Danielle Downs

Professor of Kinesiology and Obstetrics & Gynecology

Danielle Downs

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Most Recent Publications

P Giacobbi, Danielle Downs, T Haggerty, S Pidhorskyi, D Long, M Clemmer, M Olfert, S Steinman, K Kinnamon, N Rao, H Staggs, T Hulsey, D Adjeroh, Journal of Midwifery and Women's Health on p. 664-670

Women's beliefs of pain after childbirth: Critical insight for promoting behavioral strategies to regulate pain and reduce risks for maternal mortality

Abigail M. Pauley, Krista S. Leonard, Nicole Cumbo, Isabella F. Teti, Jaimey M. Pauli, Mohamed Satti, Mark Stephens, Tammy Corr, Robert W. Roeser, Richard S. Legro, A. Dhanya Mackeen, Lisa Bailey-Davis, Danielle Symons Downs, 2023, Patient Education and Counseling

Alison Divine, Chris Blanchard, Cecilia Benoit, Danielle Symons Downs, Ryan E. Rhodes, 2022, Sleep Health on p. 475-483

Low prenatal resting energy expenditure and high energy intake predict high gestational weight gain in pregnant women with overweight/obesity

Krista S. Leonard, Danielle Symons Downs, 2022, Obesity Research and Clinical Practice on p. 281-287

Katherine M McNitt, Emily E Hohman, Daniel E Rivera, Penghong Guo, Abigail M. Pauley, Alison D Gernand, Danielle Symons Downs, Jennifer S Savage, 2022, Nutrients

Optimizing behavioral interventions to regulate gestational weight gain with sequential decision policies using hybrid model predictive control

D Rivera, Penghong Guo, D Symons Downs, Daniel E. Rivera, Jennifer Williams, Yuwen Dong, Sunil Deshpande, P Guo, J Savage, Emily E. Hohman, K Leonard, Abigail M. Pauley, Krista S. Leonard, A Pauley, Leonard, Danielle Symons Downs, 2022, Computers and Chemical Engineering

Obstetricians' prescribing practices for pain management after delivery

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Nishat Bhuiyan, Lorna H. McNeill, Melissa Bopp, Danielle Symons Downs, Scherezade K. Mama, 2022, Integrative Medicine Research

A control-based observer approach for estimating energy intake during pregnancy

Luca Ranghetti, Daniel E. Rivera, Penghong Guo, Antonio Visioli, A Visioi, D Symons Downs, J Savage, Jennifer Savage Williams, Danielle Symons Downs, 2022, International Journal of Robust and Nonlinear Control

Systematic review of the associations between prenatal sleep behaviours and components of energy balance for regulating weight gain

Abigail M. Pauley, Ginger A. Moore, Scherezade Kelly Mama, Peter Molenaar, Danielle Symons Downs, 2022, Journal of Sleep Research

Most-Cited Papers

Postpartum anxiety and maternal-infant health outcomes

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Physical activity and sedentary behavior across 12 months in cohort samples of couples without children, expecting their first child, and expecting their second child

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