Jacqueline O'Connor

Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Jacqueline O'Connor

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Most Recent Publications

Impact of turbulence on the coherent heat release response of acoustically excited rod-stabilized flames

Ashwini Karmarkar, Jacqueline O'Connor, 2023,

Effect of inert species on the static and dynamic stability of a piloted, swirl-stabilized flame

Javier Rodriguez Camacho, Michel Akiki, James Blust, Jacqueline O'Connor, 2023,

Ashwini Karmarkar, Jacqueline O'Connor, 2023, Journal of Fluid Mechanics

Variation in convective and radiative heat transfer with Reynolds number and temperature in a backward-facing step combustor

Jennifer Colborn, Jacqueline O'Connor, 2023,

Investigation of interacting wake instability using complex network analysis

Renee Dorer, Michael Meehan, Jacqueline O'Connor, 2023,

Renewable Fuels: Sources, Conversion, and Utilization

Jacqueline O'Connor, Bobby Noble, Timothy Lieuwen, 2022,

Ashwini Karmarkar, Saarthak Gupta, Isaac Boxx, Santosh Hemchandra, Jacqueline O'Connor, 2022, Journal of Fluid Mechanics

Investigative Approach to Address Thermoacoustic Vibration in Gas-fired Heaters and Boilers

Suzana Rufener, Timothy Fuller, Thomas Flynn, Charles Finney, Matthew Whelan, Jacqueline O'Connor, 2022,

Reflecting while doing: Integrating active learning and metacognitive activities in a fully online thermodynamics course

Andrea Gregg, Jacqueline O'connor, 2022, ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, Conference Proceedings

Linear control of thermoacoustic oscillations with flame dynamics modeled by a level-set method

Xiaoling Chen, Santosh Hemchandra, Hosam Fathy, Jacqueline O'Connor, 2022, Combustion and Flame

Most-Cited Papers

Jacqueline O'Connor, Vishal Acharya, Timothy Lieuwen, 2015, Progress in Energy and Combustion Science on p. 1-39

Post injections for soot reduction in diesel engines: A review of current understanding

Jacqueline O'Connor, Mark Musculus, 2013, SAE International Journal of Engines on p. 400-421

Effects of exhaust gas recirculation and load on soot in a heavy-duty optical diesel engine with close-coupled post injections for high-efficiency combustion phasing

Jacqueline O'Connor, Mark Musculus, 2014, International Journal of Engine Research on p. 421-443

Jacqueline O'Connor, Mark P.B. Musculus, Lyle M. Pickett, 2016, Combustion and Flame on p. 111-123

Randy Hessel, Rolf Reitz, Mark Musculus, Jacqueline O'Connor, Daniel Flowers, 2014, SAE International Journal of Engines on p. 694-713

A weakly nonlinear analysis of the precessing vortex core oscillation in a variable swirl turbulent round jet

Kiran Manoharan, Mark Frederick, Sean Clees, Jacqueline O'Connor, Santosh Hemchandra, 2019, Journal of Fluid Mechanics

Instability mechanism in a swirl flow combustor: Precession of vortex core and influence of density gradient

Kiran Manoharan, Samuel Hansford, Jacqueline O'Connor, Santosh Hemchandra, 2015,

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Wyatt Culler, Xiaoling Chen, Janith Samarasinghe, Stephen Peluso, Domenic Santavicca, Jacqueline O'Connor, 2018, Combustion and Flame on p. 472-484