David Toews

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David Toews

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Most Recent Publications

Association between the gut microbiome and carotenoid plumage phenotype in an avian hybrid zone

Marcella D. Baiz, Andrew W. Wood, David P.L. Toews, 2024, Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences

Caitlin V. Miller, Christen M. Bossu, James F. Sarraco, David P.L. Toews, Clark S. Rushing, Amélie Roberto-Charron, Junior A. Tremblay, Richard B. Chandler, Matthew G. DeSaix, Cameron J. Fiss, Jeff L. Larkin, Samuel Haché, Silke Nebel, Kristen C. Ruegg, 2024, Molecular Ecology

Jennifer Walsh, Shawn M. Billerman, Bronwyn G. Butcher, Vanya G. Rohwer, David P.L. Toews, Vicens Vila-Coury, Irby J. Lovette, 2023, Communications Biology

Leilton W. Luna, Lisa M. Williams, Kenneth Duren, Reina Tyl, David P.L. Toews, Julian D. Avery, 2023, Molecular Ecology on p. 5498-5513

Genomes of the extinct Bachman's warbler show high divergence and no evidence of admixture with other extant Vermivora warblers

Andrew W. Wood, Zachary A. Szpiech, Irby J. Lovette, Brian Tilston Smith, David Toews, 2023, Current Biology on p. 2823-2829.e4

Dispersal-Limited Symbionts Exhibit Unexpectedly Wide Variation in Host Specificity

Alix E. Matthews, Asela J. Wijeratne, Andrew D. Sweet, Fabio A. Hernandes, David P.L. Toews, Than J. Boves, 2023, Systematic Biology on p. 802-819

Leonardo Campagna, David P.L. Toews, 2022, Current Biology on p. R1173-R1186

John P. Carpenter, Alexander J. Worm, Than J. Boves, Andrew W. Wood, Joseph P. Poston, David P.L. Toews, 2022, Ornithology

David P.L. Toews, Tessa A. Rhinehart, Robert Mulvihill, Spencer Galen, Stephen M. Gosser, Tom Johnson, Jessie L. Williamson, Andrew W. Wood, Steven C. Latta, 2022, Ecology and Evolution

Gut microbiome composition better reflects host phylogeny than diet diversity in breeding wood-warblers

Marcella D. Baiz, Andrea Benavides C., Eliot T. Miller, Andrew W. Wood, David P.L. Toews, 2022, Molecular Ecology

Most-Cited Papers

David P.L. Toews, Scott A. Taylor, Rachel Vallender, Alan Brelsford, Bronwyn G. Butcher, Philipp W. Messer, Irby J. Lovette, 2016, Current Biology on p. 2313-2318

The Evolution and Genetics of Carotenoid Processing in Animals

David P.L. Toews, Natalie R. Hofmeister, Scott A. Taylor, 2017, Trends in Genetics on p. 171-182

David P.L. Toews, Milica Mandic, Jeffrey G. Richards, Darren E. Irwin, 2014, Evolution; international journal of organic evolution on p. 241-255

Kira E. Delmore, David P.L. Toews, Ryan R. Germain, Gregory L. Owens, Darren E. Irwin, 2016, Current Biology on p. 2167-2173

David P.L. Toews, Leonardo Campagna, Scott A. Taylor, Christopher N. Balakrishnan, Daniel T. Baldassarre, Petra E. Deane-Coe, Michael G. Harvey, Daniel M. Hooper, Darren E. Irwin, Caroline D. Judy, Nicholas A. Mason, John E. McCormack, Kevin G. McCracken, Carl H. Oliveros, Rebecca J. Safran, Elizabeth S.C. Scordato, Katherine Faust Stryjewski, Anna Tigano, J. Albert C. Uy, Benjamin M. Winger, 2015, Ornithology on p. 13-30

A comparison of genomic islands of differentiation across three young avian species pairs

Darren E. Irwin, Borja Milá, David P.L. Toews, Alan Brelsford, Haley L. Kenyon, Alison N. Porter, Christine Grossen, Kira E. Delmore, Miguel Alcaide, Jessica H. Irwin, 2018, Molecular Ecology on p. 4839-4855

Kang Wook Kim, Benjamin C. Jackson, Hanyuan Zhang, David P.L. Toews, Scott A. Taylor, Emma I. Greig, Irby J. Lovette, Mengning M. Liu, Angus Davison, Simon C. Griffith, Kai Zeng, Terry Burke, 2019, Nature Communications on p. 1852

Alan Brelsford, David P.L. Toews, Darren E. Irwin, 2017, Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences on p. 20171106

Brandon Hoenig, Allison Snider, Anna Forsman, Keith Hobson, Steven Latta, Eliot Miller, Michael Polito, Luke Powell, Samantha Rogers, Thomas Sherry, Toews, David P. L., Andreanna Welch, Sabrina Taylor, Brady Porter, 2022, Ornithology

David P.L. Toews, Scott A. Taylor, Henry M. Streby, Gunnar R. Kramer, Irby J. Lovette, 2019, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America on p. 18272-18274

News Articles Featuring David Toews

Exhibition showcases art and science collaborations

An art exhibition showcasing recent collaborations in art and science will be on display in the Huck Life Sciences Building on May 30 and May 31 in conjunction with the One Health Microbiome Center Biennial Symposium.

Penn State biologist David Toews receives 2024 NSF CAREER Award

David Toews, assistant professor of biology, has been honored with a Faculty Early Career Development (CAREER) award from the U.S. National Science Foundation.

Ruffed grouse population more resilient than expected, genetic study finds

Despite decades of decline, a genetic analysis of ruffed grouse reveals that Pennsylvania’s state bird harbors more genetic diversity and connectivity than expected.

Extinct warbler’s genome sequenced from museum specimens

The Bachman’s warbler, a songbird that was last seen in North America nearly 40 years ago, was a distinct species and not a hybrid of its two living sister species, according a new study in which the full genomes of seven museum specimens of the bird were sequenced.

What shapes the composition of microbes in a warbler’s gut?

Differences among the collection of bacteria and other microorganisms that live within birds’ digestive tracts — their gut microbiomes — are not primarily driven by diet diversity, contrary to a recently proposed hypothesis.

Researchers confirm a western Pa. birdwatcher's discovery: a new songbird hybrid

Penn State researchers have identified a rare hybrid of two western Pennsylvania songbirds. The bird is a combination of the rose-breasted grosbeak and brightly-colored scarlet tanager. Stephen Gosser—a self-described “diehard birder”— spotted it in Lawrence County, along the Commonwealth’s western edge, in June 2020.

A rare hybrid bird found in western Pennsylvania

A pairing 10 million years in the making was discovered in the woods of western Pennsylvania. Researchers from Penn State University documented the first-ever hybrid of a rose-breasted grosbeak and scarlet tanager.

Birdsong reveals rare hybrid coupling 10 million years in the making

A team of researchers led by Penn State was able to use a combination of genomic sequencing and song analysis to identify a rare hybrid bird whose ancestors haven’t shared the same breeding location or lineage for 10 million years.

Mysterious Bird Is the First-Ever Documented Hybrid of Its Kind

Here's a beautiful story for anyone who appreciates birds. A female rose-breasted grosbeak got together with a male scarlet tanager despite the bird species' preferences for dwelling in different habitats. Their offspring, a male, has now made ornithology history as the first-ever documented hybrid of its kind.

Penn State biologists explore the secrets of the warbler genome

Looking through binoculars at the trees in their backyards during the pandemic, many brand-new birders may have been surprised by the diversity of visitors stopping by — finches, jays and warblers in an astounding array of yellows, blues and reds.