James Wang

Professor of Information Science and Technology

James Wang

Research Summary

Modeling of objects, concepts, aesthetics, and emotions in big visual data from various domains.

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Most Recent Publications

Modeling Visual Aesthetics, Emotion, and Artistic Style

James Wang, R Adams, 2024,

ExpressionFlow: A Microexpression Descriptor for Efficient Recognition

Feng Xu, Yifan Yuan, Junping Zhang, James Wang, 2024,

Jiaqi Gao, Zhizhong Huang, Yiming Lei, Hongming Shan, James Wang, Fei-Yue Wang, Junping Zhang, 2024, IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems

High-Speed Joint Learning of Action Units and Facial Expressions

Feng Xu, Yifan Yuan, Junping Zhang, James Wang, 2024,

Unleashing the Problem-Solving Potential of Next-Generation Data Scientists

Lizhen Zhu, James Wang, 2024,

Juan Alberto Llopis, Antonio Jesús Fernández-García, Javier Criado, Luis Iribarne, Rosa Ayala, James Z. Wang, 2023, Internet of Things (Netherlands)

Demographic differences and biases in affect evoked by visual features.

B. Kandemir, Hanjoo Kim, Michelle Newman, R Adams, J Li, J Wang, 2023, on p. 331- 347

Zhuomin Zhang, Elizabeth C. Mansfield, Jia Li, John Russell, G Young, Catherine Adams, Kevin A. Bowley, J Wang, James Z. Wang, 2023, IEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence on p. 33-42

Chenyan Wu, Dolzodmaa Davaasuren, Tal Shafir, Rachelle Tsachor, James Z. Wang, 2023, Patterns

James Z. Wang, Sicheng Zhao, Chenyan Wu, Reginald B. Adams, Michelle G. Newman, Tal Shafir, Rachelle Tsachor, 2023, Proceedings of the Institute of Radio Engineers on p. 1236-1286

Most-Cited Papers

Rapid: Rating pictorial aesthetics using deep learning

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Rethinking the smaller-norm-less-informative assumption in channel pruning of convolution layers

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Deep multi-patch aggregation network for image style, aesthetics, and quality estimation

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