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Danielle Downs

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Most Recent Papers

Influence of prenatal perceived stress on postpartum weight retention is mediated by high gestational weight gain in women with overweight.

K Leonard, E Adams, J Savage, I Paul, J Kraschnewski, K Pattison, K Kjerulff, Danielle Downs, Clinical Obesity

Postpartum perceived stress explains the association between social support and postpartum depressive symptoms.

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Salient belief predictors of physical activity behavior in normal weight, overweight, and obese pregnant women

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Fostering spirituality and psychosocial health through mind-body practices in underserved populations

Nishat Bhuiyan, Lorna H. McNeill, Melissa Bopp, Danielle Symons Downs, Scherezade K. Mama, 2022, Integrative Medicine Research

Assessment of postural sway with a pendant-mounted wearable sensor

Shubo Lyu, Andris Freivalds, Danielle Symons Downs, Stephen J. Piazza, 2022, Gait and Posture on p. 199-205

Variation in urine osmolality throughout pregnancy and associations with birth outcomes: A longitudinal, randomized-control trial

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Effect of housework on physical activity during transitions to parenthood

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Low Resting Energy Expenditure Is Associated with High Gestational Weight Gain Only When Resting Energy Expenditure Fluctuates

Krista S. Leonard, Zita Oravecz, Danielle Symons Downs, 2021, Reproductive Sciences

Encouraging appropriate gestational weight gain in high-risk gravida

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Rationale and design of the women’s health and daily experiences project

Danielle Arigo, Megan M. Brown, Kristen Pasko, Matthew Cole Ainsworth, Laura Travers, Adarsh Gupta, Danielle Symons Downs, Joshua M. Smyth, 2020, JMIR Research Protocols

Most-Cited Papers

Postpartum anxiety and maternal-infant health outcomes

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Physical activity and pregnancy

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Strategies to Promote Physical Activity During Pregnancy

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Oh baby! Motivation for healthy eating during parenthood transitions

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