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Most Recent Papers

Transcriptomic analysis of ileal tissue from crohn’s disease patients identifies extracellular matrix genes that distinguish individuals by age at diagnosis

Melanie A. Eshelman, Leonard Harris, Sue Deiling, Walter A. Koltun, N. Arjun Jeganathan, Gregory S. Yochum, 2020, Physiological Genomics on p. 478-484

IL1B Increases Intestinal Tight Junction Permeability by Up-regulation of MIR200C-3p, Which Degrades Occludin mRNA

Manmeet Rawat, Meghali Nighot, Rana Al-Sadi, Yash Gupta, Dharmaprakash Viszwapriya, Gregory Yochum, Walter Koltun, Thomas Y. Ma, 2020, Gastroenterology on p. 1375-1389

Dichotomous role of the human mitochondrial na<sup>+</sup> /ca2<sup>+</sup> /li<sup>+</sup> exchanger nclx in colorectal cancer growth and metastasis

Trayambak Pathak, Maxime Gueguinou, Vonn Walter, Celine Delierneux, Martin T. Johnson, Xuexin Zhang, Ping Xin, Ryan E. Yoast, Scott M. Emrich, Gregory S. Yochum, Israel Sekler, Walter A. Koltun, Donald L. Gill, Nadine Hempel, Mohamed Trebak, 2020, eLife on p. 1-41

The mRNA-binding protein IGF2BP1 maintains intestinal barrier function by up-regulating occludin expression

Vikash Singh, Chethana P. Gowda, Vishal Singh, Ashwinkumar S. Ganapathy, Dipti M. Karamchandani, Melanie A. Eshelman, Gregory S. Yochum, Prashant Nighot, Vladimir S. Spiegelman, 2020, Journal of Biological Chemistry on p. 8602-8612

Clinical and Genetic Factors Associated With Complications After Crohn's Ileocolectomy

Bryan P. Kline, Taelor Weaver, David L. Brinton, Sue Deiling, Gregory S. Yochum, Arthur S. Berg, Walter A. Koltun, 2020, Diseases of the Colon and Rectum on p. 357-364

Matrix metalloproteinases cleave membrane-bound PD-L1 on CD90<sup>+</sup> (myo-)fibroblasts in Crohn’s disease and regulate T<sub>h</sub>1/T<sub>h</sub>17 cell responses

Jose E. Aguirre, Ellen J. Beswick, Carl Grim, Gabriela Uribe, Marissa Tafoya, Gabriela Chacon Palma, Von Samedi, Rohini McKee, Romain Villeger, Yuriy Fofanov, Yingzi Cong, Gregory Yochum, Walter Koltun, Don Powell, Irina V. Pinchuk, 2020, International Immunology on p. 57-68

Tristetraprolin targets Nos2 expression in the colonic epithelium

Melanie A. Eshelman, Stephen M. Matthews, Emily M. Schleicher, Rebecca M. Fleeman, Yuka Imamura Kawasawa, Deborah J. Stumpo, Perry J. Blackshear, Walter A. Koltun, Faoud T. Ishmael, Gregory S. Yochum, 2019, Scientific Reports

Multifocal Versus Conventional Unifocal Diverticulitis

Bryan P. Kline, Kathleen M. Schieffer, Christine S. Choi, Tara Connelly, Jeffrey Chen, Leonard Harris, Sue Deiling, Gregory S. Yochum, Walter A. Koltun, 2019, Digestive Diseases and Sciences on p. 3143-3151

The Crohn’s disease associated SNP rs6651252 impacts MYC gene expression in human colonic epithelial cells

Stephen M. Matthews, Melanie A. Eshelman, Arthur S. Berg, Walter A. Koltun, Gregory S. Yochum, 2019, PLoS One

Elevated colonic mucin expression correlates with extended time to surgery for ulcerative colitis patients

Melanie A. Eshelman, N. Arjun Jeganathan, Kathleen M. Schieffer, Bryan P. Kline, Megan Mendenhall, Sue Deiling, Leonard Harris, Walter A. Koltun, Gregory S. Yochum, 2019, Journal of Gastrointestinal and Liver Diseases on p. 405-413

Most-Cited Papers

Wnt/β-catenin signaling regulates yes-associated protein (YAP) gene expression in colorectal carcinoma cells

Wesley M. Konsavage, Sydney L. Kyler, Sherri A. Rennoll, Ge Jin, Gregory S. Yochum, 2012, Journal of Biological Chemistry on p. 11730-11739

Intersection of Hippo/YAP and Wnt/β-catenin signaling pathways

Wesley M. Konsavage, Gregory S. Yochum, 2013, Sheng wu hua xue yu sheng wu wu li xue bao Acta biochimica et biophysica Sinica on p. 71-79

Multiple wnt/ß-catenin responsive enhancers align with the MYC promoter through long-range chromatin loops

Gregory S. Yochum, 2011, PLoS One

Epigenetic regulation of gene expression by Ikaros, HDAC1 and Casein Kinase II in leukemia

C. Song, X. Pan, Z. Ge, C. Gowda, Y. Ding, H. Li, Z. Li, G. Yochum, M. Muschen, Q. Li, K. J. Payne, S. Dovat, 2016, Leukemia on p. 1436-1440

A dynamic exchange of TCF3 and TCF4 transcription factors controls MYC expression in colorectal cancer cells

Meera Shah, Sherri A. Rennoll, Wesley M. Raup-Konsavage, Gregory S. Yochum, 2015, Cell Cycle on p. 323-332

Review article

K. M. Schieffer, E. D. Williams, G. S. Yochum, W. A. Koltun, 2016, Alimentary Pharmacology and Therapeutics on p. 817-835

The Microbial Ecosystem Distinguishes Chronically Diseased Tissue from Adjacent Tissue in the Sigmoid Colon of Chronic, Recurrent Diverticulitis Patients

Kathleen M. Schieffer, Kate Sabey, Justin R. Wright, David R. Toole, Rebecca Drucker, Vasily Tokarev, Leonard R. Harris, Sue Deiling, Melanie A. Eshelman, John P. Hegarty, Gregory S. Yochum, Walter A. Koltun, Regina Lamendella, David B. Stewart, 2017, Scientific Reports

The Myc 3'wnt-responsive element regulates homeostasis and regeneration in the mouse intestinal tract

Wesley M. Konsavage, Ge Jin, Gregory S. Yochum, 2012, Molecular and Cellular Biology on p. 3891-3902

Nuclear AXIN2 represses MYC gene expression

Sherri A. Rennoll, Wesley M. Konsavage, Gregory S. Yochum, 2014, Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications on p. 217-222

A Role for MYC in Lithium-Stimulated Repair of the Colonic Epithelium After DSS-Induced Damage in Mice

Wesley M. Raup-Konsavage, Timothy K. Cooper, Gregory S. Yochum, 2016, Digestive Diseases and Sciences on p. 410-422