Hong Ma

Huck Chair in Plant Reproductive Development and Evolution; Professor of Biology

Hong Ma

Research Summary

Plant development under favorable and stressful conditions; phylogeny and evolutionary biology of plant groups containing major crops and ecologically important species.

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Genes Phylogeny Genome Transcriptome Magnoliopsida Angiosperms Radiation Proteins Arabidopsis Angiospermae History Malus Transcription Factors Gene Fruit Brassicaceae Poaceae Rosaceae Datasets Angiosperm Divergence Stress Response Gene Duplication Apples Family

Most Recent Publications

Lin‐Bo Wang, Hong Ma, Juan Lin, Journal of Systematics and Evolution

Wanyue Xu, Yue Yu, Juli Jing, Zhen Wu, Xumin Zhang, Chenjiang You, Hong Ma, Gregory P. Copenhaver, Yan He, Yingxiang Wang, 2023, Nature Communications

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Isolation of Meiocytes and Cytological Analyses of Male Meiotic Chromosomes in Soybean, Lettuce, and Maize

Cong Wang, Xiang Li, Jiyue Huang, Hong Ma, Chung Ju Rachel Wang, Yingxiang Wang, 2023, on p. 219-239

Duoyuan Chen, Taikui Zhang, Yamao Chen, Hong Ma, Ji Qi, 2022, Bioinformatics on p. 5317-5321

Cong Wang, Jiyue Huang, Yingping Li, Jun Zhang, Chengpeng He, Tianyang Li, Danhua Jiang, Aiwu Dong, Hong Ma, Gregory P. Copenhaver, Yingxiang Wang, 2022, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America

Lin Bo Wang, Hong Ma, Juan Lin, 2022, Journal of Systematics and Evolution on p. 848-858

Phylogenomic conflict analyses in the apple genus Malus s.l. reveal widespread hybridization and allopolyploidy driving diversification, with insights into the complex biogeographic history in the Northern Hemisphere

Bin Bin Liu, Chen Ren, Myounghai Kwak, Richard G.J. Hodel, Chao Xu, Jian He, Wen Bin Zhou, Chien Hsun Huang, Hong Ma, Guan Ze Qian, De Yuan Hong, Jun Wen, 2022, Journal of Integrative Plant Biology on p. 1020-1043

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Most-Cited Papers

Liping Zeng, Qiang Zhang, Renran Sun, Hongzhi Kong, Ning Zhang, Hong Ma, 2014, Nature Communications

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News Articles Featuring Hong Ma

Newly identified protein helps flowers develop all the right parts

Flowers rely on a newly identified protein to develop properly with all of their organs, according to the research team who made the discovery.

Orchids’ ability to grow on other plants independently evolved multiple times

The most extensive study of the genetic relationships among orchids to date reveals that the flower’s ability to grow on other plants evolved independently multiple times.

How grasses like wheat can grow in the cold

A new, large-scale analysis of the relationships among members of the largest subfamily of grasses, which includes wheat and barley, reveals gene-duplication events that contributed to the adaptation of the plants to cooler temperatures.

A new molecular family tree of grasses

The evolutionary relationships among grasses — including important crop plants like wheat, rice, corn, and sugarcane — have been clarified in a new molecular study of the grass family tree. Having a clear picture of the relationships among the grasses can help understanding of how important crop traits like seed size or disease resistance evolves and eventually could inform manipulation of these traits to increase crop yields.

Water lily genome expands picture of the early evolution of flowering plants

The newly reported genome sequence of a water lily sheds light on the early evolution of angiosperms, the group of all flowering plants. An international team of researchers, including scientists at Penn State, used high-throughput next-generation sequencing technology to read out the water lily’s (Nymphaea colorata) genome and transcriptome — the set of all genes expressed as RNAs.