Ibrahim Ozbolat

Professor of Engineering Science and Mechanics

Ibrahim Ozbolat

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Tissue Bioprinting Application Tissue Engineering Pharmaceutical Preparations Extrusion Hydrogel Printing Drug Drug Discovery Technology Fabrication Regenerative Medicine Hydrogels Biopharmaceutics Air Growth Factor Encapsulation Biological Products Direction Compound Lasers Cells Proteins Scaffolds Gelatin

Most Recent Publications

Youngnam Kang, Miji Yeo, Irem Deniz Derman, Dino J. Ravnic, Yogendra Pratap Singh, Mecit Altan Alioglu, Yang Wu, Jasson Makkar, Ryan R. Driskell, Ibrahim T. Ozbolat, 2024, Bioactive Materials on p. 114-128

Mecit Altan Alioglu, Yasar Ozer Yilmaz, Ethan Michael Gerhard, Vaibhav Pal, Deepak Gupta, Syed Hasan Askari Rizvi, Ibrahim T. Ozbolat, 2024, Advanced Materials Technologies

Post-transcriptional Modification to Modulate Progenitor Differentiation on Heterotypic Spheroids

N. Celik, S. Koduru, D. Ravnic, Ibrahim Ozbolat, D. Hayes, 2024, Tissue Engineering Part A

Miji Yeo, Anwita Sarkar, Yogendra Pratap Singh, Irem Deniz Derman, Pallab Datta, Ibrahim T. Ozbolat, 2024, Biofabrication

A comprehensive review on 3D tissue models: Biofabrication technologies and preclinical applications

Renjian Xie, Vaibhav Pal, Yanrong Yu, Xiaolu Lu, Mengwei Gao, Shijie Liang, Miao Huang, Weijie Peng, Ibrahim T. Ozbolat, 2024, Biomaterials

Dissecting the Interplay Mechanism among Process Parameters toward the Biofabrication of High-Quality Shapes in Embedded Bioprinting

Yang Wu, Xue Yang, Deepak Gupta, Mecit Altan Alioglu, Minghao Qin, Veli Ozbolat, Yao Li, Ibrahim T. Ozbolat, 2024, Advanced Functional Materials

Ibrahim T. Ozbolat, 2023, Journal of 3D Printing in Medicine

Dishary Banerjee, Margarita M. Ivanova, Nazmiye Celik, Myoung Hwan Kim, Irem Deniz Derman, Renuka Pudi Limgala, Ibrahim T. Ozbolat, Ozlem Goker-Alpan, 2023, Biofabrication

I. Deniz Derman, Miji Yeo, Diana Cadena Castaneda, Megan Callender, Mian Horvath, Zengshuo Mo, Ruoyun Xiong, Elizabeth Fleming, Phylip Chen, Mark E. Peeples, Karolina Palucka, Julia Oh, Ibrahim T. Ozbolat, 2023, Biofabrication

Vaibhav Pal, Yogendra Pratap Singh, Deepak Gupta, Mecit Altan Alioglu, Momoka Nagamine, Myoung Hwan Kim, Ibrahim T. Ozbolat, 2023, Biofabrication

Most-Cited Papers

Ibrahim T. Ozbolat, Monika Hospodiuk, 2016, Biomaterials on p. 321-343

Monika Hospodiuk, Madhuri Dey, Donna Sosnoski, Ibrahim T. Ozbolat, 2017, Biotechnology Advances on p. 217-239

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Bioprinting Technology: A Current State-of-the-Art Review

Amer B. Dababneh, Ibrahim T. Ozbolat, 2014, Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering

Wei Sun, Binil Starly, Andrew C. Daly, Jason A. Burdick, Jürgen Groll, Gregor Skeldon, Wenmiao Shu, Yasuyuki Sakai, Marie Shinohara, Masaki Nishikawa, Jinah Jang, Dong Woo Cho, Minghao Nie, Shoji Takeuchi, Serge Ostrovidov, Ali Khademhosseini, Roger D. Kamm, Vladimir Mironov, Lorenzo Moroni, Ibrahim T. Ozbolat, 2020, Biofabrication

Bioprinting scale-up tissue and organ constructs for transplantation

Ibrahim T. Ozbolat, 2015, Trends in Biotechnology on p. 395-400

Ibrahim T. Ozbolat, Weijie Peng, Veli Ozbolat, 2016, Drug Discovery Today on p. 1257-1271

Yin Yu, Kazim K. Moncal, Jianqiang Li, Weijie Peng, Iris Rivero, James A. Martin, Ibrahim T. Ozbolat, 2016, Scientific Reports

Weijie Peng, Pallab Datta, Bugra Ayan, Veli Ozbolat, Donna Sosnoski, Ibrahim T. Ozbolat, 2017, Acta Biomaterialia on p. 26-46

News Articles Featuring Ibrahim Ozbolat

Synthetic material could improve ease and cut cost of gut microbiome research

A team of Penn State researchers has developed a new synthetic material that could enable scientists to more easily study how microorganisms interact with the gastrointestinal (GI) system.

3D-printed skin could heal wounds with less scarring

Scientists have directly 3D-printed skin to heal open wounds — an achievement that could one day lead to less scarring following reconstructive surgery

Scientists 3D Print Living Human Skin Directly Onto Wounds

Scientists have 3D printed living human skin tissue onto open wounds on rats

In a first, scientists 3D bioprint skin during live operation in rats

Researchers have successfully used 3D bioprinting to add layer of skin during an operation to aid recovery

3D-printed skin closes wounds and contains hair follicle precursors

Fat tissue holds the key to 3D printing layered living skin and potentially hair follicles, according to researchers who recently harnessed fat cells and supporting structures from clinically procured human tissue to precisely correct injuries in rats.

3D Printing Industry News Sliced: Element Materials, Farsoon, Mechnano, enable 3D, Renishaw, and more

The latest news on 3D printing that give modern makeovers

5 questions with a researcher: “Printing replacement organs is the ultimate goal”

Dr. Ibrahim Ozbolat talks about is team specializing in 3D printing human tissue and bone

NIH grant to facilitate high-speed bioprinting of bones, tracheas, organs

Developing technology to quickly and efficiently bioprint human tissues at scale is the goal of a new project led by Penn State researchers. When fully developed, the technology will be the first to enable the fabrication of scalable, native tissues such as bones, tracheas and organs.

This insertable 3D printer will repair tissue damage from the inside

It can also make incisions and clean up with water jets.

Penn State researchers 3D bioprint breast cancer tumours and treat them in new 'groundbreaking' study

Researchers at Pennsylvania State University have successfully 3D bioprinted breast cancer tumours and treated them in a new study to better understand the disease that is one of the biggest killers worldwide.