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Danielle Downs

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Most Recent Papers

Salient belief predictors of physical activity behavior in normal weight, overweight, and obese pregnant women

Danielle Downs, C Devlin, R Rhodes, on p. 1-24

Identifying ActiGraph non-wear time in pregnant women with overweight or obesity

Krista S. Leonard, Abigail M. Pauley, Emily E. Hohman, Penghong Guo, Daniel E. Rivera, Jennifer S. Savage, Matthew P. Buman, Danielle Symons Downs, 2020, Journal of Science and Medicine in Sport on p. 1197-1201

Short Nighttime Sleep Duration and High Number of Nighttime Awakenings Explain Increases in Gestational Weight Gain and Decreases in Physical Activity but Not Energy Intake among Pregnant Women with Overweight/Obesity

Abigail M Pauley, Emily E Hohman, Krista S Leonard, Penghong Guo, Katherine M McNitt, Daniel E Rivera, Jennifer S Savage, Danielle Symons Downs, 2020, Clocks & sleep on p. 487-501

Rationale and design of the women’s health and daily experiences project

Danielle Arigo, Megan M. Brown, Kristen Pasko, Matthew Cole Ainsworth, Laura Travers, Adarsh Gupta, Danielle Symons Downs, Joshua Morrison Smyth, 2020, JMIR Research Protocols

Postpartum Perceived Stress Explains the Association between Perceived Social Support and Depressive Symptoms

Krista S. Leonard, M. Blair Evans, Kristen H. Kjerulff, Danielle Symons Downs, 2020, Women's Health Issues on p. 231-239

Differences between accelerometer cut point methods among midlife women with cardiovascular risk markers

Danielle Arigo, Jacqueline A. Mogle, Megan M. Brown, Savannah R. Roberts, Kristen Pasko, Meghan L. Butryn, Danielle Symons Downs, 2020, Menopause on p. 559-567

System identification approaches for energy intake estimation: Enhancing interventions for managing gestational weight gain

Penghong Guo, Daniel E. Rivera, Jennifer S. Savage, Emily E. Hohman, Abigail M. Pauley, Krista S. Leonard, Danielle Symons Downs, 2020, IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology on p. 63-78

Gender and Black–White Race Differences in Young Adult Exercise Dependence Prevalence and Associated Disordered Eating

Rachel I. MacIntyre, Kristin E. Heron, Lindsay M. Howard, Danielle Symons Downs, 2020, Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport

The preconception period analysis of risks and exposures influencing health and development (PrePARED) consortium

Emily W. Harville, Gita D. Mishra, Edwina Yeung, Sunni L. Mumford, Enrique F. Schisterman, Anne Marie Jukic, Elizabeth E. Hatch, Ellen M. Mikkelsen, Hong Jiang, Deborah B. Ehrenthal, Christina A. Porucznik, Joseph B. Stanford, Shi Wu Wen, Alysha Harvey, Danielle Symons Downs, Chittaranjan Yajnik, Donna Santillan, Mark Santillan, Thomas F. McElrath, Jessica G. Woo, Elaine M. Urbina, Jorge E. Chavarro, Daniela Sotres-Alvarez, Lydia Bazzano, Jun Zhang, Anne Steiner, Erica P. Gunderson, Lauren A. Wise, 2019, Paediatric and Perinatal Epidemiology on p. 490-502

Patterns of gestational weight gain and infants born large-for-gestational age across consecutive pregnancies

Elizabeth L. Adams, Michele E. Marini, Krista S. Leonard, Danielle Symons Downs, Ian M. Paul, Jennifer L. Kraschnewski, Kristen H. Kjerulff, Jennifer S. Savage, 2019, Women's Health Issues on p. 194-200

Most-Cited Papers

Postpartum anxiety and maternal-infant health outcomes

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Association of Prenatal Physical Activity and Gestational Weight Gain: Results from the First Baby Study

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Oh baby! Motivation for healthy eating during parenthood transitions

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