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Most Recent Papers

Temporal and spatial trends and determinants of aggressive prostate cancer among Black and White men with prostate cancer

Ming Wang, Guangqing Chi, Yosef Bodovski, Sheldon L. Holder, Eugene J. Lengerich, Emily Wasserman, Alicia C. McDonald, 2020, Cancer Causes and Control on p. 63-71

Highlights from an Expert Meeting on Opportunities for Cancer Prevention among Older Adults

Elisa Epel, Paige Green, Dilip Jeste, Siran Koroukian, Sei Lee, Eugene Lengerich, Michele Marcus, David X. Marquez, Thomas Prohaska, Linda Rhodes, Rima Rudd, Robyn Stone, Erwin Tan, Roland J. Thorpe, Peggy Toy, Reginald Tucker-Seeley, Dawn M. Holman, 2019, Gerontologist on p. S94-S101

A group randomized trial to reduce obesity among appalachian church members

Electra D. Paskett, Ryan D. Baltic, Gregory Syoung, Mira L. Katz, Samuel M. Lesko, Kelly Hwebber, Karen A. Roberto, Eugene J. Lengerich, Nancy E. Schoenberg, Stephenie K. Kennedy, Scherezade Mama, Courtney C. Midkiff, Mark B. Dignan, 2018, Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention on p. 1289-1297

Evidence of a positive association between malpractice climate and thyroid cancer incidence in the United States

Brandon Labarge, Vonn Walter, Eugene J. Lengerich, Henry Crist, Dipti Karamchandani, Nicole Williams, David Goldenberg, Darrin V. Bann, Joshua I. Warrick, 2018, PloS one

Frontiers in gastrointestinal oncology

Nelson S. Yee, Eugene J. Lengerich, Kathryn H. Schmitz, Jennifer L. Maranki, Niraj J. Gusani, Leila Tchelebi, Heath B. Mackley, Karen L. Krok, Maria J. Baker, Claire de Boer, Julian D. Yee, 2018, Biomedicines

Predictors of willingness to participate in biospecimen donation and biobanking among appalachian adults

Adana A.M. Llanos, Gregory S. Young, Ryan Baltic, Eugene Lengerich, Betsy B. Aumiller, Mark B. Dignan, Electra D. Paskett, 2018, Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved on p. 743-766

Citizenship, length of stay, and screening for breast, cervical, and colorectal cancer in women, 2000–2010

Patricia Y. Miranda, Nengliang Yao, Shedra Amy Snipes, Rhonda Belue, Eugene Lengerich, Marianne Messersmith Hillemeier, 2017, Cancer Causes and Control on p. 589-598

Diabetes status and being up-to-date on colorectal cancer screening, 2012 behavioral risk factor surveillance system

Nancy R. Porter, Jan M. Eberth, Marsha E. Samson, Oralia Garcia-Dominic, Eugene J. Lengerich, Mario Schootman, 2016, Preventing Chronic Disease

Human papillomavirus vaccination among adults and children in 5 US states

Ping Du, Fabian Camacho, Jennifer McCall-Hosenfeld, Eugene Lengerich, Craig M. Meyers, Neil D. Christensen, 2015, Journal of Public Health Management and Practice on p. 573-583

Study design, intervention, and baseline characteristics of a group randomized trial involving a faith-based healthy eating and physical activity intervention (Walk by Faith) to reduce weight and cancer risk among overweight and obese Appalachian adults

Ryan D. Baltic, Rory C. Weier, Mira L. Katz, Stephenie K. Kennedy, Eugene Lengerich, Samuel M. Lesko, David Reese, Karen A. Roberto, Nancy E. Schoenberg, Gregory S. Young, Mark B. Dignan, Electra D. Paskett, 2015, Contemporary Clinical Trials on p. 1-10

Most-Cited Papers

A national survey of managed honey bee 2013–2014 annual colony losses in the USA

Kathleen V. Lee, Nathalie Steinhauer, Karen Rennich, Michael E. Wilson, David R. Tarpy, Dewey M. Caron, Robyn Rose, Keith S. Delaplane, Kathy Baylis, Eugene J. Lengerich, Jeff Pettis, John A. Skinner, James T. Wilkes, Ramesh Sagili, Dennis vanEngelsdorp, 2015, Apidologie on p. 292-305

A national survey of managed honey bee 2010-11 winter colony losses in the USA

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A national survey of managed honey bee 2012-2013 annual colony losses in the USA

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A national survey of managed honey bee 2011-12 winter colony losses in the United States

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Idiopathic brood disease syndrome and queen events as precursors of colony mortality in migratory beekeeping operations in the eastern United States

Dennis vanEngelsdorp, David R. Tarpy, Eugene Lengerich, Jeffery S. Pettis, 2013, Preventive Veterinary Medicine on p. 225-233

Breast cancer screening, area deprivation, and later-stage breast cancer in appalachia

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Disparities in underserved white populations

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Systems Thinking Tools as Applied to Community-Based Participatory Research

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Health care avoidance among rural populations

Angela M. Spleen, Eugene J. Lengerich, Fabian T. Camacho, Robin C. Vanderpool, 2014, Journal of Rural Health on p. 79-88

Comparative effects of two different forms of selenium on oxidative stress biomarkers in healthy men

John P. Richie, Arun Das, Ana M. Calcagnotto, Raghu Sinha, Wanda Neidig, Jiangang Liao, Eugene J. Lengerich, Arthur Berg, Terryl J. Hartman, Amy Ciccarella, Aaron Baker, Matthew G. Kaag, Susan Goodin, Robert S. DiPaola, Karam El-Bayoumy, 2014, Cancer Prevention Research on p. 796-804