Elsa Sanchez

Professor of Horticultural Systems Management

Elsa Sanchez

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Most Recent Publications

911 high tunnel rescue

Elsa Sanchez, T Ford,

No-till vs. plastic bed vegetables

Elsa Sanchez, S Duiker,

On the road…Potato planting at Huntsinger Farm Inc.

Elsa Sanchez, T Butzler, W Lamont,

On the road…Toigo Organic Farms

Elsa Sanchez, W Lamont, T Ford,

High tunnel vegetable crops: Developing a scouting plan

Elsa Sanchez, Cheryl Frank Sullivan, Margaret Skinner,

On the road…Potato harvesting at Huntsinger Farm Inc.

Elsa Sanchez, T Butzler,

Broad mites: An example of a grower using biocontrols for management

Elsa Sanchez,

On the road…La Esperanza, Intibucá, Honduras

Elsa Sanchez,

On the road… Huntsinger Farm Inc. pack house

Elsa Sanchez, T Butzler,

Do our tomato plants have Septoria Leaf Spot or Early Blight?

Elsa Sanchez, T Butzler, B Gugino, 2023,

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En el Camino: Agricultura Urbana en Philadelphia

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On the Road: Processing Snap Beans at Ulmer Farms

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