Erica Smithwick

Director of the Ecology Institute; Professor of Geography

Erica Smithwick

Research Summary

Uunderstanding how a wide range of disturbances, especially fire, affect ecosystem function at landscape scales.

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Most Recent Papers

A regional assessment of white-tailed deer effects on plant invasion

Kristine M. Averill, David A. Mortensen, Erica A.H. Smithwick, Susan Kalisz, William J. McShea, Norman A. Bourg, John D. Parker, Alejandro A. Royo, Marc D. Abrams, David K. Apsley, Bernd Blossey, Douglas H. Boucher, Kai L. Caraher, Antonio DiTommaso, Sarah E. Johnson, Robert Masson, Victoria A. Nuzzo, 2018, AoB PLANTS

Interactive Videos Enhance Learning about Socio-Ecological Systems

Erica Smithwick, Emily Baxter, Kyung Kim, Stephanie Edel-Malizia, Stevie Rocco, Dean Blackstock, 2018, Journal of Geography on p. 40-49

Exploring invasibility with species distribution modeling

Jamie L. Peeler, Erica A.H. Smithwick, 2018, Diversity and Distributions

A decade of colonization

Eric D. Taber, Michael L. Hutchinson, Erica A.H. Smithwick, Justine I. Blanford, 2017, Journal of Vector Ecology on p. 3-12

Predicting root zone soil moisture with soil properties and satellite near-surface moisture data across the conterminous United States

D. Baldwin, S. Manfreda, K. Keller, E. A.H. Smithwick, 2017, Journal of Hydrology on p. 393-404

Landscape fragmentation as a risk factor for buruli ulcer disease in Ghana

Jianyong Wu, Erica A.H. Smithwick, 2016, American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene on p. 63-69

Deer feeding selectivity for invasive plants

Kristine M. Averill, David A. Mortensen, Erica A.H. Smithwick, Eric Post, 2016, Biological Invasions on p. 1247-1263

Situated knowledge of pathogenic landscapes in Ghana

Petra Tschakert, Vincent Ricciardi, Erica Smithwick, Mario Machado, David Ferring, Heidi Hausermann, Leah Bug, 2016, Social Science and Medicine on p. 160-171

Grassland productivity in response to nutrient additions and herbivory is scale-dependent

Erica A.H. Smithwick, Douglas C. Baldwin, Kusum J. Naithani, 2016, PeerJ

Influence of protected areas on malaria prevalence in Sub-Saharan Africa

Eric D. Taber, Erica A H Smithwick, 2015, Applied Geography on p. 35-45

High-Impact Papers

Continued warming could transform greater yellowstone fire regimes by mid-21st century

Anthony L. Westerling, Monica G. Turner, Erica A.H. Smithwick, William H. Romme, Michael G. Ryan, 2011, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America on p. 13165-13170

Predicting fine root lifespan from plant functional traits in temperate trees

M. Luke Mccormack, Thomas S. Adams, Erica A.H. Smithwick, David M. Eissenstat, 2012, New Phytologist on p. 823-831

Variability in root production, phenology, and turnover rate among 12 temperate tree species

M. Luke McCormack, Thomas S. Adams, Erica A H Smithwick, David M. Eissenstat, 2014, Ecology on p. 2224-2235

Landscape heterogeneity following large fires

Tania Schoennagel, Erica A H Smithwick, Monica G. Turner, 2008, International Journal of Wildland Fire on p. 742-753

Modeling the effects of fire and climate change on carbon and nitrogen storage in lodgepole pine (Pinus contorta) stands

E. A H Smithwick, M. G. Ryan, D. M. Kashian, W. H. Romme, D. B. Tinker, M. G. Turner, 2009, Global Change Biology on p. 535-548

Long-term nitrogen storage and soil nitrogen availability in post-fire lodgepole pine ecosystems

Erica A.H. Smithwick, Daniel M. Kashian, Michael G. Ryan, Monica G. Turner, 2009, Ecosystems on p. 792-806

Regional scale patterns of fine root lifespan and turnover under current and future climate

M. Luke McCormack, David M. Eissenstat, Anantha M. Prasad, Erica A H Smithwick, 2013, Global Change Biology on p. 1697-1708

Variation in foliar nitrogen and aboveground net primary production in young postfire lodgepole pine

Monica G. Turner, Erica A.H. Smithwick, Daniel B. Tinker, William H. Romme, 2009, Canadian Journal of Forest Research on p. 1024-1035

Variation in Aboveground Cover Influences Soil Nitrogen Availability at Fine Spatial Scales Following Severe Fire in Subalpine Conifer Forests

Monica G. Turner, William H. Romme, Erica A H Smithwick, Daniel B. Tinker, Jun Zhu, 2011, Ecosystems on p. 1081-1095

Influence of coarse wood and pine saplings on nitrogen mineralization and microbial communities in young post-fire Pinus contorta

Kristine L. Metzger, E. A H Smithwick, Daniel B. Tinker, William H. Romme, Teri C. Balser, Monica G. Turner, 2008, Forest Ecology and Management on p. 59-67