Isabella Cattadori

Professor of Biology

Isabella Cattadori

Research Summary

Immuno-epidemiology of co-infection, how host immunity modulates parasite interactions and transmission and how host molecular processes explain the dynamics of infection at the population level.

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Most Recent Publications

Contrasting responses of soil-transmitted helminths to temperature and humidity shape the spatiotemporal impact of climate change on the hazard of infection in Europe.

Vanalli Chiara, et al. (3 more authors) , Isabella Cattadori, Ecology Letters (also published in BioRxiv)

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Spatial scaling of gregarious host populations and nonlinearities in infectious disease transmission

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Most-Cited Papers

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News Articles Featuring Isabella Cattadori

Temperature, humidity may drive future transmission of parasitic worm infections

As climate changes, temperature isn’t the only factor to influence the spread of infectious diseases. Humidity plays a role, too, according to new research published in Ecology Letters.

Gut parasites may increase onward transmission of respiratory bugs in rabbits

Rabbits co-infected with a respiratory bacterial infection and one or more gut helminth parasites are more likely to shed bacteria that can infect others, according to a report led by researchers at Penn State and published today in eLife.

‘Flurona’ is real, but don’t panic — it’s common to get two viruses at once

No, flurona is not some scary new variant of the coronavirus. And — do we really need to say this? — it is not an actual scientific term. But the phenomenon of “coinfection” with influenza and the coronavirus is real and, to those in the medical community, not the least bit surprising. A person can be infected with multiple viruses at the same time — or with a virus and some other type of pathogen, such as bacteria or parasites.

Efforts to control livestock disease should focus on management style, not age

The risk of transmitting the virus PPRV, which produces a highly infectious and often fatal disease in sheep and goats, does not appear to vary significantly by an animal’s age, unlike its sibling virus measles, which is most prominent in children.