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Gregory Ziegler

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Most Recent Papers

Effect of added purple-fleshed sweet potato and cassava flour on the quality of wheat-based biscuits

Papa Akonor, Ruth Pobee, Evelyn Buckman, Gregory Ziegler, Nigerian Food Journal on p. 106-115

Assessment of Midline Lingual Point-Pressure Somatosensation Using Von Frey Hair Monofilaments.

Nicole Etter, S Breen, Alcala MIM, Gregory Ziegler, John Hayes, 2020, Journal of visualized experiments : JoVE

Elucidating differences in phenolic profile between tef (Eragrostis tef) varieties using multivariate analyses

Anna Sliwinski, Helene Hopfer, Gregory R. Ziegler, 2020, Cereal Chemistry on p. 53-64

Effect of guest structure on amylose-guest inclusion complexation

Lingyan Kong, Diana M. Perez-Santos, Gregory Ray Ziegler, 2019, Food Hydrocolloids

Starch-menthol inclusion complex

Linfan Shi, Helene Hopfer, Gregory Ray Ziegler, Lingyan Kong, 2019, Food Hydrocolloids

Oral somatosensatory acuity is related to particle size perception in chocolate

Scott P. Breen, Nicole Michele Etter, Gregory Ray Ziegler, John E. Hayes, 2019, Scientific reports on p. 7437


Emmanuel Hatzakis, Eugene P. Mazzola, Rachel M. Shegog, Gregory Ray Ziegler, Joshua D. Lambert, 2019, Food Chemistry on p. 15-22

Electrospun nanofiber mats from aqueous starch-pullulan dispersions

Hui Wang, Gregory R. Ziegler, 2019, International Journal of Biological Macromolecules on p. 1168-1174

Aligned wet-electrospun starch fiber mats

Hui Wang, Lingyan Kong, Gregory Ray Ziegler, 2019, Food Hydrocolloids on p. 113-117

Using sensory and consumer science in drug delivery system optimization

Alyssa J. Bakke, Toral Zaveri, Gregory Ray Ziegler, John E. Hayes, 2019, Food Quality and Preference on p. 293-302

Most-Cited Papers

Feeding the world today and tomorrow

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Antioxidant property of edible mushrooms collected from Ethiopia

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Molecular encapsulation of ascorbyl palmitate in preformed V-type starch and amylose

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Rejection thresholds in chocolate milk

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