Hong Wu

Stuckeman Career Development Assistant Professor in Design

Hong Wu

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Most Recent Publications

Ecological Function Optimization Strategy of Urban Public Open Space based on Green Infrastructure Network: a Case Study of Central Nanjing

Cong Gong, Hong Wu, Changjuan Hu, New Architecture on p. 49-55

Community-based Approaches to Creating Adaptive Solutions for Urban Challenges: Two Case Studies

Mahsa Adib, Arjun Janardhanan, Tasneem Tariq, L Iulo, Hong Wu, R Azari, 2024 European Association for Architecture Education-Architectural Research Centers Consortium Conference

Exploring a Just, and Diverse Urban Forests' Capacity for Mitigating Future Mean Radiant Temperatures

Travis Flohr, Lara Garcia, Hong Wu, Caio Figueiredo, J Lindemann, Mehdi Heris, M Hoffman, J Lindemann, L Richardson, H Wu, Mehdi Heris, L Richardson, 2024, Journal of Digital Landscape Architecture

Baojing Pu, Yuze Li, Hong Wu, Xiaoqing Xu, 2024, Lanscape Research Record 12

Leslie Hendricks, M Hoffman, Rui Wang, Hong Wu, 2024, Landscape Research Record 12

Margaret C. Hoffman, Robert Berghage, Jr., H Wu, Hong Wu, rob Berghage, 2023, HortTechnology on p. 499-511

Green Stormwater Infrastructure Design for Climate Change: Lessons from Northern Europe

Lucy Rummler, Wim Voogt, Ulrik Kuggas, Hong Wu, 2023, Landscape Architecture (《风景园林》)

Lauren McPhillips, Hong Wu, Carolina Rojas Quezada, Bernice Rosenzweig, Jason R. Sauer, Brandon Winfrey, 2023, on p. 147-166

Carrie Fischer, Adhikari Bishwodeep, L McPhillips, Hong Wu, Sybil Gotsch, S Clark, 2023, Novatech 2023

Most-Cited Papers

A scenario-based approach to integrating flow-ecology research with watershed development planning

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Audio-visual interactions enhance soundscape perception in China's protected areas

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Climate change will both exacerbate and attenuate urbanization impacts on streamflow regimes in southern Willamette Valley, Oregon

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Hunter and Non-Hunter Perceptions of Costs, Benefits, and Likelihood of Outcomes of Prescribed Fire in the Mid-Atlantic Region

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