Igor Aronson

Co-Director of the Center for Mathematics of Living and Mimetic Matter; Huck Chair Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry and Mathematics

Igor Aronson

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Most Recent Papers

Spontaneous polarization and cell guidance on asymmetric nanotopography

Corey Herr, Benjamin Winkler, Falko Ziebert, Igor S. Aranson, John T. Fourkas, Wolfgang Losert, 2022, Communications Physics

Monitoring accelerated alkali-silica reaction in concrete prisms with petrography and electrical conductivity measurements

Meredith Strow, Peter Bevington, Anthony Bentivegna, Sasan Bakhtiari, Igor Aranson, Didem Ozevin, Alexander Heifetz, 2022, Materiaux et constructions

Confinement and Collective Escape of Active Particles

Igor S. Aranson, Arkady Pikovsky, 2022, Physical Review Letters

Emergence of lanes and turbulent-like motion in active spinner fluid

Igor Aronson, Cody Reeves, Petia Vlahovska, 2021, Communications Physics

Mikhail Izrailevich Rabinovich (on his 80th birthday)

Igor Aronson, 2021, Physics-Uspechi on p. 2

On the 80th anniversary of Mikhail I. Rabinovich


Superfluid swimmers

G. V. Kolmakov, I. S. Aranson, 2021, Physical Review Research

Self-Propulsion and Shear Flow Align Active Particles in Nozzles and Channels

Igor Aronson, 2021, Advanced intelligent systems


I. S. Aranson, A. S. Pikovsky, L. S. Cimring, 2021, Izvestiya Vysshikh Uchebnykh Zavedeniy. Prikladnaya Nelineynaya Dinamika on p. 217-219

Qualification of 3-D Printed Mortar with Electrical Conductivity Measurements

Alexander Heifetz, Dmitry Shribak, Sasan Bakhtiari, Igor S. Aranson, Anthony F. Bentivegna, 2021, IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement

Most-Cited Papers

Living liquid crystals

Shuang Zhou, Andrey Sokolov, Oleg D. Lavrentovich, Igor S. Aranson, 2014, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America on p. 1265-1270

Physical properties of collective motion in suspensions of bacteria

Andrey Sokolov, Igor S. Aranson, 2012, Physical Review Letters on p. 248109

Model for self-polarization and motility of keratocyte fragments

Falko Ziebert, Sumanth Swaminathan, Igor S. Aranson, 2012, Journal of the Royal Society Interface on p. 1084-1092

The 2020 motile active matter roadmap

Gerhard Gompper, Roland G. Winkler, Thomas Speck, Alexandre Solon, Cesare Nardini, Fernando Peruani, Hartmut Löwen, Ramin Golestanian, U. Benjamin Kaupp, Luis Alvarez, Thomas Ki rboe, Eric Lauga, Wilson C.K. Poon, Antonio Desimone, Santiago Muiños-Landin, Alexander Fischer, Nicola A. Söker, Frank Cichos, Raymond Kapral, Pierre Gaspard, Marisol Ripoll, Francesc Sagues, Amin Doostmohammadi, Julia M. Yeomans, Igor S. Aranson, Clemens Bechinger, Holger Stark, Charlotte K. Hemelrijk, Fran ois J. Nedelec, Trinish Sarkar, Thibault Aryaksama, Mathilde Lacroix, Guillaume Duclos, Victor Yashunsky, Pascal Silberzan, Marino Arroyo, Sohan Kale, 2020, Journal of Physics Condensed Matter

Transport powered by bacterial turbulence

Andreas Kaiser, Anton Peshkov, Andrey Sokolov, Borge Ten Hagen, Hartmut Löwen, Igor S. Aranson, 2014, Physical Review Letters on p. 158101

Nonlinear field equations for aligning self-propelled rods

Anton Peshkov, Igor S. Aranson, Eric Bertin, Hugues Chaté, Francesco Ginelli, 2012, Physical Review Letters on p. 268701

Flocking ferromagnetic colloids

Andreas Kaiser, Alexey Snezhko, Igor S. Aranson, 2017, Science advances on p. e1601469

Collisions of deformable cells lead to collective migration

Jakob Löber, Falko Ziebert, Igor S. Aranson, 2015, Scientific Reports

Active colloids

I. S. Aranson, 2013, Physics-Uspekhi on p. 79-92

Active turbulence in a gas of self-assembled spinners

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