Daniel Hayes

Director, Center of Excellence in Industrial Biotechnology; Huck Chair in Nanotherapeutics and Regenerative Medicine; Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Daniel Hayes

Research Summary

Biomaterials engineering for applications ranging from regenerative medicine to lab-on-a-chip technologies. An emphasis on nanomaterials, macromolecules and composite structures. Ongoing efforts include development of optically and magnetically modulated drug delivery systems, quasi 3D cell sheet culture systems, cell encapsulation and delivery materials and hybrid in situ polymerizing grafts/augments.

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Stem Cells Bone Scaffolds Tissue Polycaprolactone Proteins Stem Cell Collagen Hydrogels Defects Hydrogel Tissue Engineering Micrornas Osteogenic Adipose Tissue Genes Chemical Analysis Protein Gene Expression Microrna Scaffolds (Biology) Rats Bone And Bones Composite Materials Therapeutics

Most Recent Publications

Nick Alden, Tyus Yeingst, Hanna Pfeiffer, Nazmiye Celik, Julien Arrizabalaga, Angelica Helton, Yiming Liu, Douglas B. Stairs, Adam B. Glick, Neerav Goyal, Daniel J. Hayes, 2024, Advanced healthcare materials

Novel fourth generation-like CAR<sup>miR</sup> cells release therapeutic miRNA via exosomes and enhance glioblastoma cell killing activity

Amar Yeware, Angelica Helton, Yicheng Dong, Cheng Dong, Justin Pritchard, Shin Mineishi, Kentaro Minagawa, Todd Schell, Daniel Hayes, 2023, Biochemical Engineering Journal

Controlled Degradation of Polycaprolactone Polymers through Ultrasound Stimulation

Tyus Yeingst, Julien Arrizabalaga, Ferdousi Rawnaque, Lindsay Stone, Amar Yeware, Angelica Helton, Aman Dhawan, Julianna C. Simon, Daniel J. Hayes, 2023, ACS applied materials & interfaces on p. 34607-34616

Debarati Bhanja, Hannah Wilding, Angel Baroz, Mara Trifoi, Ganesh Shenoy, Becky Slagle-Webb, Daniel Hayes, Yasaman Soudagar, James Connor, Alireza Mansouri, 2023, Cancers

Tyus J. Yeingst, Julien H. Arrizabalaga, Daniel J. Hayes, 2022, Gels

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Lisa Berntsen, Anoosha Forghani, Daniel J. Hayes, 2022, Tissue Engineering - Part A. on p. 341-352

Nazmiye Celik, Myoung Hwan Kim, Miji Yeo, Fadia Kamal, Daniel J. Hayes, Ibrahim Ozbolat, 2022, Biofabrication on p. 044104

Most-Cited Papers

Sunting Xuan, Chang Uk Lee, Cong Chen, Andrew B. Doyle, Yueheng Zhang, Li Guo, Vijay T. John, Daniel Hayes, Donghui Zhang, 2016, Chemistry of Materials on p. 727-737

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Physical properties of a frozen yogurt fortified with a nano-emulsion containing purple rice bran oil

Luis Alfaro, Daniel Hayes, Charles Boeneke, Zhimin Xu, David Bankston, Peter J. Bechtel, Subramaniam Sathivel, 2015, LWT on p. 1184-1191

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Decellularized Adipose Tissue: Biochemical Composition, in vivo Analysis and Potential Clinical Applications

Omair A. Mohiuddin, Brett Campbell, J. Nicholas Poche, Caasy Thomas-Porch, Daniel A. Hayes, Bruce A. Bunnell, Jeffrey M. Gimble, 2020, on p. 57-70

Targeting Calcium Magnesium Silicates for Polycaprolactone/Ceramic Composite Scaffolds

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A. S. Zanetti, G. T. Mccandless, J. Y. Chan, J. M. Gimble, D. J. Hayes, 2015, Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine on p. 389-404

News Articles Featuring Daniel Hayes

Exhibition showcases art and science collaborations

An art exhibition showcasing recent collaborations in art and science will be on display in the Huck Life Sciences Building on May 30 and May 31 in conjunction with the One Health Microbiome Center Biennial Symposium.

Two Arts and Architecture faculty receive Huck Institutes joint projects grants

Penn State College of Arts and Architecture faculty members Aaron Knochel, associate professor of art education, and Cristin Millett, professor of art, have received 2023 Joint Projects in Life/Medical Sciences, Arts and Humanities Grants from Penn State’s Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences.

Millett and White to discuss 'Ex-Utero' project at Paris symposium

Cristin Millett, professor of art in sculpture at Penn State, and Cynthia White, adjunct research associate in the College of Arts and Architecture’s Arts & Design Research Incubator (ADRI), will discuss “Ex-Utero,” their ongoing research project culminating in a sculptural artwork of an artificial uterus, at ISEA2023, the 28th International Symposium on Electronic Art, in Paris, France, May 16-21.

Tiny magnetic particles fight lung cancer cells on command in lab test

Traditional treatments for lung cancers can have serious side effects throughout the body, but newly developed, highly targeted treatments could reduce damage, according to Penn State researchers. A team led by Dan Hayes developed a method that could lead to one such treatment with magnetic nanoparticles.

Alumnus and professor named new head of biomedical engineering

When Dan Hayes graduated from the Penn State Eberly College of Science with a bachelor’s degree in science in 1997, the Department of Biomedical Engineering was still three years away from forming. Now, Hayes will lead the Department of Biomedical Engineering. His tenure as department head begins July 1.

Here and Now: Hayes Ready to Lead Center of Excellence in Industrial Biotechnology into the Next Phase of Impact

Dan Hayes, Ph.D., replaced Andrew Zydney, Ph.D., as the Center of Excellence in Industrial Biotechnology's Director.

Researchers awarded $1.5M to create stem cell predictive model

Stem cells are the building blocks of the body, according to Penn State researchers. Though similar to one another at their origins, stem cells take on unique characteristics as they mature, becoming specialized cells throughout the body — such as bone, muscle, ligament, tissue or other organ cells.

Custom nanoparticle regresses tumors when exposed to light

A unique nanoparticle to deliver a localized cancer treatment inhibits tumor growth in mice, according to a team of Penn State researchers.

$2.8M grant to fund bioprinting for reconstruction of face, mouth, skull tissues

Seamlessly correcting defects in the face, mouth and skull is highly challenging because it requires precise stacking of a variety of tissues including bone, muscle, fat and skin. Now, Penn State researchers are investigating methods to 3D bioprint and grow the appropriate tissues for craniomaxillofacial reconstruction.