Iliana Baums

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Iliana Baums

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Molecular ecology and evolution of reef invertebrates.

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Most Recent Papers


S. A. Kitchen, G. Von Kuster, K. L.Vasquez Kuntz, H. G. Reich, W. Miller, S. Griffin, Nicole D. Fogarty, I. B. Baums, 2020, Scientific reports

Deep-sea corals provide new insight into the ecology, evolution, and the role of plastids in widespread apicomplexan symbionts of anthozoans

Samuel A. Vohsen, Kaitlin E. Anderson, Andrea M. Gade, Harald R. Gruber-Vodicka, Richard P. Dannenberg, Eslam O. Osman, Nicole Dubilier, Charles R. Fisher, Iliana B. Baums, 2020, Microbiome

Considerations for maximizing the adaptive potential of restored coral populations in the western Atlantic

Iliana B. Baums, Andrew C. Baker, Sarah W. Davies, Andréa G. Grottoli, Carly D. Kenkel, Sheila A. Kitchen, Ilsa B. Kuffner, Todd C. LaJeunesse, Mikhail V. Matz, Margaret W. Miller, John E. Parkinson, Andrew A. Shantz, 2019, Ecological Applications

What drives phenotypic divergence among coral clonemates of Acropora palmata?

Meghann K. Durante, Iliana B. Baums, Dana E. Williams, Sam Vohsen, Dustin W. Kemp, 2019, Molecular ecology on p. 3208-3224

Genomic variants among threatened Acropora corals

Sheila A. Kitchen, Aakrosh Ratan, Oscar C. Bedoya-Reina, Richard Burhans, Nicole D. Fogarty, Webb Miller, Iliana B. Baums, 2019, G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics on p. 1633-1646

Clonal diversity impacts coral cover in Acropora cervicornisthickets

Crawford Drury, Justin B. Greer, Iliana Baums, Brooke Gintert, Diego Lirman, 2019, Ecology and Evolution on p. 4518-4531

Metabolomic richness and fingerprints of deep-sea coral species and populations

Samuel A. Vohsen, Charles Raymond Fisher, Jr., Iliana Brigitta Baums, 2019, Metabolomics

Multiple Facets of Marine Invertebrate Conservation Genomics.

J Lopez, B Kamel, Monica Medina, T Collins, Iliana Baums, 2019, Annual review of animal biosciences on p. 473-497

Fallen Pillars

Andrea N. Chan, Cynthia L. Lewis, Karen L. Neely, Iliana B. Baums, 2019, Frontiers in Marine Science

The many facets of marine invertebrate conservation genomics

J.V. Lopez, B. Hannah, Monica Medina, T. Collins, Iliana Baums, 2019, Annual Review of Animal Biosciences

Most-Cited Papers

Connectivity of Caribbean coral populations

Nicola L. Foster, Claire B. Paris, Johnathan T. Kool, Iliana B. Baums, Jamie R. Stevens, Juan A. Sanchez, Carolina Bastidas, Claudia Agudelo, Phillippe Bush, Owen Day, Renata Ferrari, Patricia Gonzalez, Shannon Gore, Reia Guppy, Michael A. McCartney, Croy McCoy, Judith Mendes, Ashwanth Srinivasan, Sascha Steiner, Mark J.A. Vermeij, Ernesto Weil, Peter J. Mumby, 2012, Molecular ecology on p. 1143-1157

New insights into the dynamics between reef corals and their associated dinoflagellate endosymbionts from population genetic studies

Iliana B. Baums, Meghann K. Devlin-Durante, Todd C. Lajeunesse, 2014, Molecular ecology on p. 4203-4215

Geographic differences in vertical connectivity in the Caribbean coral Montastraea cavernosa despite high levels of horizontal connectivity at shallow depths

Xaymara M. Serrano, I. B. Baums, K. O'Reilly, T. B. Smith, R. J. Jones, T. L. Shearer, F. L.D. Nunes, A. C. Baker, 2014, Molecular ecology on p. 4226-4240

No gene flow across the Eastern Pacific Barrier in the reef-building coral Porites lobata

Iliana Brigitta Baums, Jennifer N. Boulay, Nicholas R. Polato, Michael E. Hellberg, 2012, Molecular ecology on p. 5418-5433

Growth dynamics of the threatened caribbean staghorn coral acropora cervicornis

Diego Lirman, Stephanie Schopmeyer, Victor Galvan, Crawford Drury, Andrew C. Baker, Iliana B. Baums, 2014, PloS one on p. e107253

Response of deep-water corals to oil and chemical dispersant exposure

Danielle M. DeLeo, Dannise V. Ruiz-Ramos, Iliana Brigitta Baums, Erik E. Cordes, 2016, Deep-Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography on p. 137-147

Gene expression variation resolves species and individual strains among coral-associated dinoflagellates within the genus symbiodinium

John E. Parkinson, Sebastian Baumgarten, Craig T. Michell, Iliana B. Baums, Todd C. LaJeunesse, Christian R. Voolstra, 2016, Genome biology and evolution on p. 665-680

Coral communities as indicators of ecosystem-level impacts of the deepwater horizon spill

Charles R. Fisher, Amanda W J Demopoulos, Erik E. Cordes, Iliana B. Baums, Helen K. White, Jill R. Bourque, 2014, BioScience on p. 796-807

The extended phenotypes of marine symbioses: Ecological and evolutionary consequences of intraspecific genetic diversity in coral-algal associations

John E. Parkinson, Iliana B. Baums, 2014, Frontiers in Microbiology

Intraspecific diversity among partners drives functional variation in coral symbioses

John Everett Parkinson, Anastazia T. Banaszak, Naomi S. Altman, Todd C. LaJeunesse, Iliana B. Baums, 2015, Scientific reports

News Articles Featuring Iliana Baums

Corals are first animals seen to pass on mutations acquired as adults

Corals have an evolutionary superpower. Adult corals can pass on mutations they have acquired during their lives to their offspring, overturning a long-standing belief that no animals can hand down such mutations – although most can’t.

New tool for identifying endangered corals could aid conservation efforts

Coral conservation efforts could get a boost from a newly developed genotyping “chip” — the first of its kind for corals. The chip allows researchers to genetically identify corals and the symbiotic algae that live within the coral’s cells, a vital step for establishing and maintaining genetic diversity in reef restoration efforts.

Ecology Institute announces grant recipients

The Ecology Institute has awarded 11 proposals from across the University as part of its Flower Grant program, including five projects submitted by faculty at Commonwealth Campuses.

Coral Researchers Recognized for Significant Contributions to Field

Iliana Baums and her research team were recognized by members of the coral reef community as making significant contributions to coral reef research.

How to restore a coral reef

New guidelines drafted by a consortium of concerned experts could enable corals to adapt to changing environments and help restore declining coral populations in the Caribbean.