Darrell Cockburn

Assistant Professor of Food Science

Darrell Cockburn

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Starch Enzymes Carbohydrates Binding Sites Polysaccharides Oligosaccharides Health Amylases Degradation Gastrointestinal Microbiome Glycoside Hydrolases Surface Maltose Binding Site Mashing Fermentation Carbohydrate Sugars Surface Plasmon Resonance Escherichia Coli Eubacterium Genetically Modified Plants Sporulation Reconfigurable Hardware Structure Activity Relationship

Most Recent Publications

Andrew J. Ledley, Gregory R. Ziegler, Ryan Elias, Darrell W. Cockburn, 2023, Carbohydrate Polymers

Andrew J. Ledley, Ryan J. Elias, Darrell W. Cockburn, 2023, Beverages

Affinity Electrophoresis for Analysis of Catalytic Module-Carbohydrate Interactions

Darrell W. Cockburn, Casper Wilkens, Birte Svensson, 2023, Methods in Molecular Biology on p. 91-101

Andrew Ledley, R Elias, Darrell Cockburn, 2023, Food Chemistry on p. 134758

Surface Plasmon Resonance Analysis for Quantifying Protein-Carbohydrate Interactions

Marie Sofie Møller, Darrell W. Cockburn, Casper Wilkens, 2023, Methods in Molecular Biology on p. 141-150

Andrew Ledley, R Elias, Darrell Cockburn, 2023, Beverages on p. 10

P DeMartino, E Johnston, K Petersen, Penny Kris-Etherton, Darrell W. Cockburn, 2022, Nutrients

Resistant starch: the dietary fiber of the starch world

Darrell Cockburn, 2022, on p. 197-218

D. Weikart, V. Indukuri, K. Racine, K. Coleman, Jasna Kovac, Darrell Cockburn, Helene Hopfer, A. Neilson, Joshua D. Lambert, 2022, Nutrition Reports International

Most-Cited Papers

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