Daniel Hayes

Dorothy Foehr Huck and J. Lloyd Huck Chair in Nanotherapeutics and Regenerative Medicine, Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Daniel Hayes

Research Summary

Biomaterials engineering for applications ranging from regenerative medicine to lab-on-a-chip technologies. An emphasis on nanomaterials, macromolecules and composite structures. Ongoing efforts include development of optically and magnetically modulated drug delivery systems, quasi 3D cell sheet culture systems, cell encapsulation and delivery materials and hybrid in situ polymerizing grafts/augments.

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Most Recent Papers

Transcriptomic Profiling of Adipose Derived Stem Cells Undergoing Osteogenesis by RNA-Seq

Shahensha Shaik, Elizabeth C. Martin, Daniel J. Hayes, Jeffrey M. Gimble, Ram V. Devireddy, 2019, Scientific reports

Collagen-infilled 3D printed scaffolds loaded with miR-148b-transfected bone marrow stem cells improve calvarial bone regeneration in rats

Kazim K. Moncal, R. Seda Tigli Aydin, Mohammad Abu-Laban, Dong N. Heo, Elias Rizk, Scott M. Tucker, Gregory Lewis, Daniel J. Hayes, Ibrahim Tarik Ozbolat, 2019, Materials Science and Engineering C

Combinatorial Delivery of miRNA-Nanoparticle Conjugates in Human Adipose Stem Cells for Amplified Osteogenesis

Mohammad Abu-Laban, Prakash Hamal, Julien H. Arrizabalaga, Anoosha Forghani, Asela S. Dikkumbura, Raju R. Kumal, Louis H. Haber, Daniel J. Hayes, 2019, Small

Decellularized Adipose Tissue Hydrogel Promotes Bone Regeneration in Critical-Sized Mouse Femoral Defect Model

Omair A. Mohiuddin, Brett Campbell, J. Nick Poche, Michelle Ma, Emma Rogers, Dina Gaupp, Mark A.A. Harrison, Bruce A. Bunnell, Daniel J. Hayes, Jeffrey M. Gimble, 2019, Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology

Facile synthesis and structural insight of nanostructure akermanite powder

Fariborz Tavangarian, Caleb A. Zolko, Abbas Fahami, Anoosha Forghani, Daniel J. Hayes, 2019, Ceramics International on p. 7871-7877

Thermal performance and surface analysis of steel-supported platinum nanoparticles designed for bio-oil catalytic upconversion during radio frequency-based inductive heating

Jacob Bursavich, Mohammad Abu-Laban, Pranjali D. Muley, Dorin Boldor, Daniel J. Hayes, 2019, Energy Conversion and Management on p. 689-697

Differentiation of Adipose Tissue–Derived CD34+/CD31− Cells into Endothelial Cells In Vitro

Anoosha Forghani, Srinivas Koduru, Cong Chen, Ashley N. Leberfinger, Dino Ravnic, Daniel J. Hayes, 2019, Regenerative Engineering and Translational Medicine

Fabrication and characterization of thiol-triacrylate polymer via Michael addition reaction for biomedical applications

Anoosha Forghani, Leah Garber, Cong Chen, Fariborz Tavangarian, Timothy B. Tighe, Ram Devireddy, John A. Pojman, Daniel Hayes, 2019, Biomedical Materials (Bristol)

Comparison of thermally actuated retro-diels-alder release groups for nanoparticle based nucleic acid delivery

Mohammad Abu-Laban, Raju R. Kumal, Jonathan Casey, Jeff Becca, Daniel LaMaster, Carlos N. Pacheco, Dan G. Sykes, Lasse Jensen, Louis H. Haber, Daniel J. Hayes, 2018, Journal of Colloid And Interface Science on p. 312-321

Comparative proteomic analyses of human adipose extracellular matrices decellularized using alternative procedures

Caasy Thomas-Porch, Jie Li, Fabiana Zanata, Elizabeth C. Martin, Nicholas Pashos, Kaylynn Genemaras, J. Nicholas Poche, Nicholas P. Totaro, Melyssa R. Bratton, Dina Gaupp, Trivia Frazier, Xiying Wu, Lydia Masako Ferreira, Weidong Tian, Guangdi Wang, Bruce A. Bunnell, Lauren Flynn, Daniel J. Hayes, Jeffrey M. Gimble, 2018, Journal of Biomedical Materials Research - Part A on p. 2481-2493

Most-Cited Papers

Electrospun bio-nanocomposite scaffolds for bone tissue engineering by cellulose nanocrystals reinforcing maleic anhydride grafted PLA

Chengjun Zhou, Qingfeng Shi, Weihong Guo, Lekeith Terrell, Ammar T. Qureshi, Daniel J. Hayes, Qinglin Wu, 2013, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces on p. 3847-3854

Silver nanoscale antisense drug delivery system for photoactivated gene silencing

Paige K. Brown, Ammar T. Qureshi, Alyson N. Moll, Daniel J. Hayes, W. Todd Monroe, 2013, ACS nano on p. 2948-2959

MiR-148b-Nanoparticle conjugates for light mediated osteogenesis ofhuman adipose stromal/stem cells

Ammar T. Qureshi, William T. Monroe, Vinod Dasa, Jeffrey M. Gimble, Daniel J. Hayes, 2013, Biomaterials on p. 7799-7810

Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of β-lactam antibiotic-based imidazolium- and pyridinium-type ionic liquids

Marsha R. Cole, Min Li, Bilal El-Zahab, Marlene E. Janes, Daniel J. Hayes, Isiah M. Warner, 2011, Chemical Biology and Drug Design on p. 33-41

Photoactivated miR-148b-nanoparticle conjugates improve closure of critical size mouse calvarial defects

Ammar T. Qureshi, Andrew Doyle, Cong Chen, Diana Coulon, Vinod Dasa, Fabio DelPiero, Benjamin Levi, W. Todd Monroe, Jeffrey M. Gimble, Daniel J. Hayes, 2015, Acta Biomaterialia on p. 166-173

Thermoreversible and Injectable ABC Polypeptoid Hydrogels

Sunting Xuan, Chang Uk Lee, Cong Chen, Andrew B. Doyle, Yueheng Zhang, Li Guo, Vijay T. John, Daniel J. Hayes, Donghui Zhang, 2016, Chemistry of Materials on p. 727-737

A novel composite film for detection and molecular weight determination of organic vapors

Bishnu P. Regmi, Joshua Monk, Bilal El-Zahab, Susmita Das, Francisco R. Hung, Daniel J. Hayes, Isiah M. Warner, 2012, Journal of Materials Chemistry on p. 13732-13741

Antimicrobial biocompatible bioscaffolds for orthopaedic implants

Ammar T. Qureshi, Lekeith Terrell, W. Todd Monroe, Vinod Dasa, Marlene E. Janes, Jeffrey M. Gimble, Daniel J. Hayes, 2014, Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine on p. 386-395

Characterization of novel akermanite

A. S. Zanetti, G. T. Mccandless, J. Y. Chan, J. M. Gimble, Daniel J. Hayes, 2015, Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine on p. 389-404

Thiol-acrylate nanocomposite foams for critical size bone defect repair

Leah Garber, Cong Chen, Kameron V. Kilchrist, Christopher Bounds, John A. Pojman, Daniel Hayes, 2013, Journal of Biomedical Materials Research - Part A on p. 3531-3541