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Jacqueline O'Connor

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Most Recent Papers

Effect of hydrogen on steady-state and transient combustion instability characteristics

John Strollo, Stephen J. Peluso, Jacqueline O'Connor, 2021, Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power

The effect of the degree of premixedness on self-excited combustion instability

Adam Howie, Daniel Doleiden, Stephen J. Peluso, Jacqueline O'Connor, 2021, Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power

Impact of turbulence on the coherent flame dynamics in a bluff-body stabilized flame

Ashwini Karmarkar, Ankit Tyagi, Santosh Hemchandra, Jacqueline O'Connor, 2021, Proceedings of the Combustion Institute on p. 3067-3075

Relative effects of velocity- And mixture-coupling in a thermoacoustically unstable, partially-premixed flame

Ashwini Karmarkar, Jacqueline O'Connor, Isaac Boxx, 2021,

Optimizing Thermoacoustic Characterization Experiments for Identifiability Improves Both Parameter Estimation Accuracy and Closed-Loop Controller Robustness Guarantees

Xiaoling Chen, Jacqueline O’Connor, Hosam Fathy, 2021, Combustion Science and Technology

Linear control of thermoacoustic oscillations with flame dynamics modeled by a level-set method

Xiaoling Chen, Santosh Hemchandra, Hosam Kadry Fathy, Jacqueline O'Connor, 2021, Combustion and Flame

Describing the mechanism of instability suppression using a central pilot flame with coupled experiments and simulations

Jihang Li, Hyunguk Kwon, Drue Seksinsky, Daniel Doleiden, Jacqueline O'Connor, Yuan Xuan, Michel Akiki, James Blust, 2021,

Energy Use for Electricity Generation Requires an Assessment More Directly Relevant to Climate Change

Bruce E. Logan, Ruggero Rossi, Gahyun Baek, Le Shi, Jacqueline Oconnor, Wei Peng, 2020, ACS Energy Letters on p. 3514-3517

Towards a method of estimating out-of-plane effects on measurements of turbulent flame dynamics

Ankit Tyagi, Jacqueline O'Connor, 2020, Combustion and Flame on p. 206-222

Data-driven Detection and Early Prediction of Thermoacoustic Instability in a Multi-nozzle Combustor

Chandrachur Bhattacharya, Jacqueline O’Connor, Asok Ray, 2020, Combustion Science and Technology

Most-Cited Papers

Transverse combustion instabilities

Jacqueline O'Connor, Vishal Acharya, Timothy Lieuwen, 2015, Progress in Energy and Combustion Science on p. 1-39

Post injections for soot reduction in diesel engines

Jacqueline O'Connor, Mark Musculus, 2013, SAE International Journal of Engines on p. 400-421

Recirculation zone dynamics of a transversely excited swirl flow and flame

Jacqueline O'Connor, Tim Lieuwen, 2012, Physics of Fluids

Density ratio effects on reacting bluff-body flow field characteristics

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Transverse to longitudinal acoustic coupling processes in annular combustion chambers

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Effects of exhaust gas recirculation and load on soot in a heavy-duty optical diesel engine with close-coupled post injections for high-efficiency combustion phasing

Jacqueline O'Connor, Mark Musculus, 2014, International Journal of Engine Research on p. 421-443

Further characterization of the disturbance field in a transversely excited swirl-stabilized flame

Jacqueline O'Connor, Tim Lieuwen, 2012, Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power

Optical investigation of the reduction of unburned hydrocarbons using close-coupled post injections at LTC conditions in a heavy-duty diesel engine

Jacqueline O'Connor, Mark Musculus, 2013, SAE International Journal of Engines on p. 379-399

Effect of post injections on mixture preparation and unburned hydrocarbon emissions in a heavy-duty diesel engine

Jacqueline O'Connor, Mark P.B. Musculus, Lyle M. Pickett, 2016, Combustion and Flame on p. 111-123

Instability mechanism in a swirl flow combustor

Kiran Manoharan, Samuel Hansford, Jacqueline O'Connor, Santosh Hemchandra, 2015,