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Enrique Gomez

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Most Recent Papers

Pushing the limits of high-resolution polymer microscopy using antioxidants

Brooke Kuei, Enrique D. Gomez, 2021, Nature Communications

Cold sintering, enabling a route to co-sinter an all-solid-state lithium-ion battery

Joo Hwan Seo, Zhongming Fan, Hiroto Nakaya, Ramakrishnan Rajagopalan, Enrique D. Gomez, Masato Iwasaki, Clive A. Randall, 2021, Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, Part 1: Regular Papers & Short Notes

Resonant X-ray scattering of biological assemblies

Sintu Rongpipi, Joshua T. Del Mundo, Enrique D. Gomez, Esther W. Gomez, 2021, MRS Communications

Nanoscale control of internal inhomogeneity enhances water transport in desalination membranes

Tyler E. Culp, Biswajit Khara, Kaitlyn P. Brickey, Michael Geitner, Tawanda J. Zimudzi, Jeffrey D. Wilbur, Steven D. Jons, Abhishek Roy, Mou Paul, Baskar Ganapathysubramanian, Andrew L. Zydney, Manish Kumar, Enrique D. Gomez, 2021, Science on p. 72-75

Antibacterial Cotton Fabric Functionalized with Copper Oxide Nanoparticles

Luz E. Román, Enrique D. Gomez, José L. Solís, Mónica M. Gómez, 2020, Molecules

Broad temperature dependence, high conductivity, and structure-property relations of cold sintering of LLZO-based composite electrolytes

Joo Hwan Seo, Hiroto Nakaya, Yuki Takeuchi, Zhongming Fan, Hideaki Hikosaka, Ramakrishnan Rajagopalan, Enrique D. Gomez, Masato Iwasaki, Clive A. Randall, 2020, Journal of the European Ceramic Society on p. 6241-6248

Glass transition temperature from the chemical structure of conjugated polymers

Renxuan Xie, Albree R. Weisen, Youngmin Lee, Melissa A. Aplan, Abigail M. Fenton, Ashley E. Masucci, Fabian Kempe, Michael Sommer, Christian W. Pester, Ralph H. Colby, Enrique D. Gomez, 2020, Nature Communications

Tuning fullerene miscibility with porphyrin-terminated P3HTs in bulk heterojunction blends

Zach D. Seibers, Graham S. Collier, Benjamin W. Hopkins, Evan S. Boone, Thinh P. Le, Enrique D. Gomez, S. Michael Kilbey, 2020, Soft Matter on p. 9769-9779

Imaging 0.36 nm lattice planes in conjugated polymers by minimizing beam damage

Brooke Kuei, Carol Bator, Enrique D. Gomez, 2020, Macromolecules on p. 8296-8302

The spinning voltage influence on the growth of zno-rgo nanorods for photocatalytic degradation of methyl orange dye

Pierre G. Ramos, Clemente Luyo, Luis A. Sánchez, Enrique D. Gomez, Juan M. Rodriguez, 2020, Catalysts

Most-Cited Papers

Polymer crystallization of partially miscible polythiophene/fullerene mixtures controls morphology

Derek R. Kozub, Kiarash Vakhshouri, Lisa M. Orme, Cheng Wang, Alexander Hexemer, Enrique D. Gomez, 2011, Macromolecules on p. 5722-5726

Conjugated block copolymer photovoltaics with near 3% efficiency through microphase separation

Changhe Guo, Yen Hao Lin, Matthew D. Witman, Kendall A. Smith, Cheng Wang, Alexander Hexemer, Joseph Strzalka, Enrique D. Gomez, Rafael Verduzco, 2013, Nano Letters on p. 2957-2963

Correlating the scattered intensities of P3HT and PCBM to the current densities of polymer solar cells

Enrique D. Gomez, Katherine P. Barteau, He Wang, Michael F. Toney, Yueh Lin Loo, 2011, Chemical Communications on p. 436-438

Effect of miscibility and percolation on electron transport in amorphous poly(3-hexylthiophene)/phenyl-C <sub>61</sub>-butyric acid methyl ester blends

Kiarash Vakhshouri, Derek R. Kozub, Chenchen Wang, Alberto Salleo, Enrique D. Gomez, 2012, Physical Review Letters

Sustainable thermoplastic elastomers derived from fatty acids

Shu Wang, Sameer Vajjala Kesava, Enrique D. Gomez, Megan L. Robertson, 2013, Macromolecules on p. 7202-7212

Challenges and Opportunities in the Development of Conjugated Block Copolymers for Photovoltaics

Youngmin Lee, Enrique Daniel Gomez, 2015, Macromolecules on p. 7385-7395

Chain conformations and phase behavior of conjugated polymers

Brooke Kuei, Enrique D. Gomez, 2017, Soft Matter on p. 49-67

Influence of acceptor structure on barriers to charge separation in organic photovoltaic materials

Ryan D. Pensack, Changhe Guo, Kiarash Vakhshouri, Enrique Daniel Gomez, John B. Asbury, 2012, Journal of Physical Chemistry C on p. 4824-4831

Device characteristics of bulk-heterojunction polymer solar cells are independent of interfacial segregation of active layers

He Wang, Enrique D. Gomez, Jongbok Kim, Zelei Guan, Cherno Jaye, Daniel A. Fischer, Antoine Kahn, Yueh Lin Loo, 2011, Chemistry of Materials on p. 2020-2023

Correlation between Phase-Separated Domain Sizes of Active Layer and Photovoltaic Performances in All-Polymer Solar Cells

Changyeon Lee, Yuxiang Li, Wonho Lee, Youngmin Lee, Joonhyeong Choi, Taesu Kim, Cheng Wang, Enrique D. Gomez, Han Young Woo, Bumjoon J. Kim, 2016, Macromolecules on p. 5051-5058