using Fourier series modeling

Wenqing Yao, Yuanyuan Weng, Jeffery M. Catchmark, 2020, Cellulose on p. 5563-5579

Improved eco-friendly barrier materials based on crystalline nanocellulose/chitosan/carboxymethyl cellulose polyelectrolyte complexes

Kai Chi, Jeffrey M. Catchmark, 2018, Food Hydrocolloids on p. 195-205

The impact of cellulose structure on binding interactions with hemicellulose and pectin

Jin Gu, Jeffrey M. Catchmark, 2013, Cellulose on p. 1613-1627

Lin Fang, Jeffrey M. Catchmark, 2015, Carbohydrate Polymers on p. 663-669

Factors impacting the formation of sphere-like bacterial cellulose particles and their biocompatibility for human osteoblast growth

Yang Hu, Jeffrey M. Catchmark, Erwin A. Vogler, 2013, Biomacromolecules on p. 3444-3452