Gregory Ziegler

Professor of Food Science

Gregory Ziegler

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Starch Amylose Fibers X Ray Diffraction Electrospinning Encapsulation Complexation Sucrose Milk Molecules Dehydration Flavonoids Fiber Spectroscopy Antioxidants Amylases Crystal Structure Temperature Crystallinity Methodology Chocolate Flavor Sugars Crystals Fabrication

Most Recent Publications

Gloria Wang, John Hayes, Gregory Ziegler, Robert Roberts, Helene Hopfer, Beverages on p. 73

Effect of added purple-fleshed sweet potato and cassava flour on the quality of wheat-based biscuits

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Ethanol-mediated electrospinning of casein-only bead-free nanofibers

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Milk Chocolate

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Most-Cited Papers

Fabrication of pure starch fibers by electrospinning

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Avocado (Persea americana) seed as a source of bioactive phytochemicals

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