Elizabeth Boyer

Professor of Water Resources

Elizabeth Boyer

Research Summary

Hydrology, Biogeochemistry, Water Quality, and Atmospheric Deposition.

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Most Recent Publications

In-stream influences on dissolved organic carbon concentration and composition in an acidic and metal-enriched stream: a reach-scale reactive solute transport experiment

D McKnight, G Hornberger, K Bencala, Elizabeth Boyer, Water Resources Research

The role of headwater streams in downtown water quality

R Alexander, Elizabeth Boyer, R Smith, G Schwarz, R Moore, Journal of the American Water Resources Association on p. 41-59

Spatial variability of nitrate concentrations under varying seasonal conditions in tributaries to Cayuga Lake Watershed, New York, USA

H Golden, Elizabeth Boyer, M Brown, S Purucker, R Germain, Journal of the American Water Resources Association on p. 945-962

Dual nitrate isotopes in dry deposition: Utility for partitioning NO source contributions to landscape nitrogen deposition

E Elliott, C Kendall, Elizabeth Boyer, D Burns, G Lear, H Golden, A Bytnerowicz, T Butler, R Glatz, Journal of Geophysical Research, Biogeosciences

Intentional versus unintentional nitrogen use in the United States: trends, efficiency and implications

B Houlton, Elizabeth Boyer, A Finzi, J Galloway, A Leach, D Liptzin, J , T Rosenstock, D Sobota, A Townsend, Biochemistry on p. 11-23

Groundwater flow path dynamics and nitrogen transport potential in the riparian zone of an agricultural headwater catchment

M Williams, A Buda, H Elliott, J Hamlett, Elizabeth Boyer, J Schmidt, Journal of Hydrology on p. 870-879

Sources of nitrate and processes that affect its transformation and transport in stream watersheds draining varying land uses

D Burns, Elizabeth Boyer, E Elliott, C Kendall, Journal of Environmental Quality on p. 1149-1159

C Teutschbein, R Sponseller, T Grabs, M Blackburn, Elizabeth Boyer, J Hytteborn, K Bishop, Global Biogeochemical Cycles

Atmospheric mercury deposition to forests in the eastern USA

M Risch, D Gay, J DeWild, L Zhang, Elizabeth Boyer, D Krabbenhoft, Environmental Pollution

Spectrofluorometric characterization of aquatic fulvic acid for determination of precursor organic material and general structural properties

D McKnight, Elizabeth Boyer, P Doran, P Westerhoff, T Kulbe, D Anderson, Limnology and Oceanography on p. 38-48

Most-Cited Papers

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Net ecosystem production and organic carbon balance of U.S. East Coast estuaries: A synthesis approach

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