J. Martin Bollinger

Professor of Chemistry; Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

J. Martin Bollinger

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Mechanisms of metalloenzymes and metallofactor assembly

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Most Recent Papers

A mixed-valent Fe(II)Fe(III) species converts cysteine to an oxazolone/thioamide pair in methanobactin biosynthesis

Yun Ji Park, Richard J. Jodts, Jeffrey W. Slater, Reyvin M. Reyes, Valerie J. Winton, Rana A. Montaser, Paul M. Thomas, William B. Dowdle, Anahi Ruiz, Neil L. Kelleher, J. Martin Bollinger, Carsten Krebs, Brian M. Hoffman, Amy C. Rosenzweig, 2022, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

An Iron(IV)-Oxo Intermediate Initiating l -Arginine Oxidation but Not Ethylene Production by the 2-Oxoglutarate-Dependent Oxygenase, Ethylene-Forming Enzyme

Rachelle Copeland, Katherine Davis, Tokufu Shoda, Elizabeth Blaesi, A Boal, Carsten Krebs, J. Bollinger, 2021, Journal of the American Chemical Society on p. 2293-2303

Heme biosynthesis depends on previously unrecognized acquisition of iron-sulfur cofactors in human amino-levulinic acid dehydratase

Gang Liu, Debangsu Sil, Nunziata Maio, Wing Hang Tong, J. Martin Bollinger, Carsten Krebs, Tracey Ann Rouault, 2020, Nature Communications

Nuclear Resonance Vibrational Spectroscopic Definition of the Facial Triad Fe<sup>IV</sup>═O Intermediate in Taurine Dioxygenase: Evaluation of Structural Contributions to Hydrogen Atom Abstraction.

Martin Srnec, Shyam R. Iyer, Laura M.K. Dassama, Kiyoung Park, Shaun D. Wong, Kyle D. Sutherlin, Yoshitaka Yoda, Yasuhiro Kobayashi, Masayuki Kurokuzu, Makina Saito, Makoto Seto, Carsten Krebs, J. Martin Bollinger, Edward I. Solomon, 2020, Journal of the American Chemical Society on p. 18886-18896

Overview and introduction

J. Martin Bollinger, Vahe Bandarian, Squire J. Booker, 2020, on p. 1-2

Emerging structural and functional diversity in proteins with dioxygen-reactive dinuclear transition metal cofactors

Lauren J. Rajakovich, Bo Zhang, Molly J. McBride, Amie K. Boal, Carsten Krebs, J. Martin Bollinger, 2020, Comprehensive Natural Products III: Chemistry and Biology on p. 215-250

A peroxodiiron(III/III) intermediate mediating both n-hydroxylation steps in biosynthesis of the n-nitrosourea pharmacophore of streptozotocin by the multi-domain metalloenzyme SznF

Molly J. McBride, Debangsu Sil, Tai L. Ng, Anne Marie Crooke, Grace E. Kenney, Christina R. Tysoe, Bo Zhang, Emily P. Balskus, Amie K. Boal, Carsten Krebs, J. Martin Bollinger, 2020, Journal of the American Chemical Society on p. 11818-11828

Lifetimes of the Aglycone Substrates of Specifier Proteins, the Autonomous Iron Enzymes That Dictate the Products of the Glucosinolate-Myrosinase Defense System in Brassica Plants

Leanne E. Mocniak, Kyle Elkin, J. Martin Bollinger, 2020, Biochemistry on p. 2432-2441

High-resolution iron X-ray absorption spectroscopic and computational studies of non-heme diiron peroxo intermediates

George E. Cutsail, Elizabeth J. Blaesi, Christopher J. Pollock, J. Martin Bollinger, Carsten Krebs, Serena DeBeer, 2020, Journal of Inorganic Biochemistry

Structure of a Ferryl Mimic in the Archetypal Iron(II)- And 2-(Oxo)-glutarate-Dependent Dioxygenase, TauD

Katherine M. Davis, Madison Altmyer, Ryan J. Martinie, Irene Schaperdoth, Carsten Krebs, J. Martin Bollinger, Amie K. Boal, 2019, Biochemistry on p. 4218-4223

Most-Cited Papers

Elucidation of the Fe(iv)=O intermediate in the catalytic cycle of the halogenase SyrB2

Shaun D. Wong, Martin Srnec, Megan L. Matthews, Lei V. Liu, Yeonju Kwak, Kiyoung Park, Caleb B. Bell, E. Ercan Alp, Jiyong Zhao, Yoshitaka Yoda, Shinji Kitao, Makoto Seto, Carsten Krebs, J. Martin Bollinger, Edward I. Solomon, 2013, Nature on p. 320-323

Evidence for only oxygenative cleavage of aldehydes to alk(a/e)nes and formate by cyanobacterial aldehyde decarbonylases

Ning Li, Wei Chen Chang, Douglas Warui, Squire J. Booker, Carsten Krebs, Joseph M. Bollinger, Jr., 2012, Biochemistry on p. 7908-7916

Drop-on-demand sample delivery for studying biocatalysts in action at X-ray free-electron lasers

Franklin D. Fuller, Sheraz Gul, Ruchira Chatterjee, E. Sethe Burgie, Iris D. Young, Hugo Lebrette, Vivek Srinivas, Aaron S. Brewster, Tara Michels-Clark, Jonathan A. Clinger, Babak Andi, Mohamed Ibrahim, Ernest Pastor, Casper De Lichtenberg, Rana Hussein, Christopher J. Pollock, Miao Zhang, Claudiu A. Stan, Thomas Kroll, Thomas Fransson, Clemens Weninger, Markus Kubin, Pierre Aller, Louise Lassalle, Philipp Bräuer, Mitchell D. Miller, Muhamed Amin, Sergey Koroidov, Christian G. Roessler, Marc Allaire, Raymond G. Sierra, Peter T. Docker, James M. Glownia, Silke Nelson, Jason E. Koglin, Diling Zhu, Matthieu Chollet, Sanghoon Song, Henrik Lemke, Mengning Liang, Dimosthenis Sokaras, Roberto Alonso-Mori, Athina Zouni, Johannes Messinger, Uwe Bergmann, Amie K. Boal, J. Martin Bollinger, Carsten Krebs, Martin Högbom, George N. Phillips, Richard D. Vierstra, Nicholas K. Sauter, Allen M. Orville, Jan Kern, Vittal K. Yachandra, Junko Yano, 2017, Nature Methods on p. 443-449

Spectroscopic Evidence for the Two C-H-Cleaving Intermediates of Aspergillus nidulans Isopenicillin N Synthase

Esta Tamanaha, Bo Zhang, Yisong Guo, Wei Chen Chang, Eric W. Barr, Gang Xing, Jennifer St Clair, Shengfa Ye, Frank Neese, J. Martin Bollinger, Carsten Krebs, 2016, Journal of the American Chemical Society on p. 8862-8874

Direct nitration and azidation of aliphatic carbons by an iron-dependent halogenase

Megan L. Matthews, Wei Chen Chang, Andrew P. Layne, Linde A. Miles, Carsten Krebs, J. Martin Bollinger, 2014, Nature Chemical Biology on p. 209-215

Mechanism of the C5 stereoinversion reaction in the biosynthesis of carbapenem antibiotics

Wei Chen Chang, Yisong Guo, Chen Wang, Susan E. Butch, Amy C. Rosenzweig, Amie K. Boal, Carsten Krebs, J. Martin Bollinger, 2014, Science on p. 1140-1144

Electronic structure analysis of the oxygen-activation mechanism by Fe <sup>II</sup>- and α-ketoglutarate (αKG)-dependent dioxygenases

Shengfa Ye, Christoph Riplinger, Andreas Hansen, Carsten Krebs, J. Martin Bollinger, Frank Neese, 2012, Chemistry - A European Journal on p. 6555-6567

Visualizing the reaction cycle in an Iron(II)- and 2-(Oxo)-glutarate-dependent hydroxylase

Andrew J. Mitchell, Noah P. Dunham, Ryan J. Martinie, Jonathan A. Bergman, Christopher J. Pollock, Kai Hu, Benjamin D. Allen, Wei Chen Chang, Alexey Silakov, J. Martin Bollinger, Carsten Krebs, Amie K. Boal, 2017, Journal of the American Chemical Society on p. 13830-13836

Substrate-triggered addition of dioxygen to the diferrous cofactor of aldehyde-deformylating oxygenase to form a diferric-peroxide intermediate

Maria E. Pandelia, Ning Li, Hanne Nørgaard, Douglas M. Warui, Lauren J. Rajakovich, Wei Chen Chang, Squire J. Booker, Carsten Krebs, J. Martin Bollinger, 2013, Journal of the American Chemical Society on p. 15801-15812

The biosynthesis of methanobactin

Grace E. Kenney, Laura M.K. Dassama, Maria Eirini Pandelia, Anthony S. Gizzi, Ryan J. Martinie, Peng Gao, Caroline J. DeHart, Luis F. Schachner, Owen S. Skinner, Soo Y. Ro, Xiao Zhu, Monica Sadek, Paul M. Thomas, Steven C. Almo, J. Martin Bollinger, Carsten Krebs, Neil L. Kelleher, Amy C. Rosenzweig, 2018, Science on p. 1411-1416