Daniel Weiss

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The cognitive mechanisms underlying language acquisition

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Most Recent Papers

Commentary on Vaesen: The cognitive basis of human tool use

D Weiss, K. Chapman, J. Wark, David Rosenbaum, Behavioral and Brain Sciences

Desirable Difficulties in Language Learning? How Talker Variability Impacts Artificial Grammar Learning

Federica Bulgarelli, Daniel J. Weiss, 2021, Language Learning on p. 1085-1121

Trace conditioning as a test for animal consciousness: a new approach

Paula Droege, Daniel J. Weiss, Natalie Schwob, Victoria Braithwaite, 2021, Animal Cognition on p. 1299-1304

Non-linguistic cognitive measures as predictors of functionally defined developmental language disorder in monolingual and bilingual children

Jisook Park, Carol A. Miller, Teenu Sanjeevan, Janet G. Van Hell, Daniel J. Weiss, Elina Mainela-Arnold, 2021, International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders on p. 858-872

Expert musical improvisations contain sequencing biases seen in language production.

R Beaty, Klaus Frieler, Martin Norgaard, Hannah Merseal, Maryellen MacDonald, Daniel Weiss, 2021, Journal of Experimental Psychology: General

Is Language Production Planning Emergent From Action Planning? A Preliminary Investigation

Mark J. Koranda, Federica Bulgarelli, Daniel J. Weiss, Maryellen C. MacDonald, 2020, Frontiers in Psychology

Bilingualism and processing speed in typically developing children and children with developmental language disorder

Ji Sook Park, Carol A. Miller, Teenu Sanjeevan, Janet G. van Hell, Daniel J. Weiss, Elina Mainela-Arnold, 2020, Journal of Speech and Hearing Disorders on p. 1479-1493

Statistical learning of multiple speech streams

Viridiana L. Benitez, Federica Bulgarelli, Krista Byers-Heinlein, Jenny R. Saffran, Daniel J. Weiss, 2020, Developmental Science

Cross-situational statistical learning in younger and older adults

Federica Bulgarelli, Daniel J. Weiss, Nancy A. Dennis, 2020, Aging, Neuropsychology, and Cognition


Daniel J. Weiss, 2020, Bilingualism: Language and Cognition on p. 72-73

Most-Cited Papers

Cognition, action, and object manipulation

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Sexual selection on male vocal fundamental frequency in humans and other anthropoids

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Can working memory and inhibitory control predict second language learning in the classroom?

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Motor issues in specific language impairment: A window into the underlying impairment

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Visual speech segmentation

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Multimodal integration in statistical learning

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Second-order motor planning in children

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