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Edwin Rajotte

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GS Arida, BS Punzal, CC Ravina, GE Balagot, NS Talekar, Edwin Rajotte,

in IPM implementation

Carol Pilcher, Edwin Rajotte,


Edwin Rajotte,

Impact of BMSB Control on Pennsylvania’s Tree Fruit IPM Programs

David Biddinger, Larry Hull, Grzegorz Krawczyk, Edwin Rajotte, PA Biglerville,


Edwin Rajotte,

Environmental impacts of reduced-risk and conventional pesticide programs differ in commercial apple orchards, but similarly influence pollinator community

Neelendra K. Joshi, Timothy Leslie, Edwin G. Rajotte, David J. Biddinger, 2020, Chemosphere

Diversified Floral Resource Plantings Support Bee Communities after Apple Bloom in Commercial Orchards

Sarah Heller, Neelendra K. Joshi, Timothy Leslie, Edwin G. Rajotte, David J. Biddinger, 2019, Scientific reports

Induced Plant Defenses Against Herbivory in Cultivated and Wild Tomato

Sulav Paudel, Po An Lin, Majid R. Foolad, Jared Gregory Ali, Edwin George Rajotte, Gary Felton, 2019, Journal of Chemical Ecology on p. 693-707

Activity and distribution of the mushroom phorid fly, Megaselia halterata, in and around commercial mushroom farms

Maria Mazin, Stefanos S. Andreadis, Nina Ellen Jenkins, Kevin R. Cloonan, Thomas Charles Baker, Edwin George Rajotte, 2019, Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata on p. 389-395

Mushroom sciarid fly, Lycoriella ingenua (Diptera

Maria Mazin, Rob Harvey, Stefanos Andreadis, John Andrew Pecchia, Kevin Cloonan, Edwin George Rajotte, 2019, Applied Entomology and Zoology

Most-Cited Papers

RNA viruses in hymenopteran pollinators

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Enhancing Plant Resistance at the Seed Stage

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