Gregory Yochum

Assoc. Professor, Biochemistry

Gregory Yochum

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Colorectal Neoplasms Diverticulitis Crohn Disease Colitis Bilirubin Tight Junctions Proteins Catenins Neoplasms Protein Occludin Fibrosis Microbiota Carcinogenesis Dna Ulcerative Colitis Permeability Therapeutics Growth Mucous Membrane Diverticular Diseases Serum Tcf Transcription Factors Bacteria Sigmoid Colon

Most Recent Publications

The Microbiome of Complicated Diverticulitis: An Imbalance of Sulfur-Metabolizing Bacteria

Austin C. Portolese, Brittney N. McMullen, Samantha K. Baker, Jeremy R. Chen See, Gregory S. Yochum, Walter A. Koltun, Regina Lamendella, Nimalan A. Jeganathan, 2023, Diseases of the Colon and Rectum on p. 707-715

Carli M. King, Olivia M. Marx, Wei Ding, Walter A. Koltun, Gregory S. Yochum, 2023, Genes

Olivia M. Marx, Marc M. Mankarious, Melanie A. Eshelman, Wei Ding, Walter A. Koltun, Gregory S. Yochum, 2022, Biomolecules

BRD4-MK2 signaling

Marina Chulkina, Steven McAninch, Yi Li, Walter Koltun, Gregory Yochum, Bing Tian, Jia Zhou, Ellen J. Beswick, Allan R. Brasier, Irina V. Pinchuk, 2022, FASEB Journal

Long-Term Use of Proton Pump Inhibitors Disrupts Intestinal Tight Junction Barrier and Exaggerates Experimental Colitis

Meghali Nighot, Pei-Luan Liao, Nathan Morris, Dennis Mccarthy, Viszwapriya Dharmaprakash, Inam Ullah Khan, Ullah Khan, Inam, Inamullah Khan, Shannon Dalessio, Kushal Saha, Prashant Nighot, Thomas Ma, Ashwinkumar Ganapathy, Alexandra Wang, W Ding, Gregory Yochum, Walter Koltun, P Nighot, T Ma, 2022, Journal of Crohn's and Colitis on p. 565-579

Th17 Cell-Derived Amphiregulin Promotes Colitis-Associated Intestinal Fibrosis Through Activation of mTOR and MEK in Intestinal Myofibroblasts

Xiaojing Zhao, Wenjing Yang, Tianming Yu, Yu Yu, Xiufang Cui, Zheng Zhou, H Yang, Yanbo Yu, Anthony Bilotta, Suxia Yao, Jimin Xu, Jia Zhou, Gregory S. Yochum, Walter Koltun, Austin Portolese, Defu Zeng, Jingwu Xie, Iryna V. Pinchuk, Pinchuk, Iryna, V, Hongjie Zhang, Yingzi Cong, 2022, Gastroenterology on p. 89-102

Autophagy Reduces the Degradation and Promotes Membrane Localization of Occludin to Enhance the Intestinal Epithelial Tight Junction Barrier against Paracellular Macromolecule Flux

Kushal Saha, Ashwinkumar Subramenium Ganapathy, Ashwinkumar Ganapathy, Alexandra Wang, Nathan Morris, Nathan Michael Morris, Eric Suchanec, Wei Ding, Gregory Yochum, Walter Koltun, M Nighot, T Ma, Prashant Nighot, 2022, Journal of Crohn's and Colitis on p. 433-449

Emmanuel K. Teye, Shasha Lu, Fangyuan Chen, Wenrui Yang, Thomas Abraham, Douglas B. Stairs, Hong Gang Wang, Gregory S. Yochum, Robert A. Brodsky, Jeffrey J. Pu, 2021, Scientific Reports

CD163L1<sup>+</sup>CXCL10<sup>+</sup> Macrophages are Enriched Within Colonic Lamina Propria of Diverticulitis Patients

Kathleen Schieffer, Scott Emrich, Gregory S. Yochum, Walter A. Koltun, 2021, Journal of Surgical Research on p. 527-535

Clinical and Genetic Factors Impact Time to Surgical Recurrence After Ileocolectomy for Crohn's Disease

Bryan Kline, Taelor Weaver, Brinton, David L., Jr., David L. Brinton, Leonard Harris, Gregory S. Yochum, Arthur S. Berg, Walter Koltun, 2021, Annals of Surgery on p. 346-351

Most-Cited Papers

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Pathophysiology of diverticular disease

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