Eugene Lengerich

Professor of Epidemiology

Eugene Lengerich

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Most Recent Publications

Relationship Between Availability of Urologists and Primary Care Providers and Stage of Diagnosis for Invasive Urinary Bladder Cancer

Joel E. Segel, William G. Wong, Matthew Kaag, Monika Joshi, Joshua Warrick, Eugene J. Lengerich, Chan Shen, 2024, Urology Practice on p. 339-346

Natasha Renee Burse, Erik Lehman, Vernon M. Chinchilli, Yendelela L. Cuffee, Linda A. Wray, Eugene J. Lengerich, Kathryn H. Schmitz, 2024, Supportive Care in Cancer

Natasha Renee Burse, Yendelela L. Cuffee, Linda A. Wray, Vernon M. Chinchilli, Eugene J. Lengerich, Kathryn H. Schmitz, 2024, Journal of Cancer Education on p. 96-102

Savanna G. Ledford, Fritz Connor Kessler, Jennifer L. Moss, Ming Wang, Eugene J. Lengerich, 2023, Cancers

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Gloriany Rivas, Sol Rodríguez-Colon, Sarah Inés Ramírez, Claudia Galdamez, Sandra Valdez, Stephanie Shirley, Marcela Diaz-Myers, Eugene J. Lengerich, 2023, Journal of Cancer Education

The science of COVID-19: An online course for teachers and their students

M Johnson, T Lewis, K Martin, A Schmitt, Eugene Lengerich, K Bittner, C Divyak, 2023, The Science Teacher

Nathaniel R. Geyer, Eugene Lengerich, 2023, Geographies on p. 286-302

Behaviors and Advocacy Related to COVID-19 among Cancer Patients: The Health Belief Model and Opportunities for Messaging and Education

Savanna G. Ledford, Jennifer L. Moss, Steven Alles, Ming Wang, Fritz Connor Kessler, Benjamin Marks, Amr S. Soliman, Monika D. Joshi, Eugene J. Lengerich, 2023, Journal of Cancer Education

Raffy R. Luquis, Sol M. Rodriguez-Colon, Sarah Ramirez, Eugene J. Lengerich, 2023, Hispanic Health Care International

Most-Cited Papers

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A national survey of managed honey bee 2012-2013 annual colony losses in the USA: Results from the Bee Informed Partnership

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Citizenship, length of stay, and screening for breast, cervical, and colorectal cancer in women, 2000–2010

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